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For hot days spent charging in the mountains or on the plains, the Ascent Pant was designed for exacting early-season conditions. Features 4-way stretch Cordura nylon for enhanced durability, mesh-backed pockets for ventilation and internal mesh knee-pad pockets when added protection is desired.


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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain.

  • Weight: 12 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: Stretch CORDURA Nylon Woven Blend (60% CORDURA, 30% Nylon, 10% Spandex)

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology naturally prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

  • Mesh knee pad pockets offer optional protection if desired.

  • Articulated patterning combined with a Performance Fit.

Wind Protection
Water Protection

Why We Made This

Early-season, hot-weather hunting conditions demand breathable gear that can keep you cool, focused and lethal while being ultra durable. Our approach was to create the lightest, most breathable pant ever without sacrificing the durability SITKA is trusted for.

Features & Benefits

4-Way Stretch

Lightweight and ultra-breathable like the rest of the Ascent line, the Ascent Pant features a quick-drying, 4-way stretch brushed nylon fabric to keep you cool when the heat is on.

Mesh-Backed Pockets

All pockets are mesh backed for additional ventilation.

POLYGIENE Technology

Layering is a science with our CORE system of next-to-skin products. Each of the fabric weights—light, mid, and heavy—wicks away moisture to keep you warm and dry, while Polygiene® technology safely and permanently neutralizes odors using naturally antimicrobial silver salt.

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Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean 

