Blizzard Parka
Blizzard Parka
Blizzard Parka
Blizzard Parka
Blizzard Parka

Blizzard Parka

  • Big Game : Optifade Open Country
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Ready for those extended exposure hunts, the Blizzard Parka will keep you warm, comfortable and ready for the moment of truth. Paired with the Blizzard Bib Pant, it secures you into a 2-layer GORE-TEX® vault of the world’s first water-repellent hybrid insulation, creating a walking, stalking sleeping bag that’s 100% waterproof.

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Sizing Guide

Jacket & Tops Sizing

Size Chest Sleeve
Small 36 - 38" 33"
Medium 39 - 41" 34"
Medium Tall 39 - 41" 36"
Large 42 - 45" 35"
Large Tall 42 - 45" 37"
X-Large 46 - 49" 36"
X-Large Tall 46 - 49" 38"
2XL 50 - 53" 37"
2XL Tall 50 - 53" 39"
3XL 54 - 57" 38"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 30" 31"
31 31" 31"
32 32" 31" 33"
33 33" 32" 34"
34 34" 32" 34"
35 35" 32" 34"
36 36" 33" 34.5"
37 37" 33" 34.5"
38 38" 33" 34.5"
40 40" 33"
42 42" 33"
44 44" 33"

Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
Small 28 - 30" 31"
Medium 31 - 33" 31" 33"
Large 34 - 37" 32" 34"
X-Large 38 - 41" 32" 34"
2XL 42 - 45" 32" 34"
3XL 46 - 49" 32" 34"

Equinox & Dakota Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 31" 31"
32 33" 31" 33"
34 35" 32" 34"
36 37" 32" 34"
38 39" 32" 34"
40 41" 32"
42 43" 32"
44 45" 32"

Glove Sizing

Size Palm Circ Length
Medium 8 - 8.5" 7.5 - 8"
Large 9 - 9.5" 8.5 - 9"
X-Large 9.5 - 10" 9 - 9.5"
2XL 10 - 10.5" 9.5 - 10"

Gaiter Sizing

Size Calf Circ Boot Size
M/L 17.5" US 6-10"
L/XL 18.5" US 10-14"

How to Take
Your Measurements


    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Take measurement under armpits, around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades.


    Measure around where you normally wear your pants, keeping the tape measure a bit loose or putting one finger between your body and the tape measure.

  • 4. INSEAM

    In a standing position,measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 5. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles, around the hand, excluding the thumb.

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation.

Fit Descriptions

We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit

  • P/F
  • S/F
  • E/F

    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Open Country is scientifically optimized for engagement ranges of 50 yards and beyond at ground level in rocky terrain above the timber line.

  • Weight: 40 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: Waterproof 2-Layer GORE-TEX® Laminate.

  • Insulation: 5.5 oz. of 60% 650-Fill Power White Duck Down, 40% Ultrafine PrimaLoft® Fibers, Polyester Weave.

  • GORE-TEX® Laminate and Primaloft® Hybrid Insulation: The jacket is insulated throughout with the world’s first water-repellent hybrid insulation of 60% 650-fill power white duck down and 40% ultrafine Primaloft® fibers. This is wrapped in 2 layers of GORE-TEX® membrane and concealed with a highly durable polyester face fabric.

  • Fully Adjustable Rotating Hood: The drop-away hood leaves your peripheral vision intact while holding in heat and hangs comfortably down your back without pulling at your collar when not in use.

  • Water-Sealing Cuffs: Keep water out and heat in.

  • 2 Hand Warmer Pockets: Fleece lined to keep hands toasty.

  • GORE-TEX® Technology: Garments made with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof, lightweight, and extremely breathable.

  • PrimaLoft® Technology: PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet.

  • 2 Chest and Shell Pockets

Water Protection
Wind Protection
Product is Standard Fit, designed to be layered for versatility.



Why We Made This

In the past, the best way to combat long exposure to extreme cold-weather conditions was to stack layer upon layer, leaving the hunter with a system that was not purpose-built for active pursuits in that environment. Our approach was to combine a water-repellent hybrid insulation with a fully waterproof–yet breathable–GORE-TEX® layer of protection, creating a system that’s equipped to confront the world’s most extreme conditions.

