Ballistic Cap 


Constructed with a durable double woven orange face fabric, the Ballistic Cap keeps you visible to fellow hunters.

Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool
Blaze Orange
3.2 oz.
  • Size:

Three for Three

"On one hand we had an amazing hunt that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but on the other I knew this was going to be my last Montana adventure for a long time. It was really hard to think about how everything was going to change. But that’s okay. I’ve realized you can’t be afraid of change, because it’s leading to a new beginning." - Tribe Member Steve Vedders

Three for Three

Features & Benefits

Adjustable Velcro Sizing

For a customized fit.

Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean

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Product Comments
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John | 11. 26. 18
Pretty sweet!. Not only does the blaze orange help prevent people from shooting me, but the "ballistic" nature of the hat means that even if they do the bullets will just bounce off!
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
It’s a ok hat. Wish it was more like their regular hats in blaze orange.
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John R | 02. 19. 16
I also was glad to see Sitka come out with a few items in Blaze Orange. I would agree that this hat does not seem as comfortable as the camo versions.
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Brad R. | 02. 03. 16
While I was glad to see Sitka release a blaze orange cap, this one is not nearly as comfortable as the regular Sitka Cap. It is made of a stiffer material which doesn't breathe as well, so when I am moving and start to heat up, I remove it which defeats the purpose of wearing orange in the first place. I would love to see the Sitka Cap made in blaze orange instead.
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