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Chris Chartier | 08. 21. 19
I love these pants. I thought they were a little thin at first and was worried about durability. However after several heavy hikes through brush and brambles they have held up very well. They dry super fast and are very comfortable. Great for early season.
Nate LeMieux | 08. 06. 19
These pants rock. Super light weight and dry really quickly. I've used them the last two seasons for September elk hunting and mid-season deer and they've held up great. I've had issues sweating in other pants where it doesn't dry out and can be really uncomfortable over multiple hot days. These are perfect for those long hot days or if you're hiking and sweating a lot and don't want swamp a$#.
John Ford | 07. 10. 19
Great pants for hot days in the field. They are very strong and hold up amazing to hunting hard
Ray Burtner | 07. 09. 19
I don't usually rave about purchases, but these pants are excellent! I bought them for my Canadian fishing trips and they are perfect for the kind of fishing we do. The four way stretch, comfortable waist and quick dry are perfect for long days casting and sitting in the boat. They are tough enough to withstand abrasion on portages as well. It is nice when a product exceeds your expectations.
Thomas | 03. 13. 19
Ok so for starters I’m 5’10 225 lbs and decided to buy the 40R and I’m glad I did, in my opinion buy a size up I normally wear a 38 very comfortably these may not have fit in a 38. The legs are super long like 34” inseam , color is more green then tarnish like I thought but they still look great. They really are super comfy and I would not be afraid of going through the thick stuff in them aswell. Absolutely A+ product.
Charlotte Higgins | 02. 26. 19
THESE PANTS ARE AMAZING!!! I have worn them in sun, rain and snow, on northern sheep hunts, in tree stands, hunting elk and deer in the rockies, they do everything! They are very light and breathable but magically seem to block just the right amount of wind when it starts to get chilly. These pants are also wayyyyy more durable than they seem, I have snagged them on rocks, branches and thorns and they still look perfect. These are by far my favourite piece of Sitka gear that I own, I even persuaded my dad to get a pair and he loves them too! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Kxc24 | 02. 08. 19
Excellent early season pair of pants. Light enough so you’re not overheating yet with enough material that you don’t feel as if you’re wearing a sheet of paper. I actually used these well into mid season with a base layer underneath and was plenty comfortable down into the mid 30’s
Mike | 12. 22. 18
This is by FAR the best hunting pant I've ever worn. These pants are tough and well made, lightweight and very comfortable. I've worn these pants on the hottest of days, and in the snow and they work perfect for either. This pant also fit very well with no extra bulk, or weight. The only thing I suggest is buying these one extra inch bigger in the waist. I have a 32" waist and these pants fit, but were just a little tight. I went with the 33" waist and it fits awesome, so just something to think about before purchasing. These pants are made lightweight which work well for an archery elk, or deer hunt on the hottest of days in August when you need to move around quickly, or just to stay cool. I've also worn them through a half foot of snow on very cold days, and my legs never got cold at all. If you want one of the best all around pants every made, then these are worth buying for sure!!!
Brandon | 11. 20. 18
Fantastic pant for warm weather hunting. These have an awesome stretch to them, and they dry insanely fast. Knee inserts are a must for turkey season!
Lee W. | 11. 09. 18
Had a hard core hunt on the windy cliffs of one ultra difficult elk hunt in Montana and these pants did the job! I was layered correctly and was hidden well for a ground ambush. On my knees for more than two hours, waiting for my chance to tag out on a world class bull. These pants with the extra knee protection helped 110%. The pants work well in moderate to slightly cold temps before using extra layers. Suggesting at temp near 32 F have extra thermal gear on up to 50 F. These pants are ideal from 50 F to 70 F. If your day is going to be really active add 10 F to the temp to dress correctly. Hope this helps. Happy Hunting.
WA Hunter | 09. 25. 18
I have several pairs of the previous versions of Ascent pants. The original, although warmer, were much more versatile. I have worn them from 20 - 80 degrees F. This new iteration is a bit of a disappointment. Definitely lighter weight and breath better. However, there is no DWR coating, so even the slightest drop of water goes right through these to the skin. Also, the cut is different. You may want to consider going up a size. The fly does not zip well unless the waist is unbuttoned. I will hold off buying another pair of these until they are improved upon.