Product Comments

18 Reviews
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Tony Warnock
Reviewed On 12/12/2020

The best cold weather gear I’ve found for temps 32 to -10

I’ve not experienced anything colder wearing this gear, but it was very effective with minimal layering.

Excellent product

Cody Krentz
Reviewed On 08/27/2020

Bought this combo for late season deer hunting in Manitoba, Canada. Great for long sits in the blind. I also used it for mid-winter coyote hunting and it works great. Too noisy for spot and stalk deer hunting, but i would recommend to anyone that wants to sit all day. I am 6'1" 255 lbs, XL jacket fits perfect. Super warm and comfortable!

Daniel in the arctic
Reviewed On 02/01/2020

I read a lot of reviews and base my purchases on other peoples comments. I believed I was getting the best there was to buy, and for the cost, I was hopping that was true. I live 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle where it is COLD, and the wind blows. Average temperature this time of year - teens to -30's & 40's with wind chill, -50's to -70's. I have had this coat for three weeks now and wear it every day. 15 minute walk to work, 10 minute walk to the grocery store. I am out in the weather every day. The coat is well made and of great quality like all the other Sitka items I have. However there are several things lacking in the coat for the current environment I am living in. There is a flap of material behind the zipper, however the cold air transfers right through to the layers of clothing behind the zipper. The zipper works well indoor but once outside in the frigid temperature, it is very hard to move. Lastly the inner part of the sleeves over the biceps area seem to be lacking some insulation. One of the first areas to get cold other then behind the zipper. I am not trying to be negative about this coat, it is well built and of good quality for most of the population. However for the extreme cold of the arctic it is not a good choice. :(

Roger Ruby
Reviewed On 10/24/2019

I have been in and around the hunting business for 30 years and this is by far the best jacket I have ever owned. I have worn this jacket in all types of weather and winds up to 40+ mph and it has kept me warm and dry on every hunt. I will be ordering more gear this year to try out.

Frank Brigandi
Reviewed On 02/18/2019

the Best Parka money can buy, 3 days sitting in rain, snow & wind at 25 degrees bone dry & warm as toast.

Owen Trowbrideg
Reviewed On 02/24/2018

Best jacket I have ever worn, Perfect for chasing Tahr in the New Zealand southern Alps.

Mike - High Power Arms Company
Reviewed On 07/07/2017

I would give the Blizzard Parka and bibs 10 stars if they'd let me! I just used this suit for the first time on a seven day brown bear hunt in Kamchatka, Russia. Temps were in the 20's most days and we did a lot of snowmobile and hiking. I was nervous about the versatility of the system being able to handle the fluctuation of activity levels involved with this type of hunt, but the Blizzard performed incredibly. Half the day we are flying around on a snowmobile in single digit windchill - the other half we were on foot, climbing and glassing. I would have never imagined that a suit that could keep you toasty warm on the freezing cold rides wouldn't leave you soaked in sweat after a 1000 yard vertical. Somehow this suit just gives you the best of both worlds. Amazing technology from Sitka right here!

Paul Gutek - APA Innovations Inc.
Reviewed On 12/25/2016

Received my Blizzard parka and pants just in time for late draw - cow elk season. Although I didn't have a tag my boys were drawn and I had just as much fun pushing bush and mentoring the boys on elk hunting!

Conditions were brutal.....-38c the first day and no wind. Second day was -28c and a 15mph wind and the third day was -28c and a 40 mph wind. The jacket and pants performed as advertised (flawlessly).....although I opted to add my kelvin down jacket underneath to add an extra layer of insulation just for posting.

I also broke through the ice (rat run) at one point and I was just as dry as when I started!

If you hunt in extreme weather conditions
And ain't scared of a little cold.......this jacket and
Pant are what you need!! Hands down the best cold weather gear I have to combat these extreme Saskatchewan winter temp!!! Buy with confidence!!!