Jesse Galvan | 09. 20. 18
These are the best hunting pants I’ve owned for hot weather. I used them in a Kansas muzzle loader hunt and let me tell you that I was impressed! It was 90-96 degrees during my hunt and these pants with the shirt is a must
Derek Hughes | 09. 17. 18
I love these pants. They work perfectly and keeping you cool while on the move and they were a lot tougher than I anticipated for how thin they are, I was able to crawl through dry grass and sage bush without any wear. These pants are so light and comfortable they feel like wearing pajama pants. They seem to repel water and dry quickly as well, I took them through a creek that went a couple inches above my ankle and the water dried and beaded off in less than thirty minutes.
Alex Murray | 08. 04. 18
Used these this turkey season from March to May from Alabama to West Texas. Great fit and feel. Very lightweight. Perfect in temperatures from 40’-70’ while on the move.
Antler Assassin | 08. 04. 18
Best hunting pants I own! By far the most comfortable and versatile piece of lower gear. Add a quality base layer and they work great in all but the coldest of situations. If these came in Khaki and Navy I'd wear them to the office.
Justin S | 07. 13. 18
Love these pants light weight so your not sweating in the stand during early bow season here in Indiana. Blend in great as well.
Ryan Margetts | 06. 26. 18
These pants are amazing for hiking in hot weather. I couldn't ask for a better fabric or pant, super breathable. I've put down several miles in these pants and never regretted the purchase or thought about purchasing another hiking pant.
Evan | 04. 26. 18
It gets a 5* for fabric a 5* for fit and a 2* for features. The cargo zippers are backwards meaning they zip from back to front. This means when sitting they open from the ground up. Things can fall out when trying to open them. Also I would like to of kept the roll up button into shorts feature. And maybe some bungee cinch cords at the bottom around the ankle. Just do that on all pants from now on please. Other than that they are great.
doogz | 04. 20. 18
Disappointing. These don't breathe well enough for 80 and 90 degree weather we have here in hawaii. For 190$ no idea why these don't have hipzips they would breathe way better. Or at least leg snaps so I can roll up the legs to dump heat. The pockets unzipped doesn't do anything but make me worry about what's going to fall out of my pockets. As a result they hold odor and get super stinky quick. Fit is a little weird in the crotch too. They do shed water well with the dwr treatment and are durable when brush busting but that's about it. Please update and put hipzips!
Daniel Adrien | 04. 18. 18
I have used these pants in low 40's cold and mid 80's degree weather and have no complaints whatsoever. I waded across a creek at the end of my hunt this morning, and they were bone dry by the time I got to the truck. I absolutely love these pants, great durability along with breathability. Definitely a game changer.
Gerald Yamada | 04. 02. 18
This is an awsome and light pant for hot weather. The only thing i would add is side or inner thigh zip vents.
Baker Leavitt | 02. 21. 18
most versatile pants i own, my default pants to travel in, i have hunted in them in Africa in the summer and chased elk in them in Utah in the fall, i have hunted quail in them in south GA, hunted hogs out of a helicopter in them in TX (highly recommend doing that by the way) and wear them hiking in all conditions. they are excellent! they also make me look taller and more lean which is important.
Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
Amazing hot weather pant. As I said in the review of the Ascent shirt, the ability to endure hot weather induced sweats and then dry out quickly, without significant odor after consecutive days hunting in same pair. Withstood beating I gave em hiking ND badlands, venting with pockets was very helpful keeping me cool. Strategically reinforced in lower legs to resist wear and tear, but still very breathable. Highly recommend.
JasonS | 12. 09. 17
Wow. What an improvement over the last Ascent Pant. Too many new ideas and features in these pants to list. Guaranteed to stay cool in hot weather. The Ascent shirt to go with is best combo out there to keep from overheating. Both are so lightweight. Breath better than anything I’ve tried previously. These are a must have for early season.
sc | 12. 09. 17
Great light weight warm weather pant! Fit is a bit slimmer, but works well for hiking up and down the mountain in warm weather.
Grip | 10. 08. 17
I want to love these pants. The fabric is incredible, lightweight and stretchy. It’s like you aren’t even wearing pants. Sitka nailed it with this new release. Perfect for running and gunning, bow hunting October whitetails in Oklahoma. Not sure if I got a lemon or what, but the 32 Tall I ordered did not come tall enough. Measuring the inseam, it’s only 29 or 30”. I have a huge lot of Sitka gear, but this is the first piece that I don’t look forward to putting on.
DS | 09. 26. 17
These pants were one of the two new items from Sitka that I was the most excited about. I checked them out at the Western Hunt Expo and pre-ordered them when they hit the market. I was not disappointed. I wore them daily for two weeks while guiding Colorado wilderness archery hunts, they held up flawlessly. They held up to being chased out of a calling location by a moose, I was scrambling over blow down timber and caught them on a dead branch, I ended up with a pretty good raspberry and bruise on my thigh but the pants held up, couldn't even tell I'd put them through the ringer. One day I got caught in the rain without my rain pants, they did get wet but as soon as the squall moved out they dried in less than 30 minutes. Very pleased with this product.
Weston Barkley | 09. 25. 17
These pants are absolutely phenomenal, being a hunting guide in Arizona I spend over a hundred days a year in the field. I typically guide coues whitetail hunts, and anyone who knows these deer knows how unforgiving this country is. I shred clothing quite often (usually in a day they have substantial threads which have been pulled loose from the thorny undergrowth). I used these pants for the first time today, not a single bit of wear after hiking through multiple cat claw thickets, and they were the most comfortable pants I've worn to boot! Sitka knocked it out of the park with these pants!!!The only cons I have are that there are no butt pockets, which I like even on technical hunting pants, and that they have integrated pockets for knee pads, which might be nice for some people, but I don't use them, and it took me awhile to figure out what the extra thick fabric on my shin was (to be fair I couldn't feel the pockets or the extra fabric wearing them, only when I reached down) obviously these are very minor annoyances and I am not only ordering a second pair in subalpine I am also ordering a pair of the solid color pants because if I can get used to the no back pockets I will be wearing these around town traveling, or when I want to look less like a hunter when I'm scouting.This is my favorite hunting related product I've tried in a few years (and I'm a bit of a gear head)
Dwayne "Bones" Johnson | 09. 23. 17
Put these to use for the past month archery elk hunting herte in Wyoming. All I can say is "Awesome ". My favorite so far! Love the zippered pocket vents and the fit! The Subalpine pattern is my favorite!! Great job guys!!
Ears | 09. 20. 17
Spent 8 days at 9500-10,000 feet chasing velvet mule deer in 80-90 degree temps. The pants performed flawlessly. They breath amazingly, dry quickly, and the Polygiene is an awesome addition to keep scent down. I was impressed at how tough they were while crashing through rocks and thick brush with no snags or tears. The rubber waist lining is always awesome, keeping everything tucked in and where it needs to be. Awesome pants and I'm glad I bought them.
Richard Fiske | 09. 14. 17
I purchased this for a 12 day antelope and mule deer hunt in the high desert of Arizona during the last week of August through the first week of September. Intense sun and highs into the low 90's were encountered daily. Lots of hiking and belly-crawling were encountered. The polygiene treatment worked perfectly though there was not a lot of odor in the other pants. The Ascent's material is very durable and - more impressively - seemed to repel dirt. The knee pad pockets are a huge plus for me though at this price it seems ridiculous to not include them (I used some from an old pair of Mountain Pants). Speaking of pockets, the Ascents could use one or two more. Some will probably comment that the new material is loud but I managed to stalk within 40 yards of a bedded mule deer buck while wearing them so no complaints here.
Ray Clark | 07. 12. 17
Love these paints for warm weather! Very very comfortable and light weight and are made of tough materiel! So no worries of going threw thickets these are a must have for those early season hunts!!
Sean mcvicker | 07. 12. 17
I have owned these pants for around 3 months now, I have not hunted in them yet but the new Sub Alpine pattern is lights out for the area I hunt, (Western Wa.) I have been using them a lot on scouting trips in the 90 degree weather. They are by far the best pant I've ever worn in the heat. they breath really well, very quiet and really comfortable. a must have piece from Sitka for early season hunts.
Jake Leonard | 06. 23. 17
This is by far my favorite piece of hunting camo. I'm 6'1 220 and the 35R fit me perfectly. There is no excess material where it shouldn't be and has an athletic fit. I typically cover from 10-15 miles a day and pants are the second most important thing to me aside from boots when it comes to overall comfort. They don't restrict your movement at all and stretch with your legs as you move. They are form fitting yet not too tight to wear you couldn't wear these over a light base layer later in the season in California. Although they are lightweight they are also very durable.
Erik | 05. 31. 17
I was really disappointed in these pants took them out ten times this spring bear season and already put a hole in them, I'm pretty disappointed in the proformance.
Nick Kravitz | 05. 25. 17
The Ascent Pant performed flawlessly through the Pennsylvania Turkey Season in the mid day heat of 70-90 and were comfortable in the early mornings as well. The Design is superior and Pocket location is Key. The Ascent Pant will be my go to wear for Chasing Turkeys each spring here in Pennsylvania!
Nolan L. | 05. 22. 17
These pants were incredible! Spent all morning sitting for turkeys in 80-85 degree heat, lots of bugs, sunrise til noon. Walked maybe a half mile and then spent the rest of the day in them planting apple trees. Pants were great!! Comfortable and dry the whole time. I was a little self conscious about them being "fitted" at home but in the woods it doesn't come up and they were insanely comfortable. Thanks Sitka!!
Chris W. | 05. 18. 17
The New 2017 version are nowhere near the quality and comfort I've come to expect from the previous Sitka Ascent pants. Excited to receive them, love the pyrite color, and the vented front pockets, but didn't care for the fit, material, and pocket layout of the new design. Returned both pair.
Caleb Smith | 05. 16. 17
I hate wearing pants without a belt. With these, I haven't worn one yet while hunting turkeys and covered miles of ground. That's how well the siliconized waist works. The pants are an insanely light material. I am 6'1" 195 lbs and got a 36R, and they are just right. The knee pad pockets are fantastic. I've used other hunting pants with knee pad pockets and the mesh material they use is terrible leaving a grid of mesh imprinted into your knees, not with these pants. These paired with the other ascent gear have completed my search for the ultimate lightweight camo suit.
Clint E. | 03. 29. 17
Light yet tough. Feels like you aren't even wearing pants at all!
Zach Northern | 03. 05. 17
These are my go to pants, Lightweight and perfect for early season hunting in colorado. The material hasba stretch to it so where I would normally rip other pants the sitka did not. Was caught in a rainstorm and my pants dried within an hour.
Lucas | 02. 24. 17
Best light weight pants in the world. I am 6'4" 215 and the 34T fit true and perfect. You won't be disappointed with these pants!
Jade Stockton | 01. 02. 17
These pants are very nice to have when you hunt the desert. They're breathable but also hold in warmth on a chilly morning. The only problem I had with these pants is the size. I had to size up because I personally like to add insulation underneath, and there was absolutely no room in the pants I had originally ordered. Overall really good set of pants.
John Austin | 12. 16. 16
Awesome paints !! Dry fast , comfortable ; easy to get to your gear and tough as nails.
Danika C, | 11. 28. 16
I love these pants. Wore these in October in Washington and November in Montana on my hunts, and it held up great in both climates/terrain.
Taylor P. | 10. 05. 16
I am in love with these pants. They are easily my favorite pant in the early season line of Sitka. The material is incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for those warmer afternoons (the roll up legs with retention strap is nice for particular warm days or wading water), while still retaining enough heat for the chilly mornings or late evenings. On colder days, toss a base layer on and you're golden. I have been wearing these for various hunts since July, and they have never failed me. Incredibly durable and comfortable, these are my go-to pant on any occasion. I even wear them around town.
John marleau | 10. 02. 16
Have used these at +20 right down to +3 Celsius when paired with the lightweight core bottoms. Very very very comfortable pant. Would be nice if they made them a bit water repellent
Randy Bomar | 09. 06. 16
Great pants. This is the ultimate warm weather pants made for easy walking and great durability. I gave my old pair to my son and bought a new pair, we both love them.
Matt D | 08. 28. 16
Wore these pants four days straight on an August archery bear and deer hunt in Arizona. The pants are WAY more durable than I expected and held up great in light rain, hiking through scrub oak and manzanita, glassing, and stalking! Conveniently located pockets and rubberized interior waistband are great features. Highly breathable too. Better have at least 2 pair!!!
Sara B | 04. 06. 16
I absolutely love these pants. I wear these pants for everything I do outdoors. Even when it is very cold, I just wear a base layer to keep me warm. These pants breathe so well and are very comfortable. I hunt, hike, shed hunt, snowshoe, and cross country ski in these pants. They are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned and for everything I put them through, are holding up great. I put these to the test almost every weekend and am always happy with their performance.
Jason | 11. 21. 15
These pants are incredible. By far, my favorite that I own. I dove hunt in them, wear them under my waders, and they're my favorite pants to wear casually in just about any situation. I'm 6'1" and I bought the 32 tall. The length is perfect. Please please please make these is some other earth tone colors and in Waterfowl camo. I'd buy them all.
OKAndy | 11. 19. 15
These pants are super comfortable and are cut extremely well. I compared these to a competing company's pants before purchasing and the fabric on these is way more comfortable. Some hunting pants feel like you're wearing burlap. These literally feel like pajama pants. All that and they've held up extremely well. My only complaint with these pants are the large cargo pockets on the sides. I keep my cell phone or rangefinder in those pockets. When walking they hang almost on the side of my knees and its just a little odd. Other than that they're my go to hunting pants.
John K | 11. 12. 15
There really isn't much else to say about there pants except that they are amazing. Ive never had a pair of pants that are more comfortable than these. They stretch like you wouldn't believe and move with you with no resistance. I have used the roll up feature on these pants but they are so light that you don't really need too. they dry out extremely quickly and breath amazingly well. A must have pair of pants for early season that can take you into mid season with proper layering.
Jim Fowles | 10. 05. 15
The Ascent paints are the best light weight pants I have everused. The breath very well, the cut is comfortable and doesn't bind. I have used them without layers from the 80's down into the 40's and been comfortable. ...these are my go to pants for any early season hunt.
jason dickens | 09. 14. 15
I have put these pants through a good amount of abuse this summer and they have more than exceeded my expectations. Rain or shine, hot or cold, they are always breathable yet can be warm when they need to be. By far my most comfortable pair of pants. I have 2 pairs in the clay color and people are always inquiring on where I bought my pants.
Scott | 08. 20. 15
I bought a pair of these pants for an August archery deer hunt I had in Nor Cal, where temps can reach over 100 deg's. I was concerned about the breathability of them and if I would overheat, since I tend to get really hot. I can tell you after returning from the hunt that they preformed very well and they were not hot at all, they were very comfortable, quiet and did not stretch out by the end of my 5 day hunt. I would highly recommend these pants, in fact I'm going to buy a seconds pair for my 10 day hunts.
Claire | 08. 18. 15
As a female, I have tried on MANY different hunting pants. These are my FAVORITE! I WISH Sitka made a women's line. At 5'8 155# most women's pants are too short, too narrow, too low and don't cover my butt, or just plain uncomfortable. I don't care about cute! These are comfortable, practical, easy to layer, and feel like pajamas! Even though they're men's pants, I highly recommend them to other women. I have worn my ascent pants from the artic circle on an archery caribou hunt all the way down to antelope hunts in New Mexico. By far my favorite pair of pants.
Colby dewitt | 08. 07. 15
Simply the best, crotch doesn't sag like other brands. They are super tear resistant. Really light weight and don't sag off your hips. I ve never used the roll up feature. I d remove it on future models.
Jason | 08. 06. 15
One of my favorite pieces from Sitka. These pants are light, breathable, and can take a beating. Perfect pants for summer scouting and trail camera checks.
Grant | 06. 12. 15
I've had these for 4 years now, best backcountry, long hike pants I've ever owned. More comfortable then the jeans I wear around town. Just came back to order a solid color pair for backpacking season. Where's the 5th star?
Bill | 04. 15. 15
These pants are amazing. There is no restriction in movement, all the pockets are perfectly placed and they seem to hold up well. Only issue I had was that sticker bushes seem to snag up on them, but that is my fault to go through the NE woods without gaitors on.
Nate | 11. 18. 14
Awesome lightweight pants, my go to for almost all of my early season hunts. Would love to see a side zip of some sort for ventilation on those hot early season approaches/pack outs.
Lane | 11. 09. 14
These are the best all around outdoor pants on this planet! I recently shot what is my personal best mule deer and we were in some pretty treturous country. Cliffs with jagged rocks down through scrub oak and briars. These pants endured it all! Thank you Sitka for your efforts and for designing such a perfect pant for me. Anyone considering purchasing but worried about the cost. I can tell you that you will get your money's worth, and then some.
Todd | 10. 12. 14
I just bought my second pair! After 5 years of abuse on Search & Rescue my first pair wore out. Best pant out there for what we do, move with you, warm in cooler conditions, cool in hot conditions we see it all here in western Colorado and the preform better hands down to any other pants out there.7 other team members are wearing them now and the all love the for there durability and great fit.
Josh Moos | 10. 10. 14
Sitka is my new go to gear from head to toe i love it. my only complaint with these pants is that two side zippers broke after a couple times wearing them and they werent over loaded or anything like that.
Patrick Rupp | 10. 08. 14
Just wore these pants for 8 days archery elk hunting in Colorado the last week of September. They were extremely comfy and were for more durable than I ever expected. Busting through brush, pickers, burs and sage. There is not a single snag on them anywhere. All my hunting partners loved them and said they were getting a pair as there clothes kept loading up with burs mine stayed relatively bur free. Thanks Sitka absolutely love the pants.
Carl Karrasch | 09. 28. 14
I just returned from Moose/Caribou hunting in Alaska. I wore these pant for 2 1/2 weeks and love them,they worked flawlessly and could not be happier. I am very rough on my equipment and these held up to my standards. I have recommended these pants to all of my friends. I will be buying another pair.
Corbet | 09. 24. 14
I have 5 seasons in these pants hunting elk in Colorado. Mid October at 8000'-10000''. Where I hunt is very rugged and thus high activity. They fit and breath well. With layers I'm comfortable down to near freezing with any activity. Durability has also been very good. I did tear one pant leg on a sharp tree limb but I can't fault the pants given the situation. I had the small hole mended locally. I will not hesitate to buy another pair when I eventually wear these out.
Nick | 08. 15. 14
I have these pants in the optifade forest and in the clay. I absolutely love these pants! I am one of those people that sweats in air conditioning, and I'm not going to lie, I still sweat a little in these pants, but the fact that they are pants and I'm sweating less in these than I do in my shorts blows me away. I love how breathable they are as well as the stretch and DWR finish. One of the problems I have with them is that the pockets are a fleece-like material...this makes no sense to me seeing as if Sitka wanted a lightweight pant, they wouldn't use a warmer material for pockets. It sometimes get annoying with these "fleece" pockets because if I'm doing work in the heat, I don't get hot anywhere else but where the pockets are. I your hands are just the slightest bit wet or sweaty, good luck trying to get anything out of the pockets without pulling the whole thing in-side-out. These pants have some great features and some ones that need to be worked on, but overall these are my favorite all-around pants to wear for most of the warmer months.
PAGSDIII | 07. 14. 14
I returned from an Axis Deer/Black Buck hunting trip on Molokai, HI, and must say I knew OptiFade worked, but now have an "it" story of my own. I was wearing the Core LS with Ascent Pants (might buy Mountains now). Glassed a group of 8 does and one Black Buck from across a draw, on top of a very steep mountain. I decided it was worth a try crossing the draw, climbing, and attempting a spot-and-stalk. Once I get 60 yards away, I ducked behind a ridge, readied myself, and crawled within 40 yards of the Buck. Never detected, the does could not alert the Buck of approaching danger (me). I slowly rose to shoot, and had ample time to aim. As anyone familiar with these animals knows, they spook easily(unless you are wearing OptiFade), and he never got skittish. I executed the shot, and am now the proud harvester of a three-curler Black Buck. I gave it a THREE STARS rating because it is already coming apart (I am aware the Mountain pant uses more durable material)
Jeff | 04. 26. 14
I purchased these pants for my climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. I wore them everyday with the exception of summit and could not have been happier. They truly live up to their name as I was able to wear them in vastly different climate zones on the climb. The athletic fit was ideal and incredible comfortable. I am looking forward to using the pants on my upcoming hunts.
Ryan Wade | 04. 12. 14
I could go on and on about these pants but I won't. They have done it all for me in every season with only giving up a small hole at the bottom. Four years worth of hunting and still going strong. Amazingly comfy and unbelievably concealing. I have harvested two whitetail bucks in the last two years. Oh yeah it was spot and stalk too. Thanks sitka gear. Ryan Wade.
Alex | 03. 26. 14
This was my first piece of Sitka gear purchased. I was doubtful that it would live up to the Sitka hype, but I was willing to give it a try. 4 years and hundreds of hard miles later I am still wearing them and loving every minute. They have held up amazingly. They have one small hole down at the bottom of the leg. These pants have been used hard and I really can't believe how good they still look. I call them my "hunting pajamas" and they really are that comfortable. These are my year round hunting and hiking pants. Perfect for hot weather and when it gets colder I start layering. They dry fast, breath great, and are long lasting. I don't usually write reviews, but these pants are worth every penny. Thanks Sitka Gear.
Brett | 02. 02. 14
The design of the pants great, the material fantastic, but went 2nd class on the leg seams. Rather than doing a nice double stitch along the leg seams like in BDUs they went with a single stitch that leaves a a semi-standing flap (it won't flatten down) along the entire seam that irriates the leg when you walk a distance in a form fitting pants such as these. if you have a base layer no problem, but without it's not comfortable.
Ronny | 11. 04. 13
I purchased the Ascent pant for a elk hunt in the Blue Mountains of Washington State. My first reaction is wow finally atheletic moutaineering clothing made for hunters! The first moment I put these pants on I could tell they were like no other pair of hunting pants I've ever owned. The cut and material of the pants allows for excellent mobility, especially when climbing steep terrain. On my hunt it was not uncommon to be climbing 2000 feet of elevation in and out of canyons looking for elk. These pants never bound my legs or restricted my ability to climb up the side of a ridge. I found the fabric to be very breathable. When layered with medium weight long underwear the pants had enough warmth to keep me comfortable when sitting for long periods of time in 30 - 45 degree F. The light fleece lined handwarmer pockets are a nice feature to toast up your hands. I found the material and construction to be fairly robust for such a light pair of pants. I never had them snag on any brush or pick up burrs. I'm 6'1" height so I also appreciated that these pants are available in a long length - my only complaint is that the long inseam is not available in a 32" waist so I went with the 34" and cinched up a belt. Overall I'm very pleased with these pants in fact I went out and purchased the Ascent top and looking forward to trying it out on my next hunt.
Matt Wright | 08. 26. 13
I bought a pair of these last year when they still came in optifade forest for early season whitetail hunts. I tend to do more hiking than the average whitetail hunter. I still hunt public land and hike up steep bluffs to my stands on my family's property. The ascent pant is an excellent pant that is moisture wicking, very breathable, and moves with you. I have been nothing but impressed with this product.
Luke Johnson | 07. 25. 13
I was fortunate enough to pick up a pair of these while at the NRA show in Houston this year (being involved in the GORE Hunting Tech/Mountain Tech program has it's perks at times). I've been putting a solid butt kicking on them ever since. I have owned and used heavily, every other soft-shelled pant in the Sitka lineup, but never had never used the Ascent pant. My first impression was of the "slim fit", of which I had reservations on (I'm a "stocky" guy with thick quads; but once I moved around in them; any reservations went away (if you are paying hard earned cash for bomb-proof gear; but are hung up on fashion appeal...go elsewhere. But "function" outperforms "form" every time). These pants are just down right comfortable! There is no restriction of movement whatsoever. I took a trip this past June to the Island of Kauai; which gave the perfect warm-weather testing ground. They performed admirably at moving moisture away and letting air in...but a garment can only do so much in 90 degree heat, with 90%+ humidity. Even so I was very pleased with their performance. Wearing them while hiking on technical terrain, they shine like the sun. I could definitely see rock climbing while in these pants. While scouting this season, I've done a lot of "brush busting" (N ID can be very thick)and finally managed to poke a very tiny hole, down near the calf area. I knew that it would tear once I was snagged, it was a pretty gnarly thorn bush. This is something that I've never been able to do in any of the of the other Sitka Soft shells...but even so, for as lightweight as they are, they are pretty bombproof. If you want a lightweight, 4 way stretch garment that's super breathable; there has to be a trade off somewhere. But like I said; for what I've put these pants through on a weekly basis for the past three months or so; I've been very impressed. If you were to own one pair of pant to wear from spring through summer and into fall; these would be it. Just layer accordingly. Luke J.
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