Reviewed On 07/03/2016

If your looking for a quiet coat that you can stalk in then this is not it, but if you want to stay warm in the worst weather conditions you can imagine then this coat is perfect. I purchased my parka last November and was amazed by its warmth. My first trip out it was 15 degrees with the wind chill below zero, all I had underneath was a heavyweight base layer and I was plenty warm. While the rest of my hunting party was complaining about being cold I was comfortable in my blizzard parka.

Reviewed On 04/14/2016

This is hands down my favorite piece of Sitka gear. And I have several pieces. I wear this for late season elk hunting aswell as, all winter Dog Mushing and Ice fishing in -18 degree temps and I was not cold. In fact I have never been cold once wearing this. It has a nice long back so no drafts, great sleeve gussets and warm hand warmer pockets. The noise doesn't bother me too much, it's a great trade off for how quickly this fabric dries that being said it repels water and takes a lot to get wet. There are many brushed face options so having this option is nice.
Only wish the bibs came in a smaller size as I would own those aswell. But this for your lady friends and they will never want to go back inside.... If I could rate this jacket 10 stars I would!

Jake herak
Reviewed On 12/08/2015

Just got my new blizzard parka, love it!! It's a little noisey but overall it isn't awful... I'd say your probably not going to sneak through the timber with this coat on, it a very warm And you will sweat your butt off... But if your looking for the ultimate coat for long sits or for wheeling around on your quad or utv in below zero temps, this is it... I also have the incenerator jacket... My only complaint with the incenerator was it seems to only go to your belt line and when you sit the breeze can run up your back... With The blizzard parka that is not an issue... It plenty long and the fit is awesome! The sleeve cuffs are amazing!! and plenty of pockets for your gear... I'd highly recommend, to anyone that is serious about hunting in extreme temps... I'm an avid houndsman and I'm out in the mountains when no one else is, to do so you need quality gear... This coat is a must for me...

Eben Schaefer
Reviewed On 05/09/2015

Great piece. Super light weight, very warm, and completely weather proof. I guide elk hunters in the Rockies. I carry this jacket with me every day. As soon as we stop walking i put this on right away. I can sit through the worst weather imaginable and be completely comfortable. Sheds wet snow, blocks heavy wind.

The fit is an athletic fit. The outer fabric is not brushed and is a little loud. But this is way too warm for me to wear during archery season so it isn't an issue for me. This jacket is for extreme weather.

Philip Glass
Reviewed On 02/23/2015

I recently tested many Sitka products on my recent hunt for Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. 15 degree mornings at 12,500' found me horseback in the Tien Shan Mountains on the border of China. The Blizzard Parka was so good in every way. It kept me warm on those early mornings and fantastically is so light that when it warmed up I took it off and tied it around my waist. I don't think you can do that with any other parka! The lens cleaning cloth came in handy as my guides would stop for nothing and we stayed horseback all day long. I could take out the lens cloth with one hand and clean my shades and put it back while maintaining control of my horse in the most treacherous locations imaginable. Finally my guides tried every way they could think of to get me to sell them my coat!
Keep in mind many negative reviews come from people with little hunting experience and no expertise. Take it from someone who hunts for a living Sitka has no equal.

Reviewed On 02/10/2015

I agree with the previous review about the noise. I purchased this parka to be my late season whitetail coat but its just too loud. I have the incinerator parka & bibs and worn together they are an awesome system but a lot of times I just want to wear the jacket and some pants but the incinerator parka is cut so short in the back that my lower back gets cold when I'm sitting in the stand and not wearing the bibs. I purchased this Blizzard parka to fix this problem but now I'm sending it back and still don't have a solution. Sitka, please make a parka like the Blizzard but with a brushed face that is quiet or make the incinerator longer in the back, epically so the insulation doesn't stop a long way up from the back of the coat.

Reviewed On 12/13/2014

Bought both the blizzard parka and pants before going on Idaho backcountry mountain lion hunt. This combo was a life saver as we battled zero degree temps the first part of the hunt and later in the week it warmed into the mid 30's and had some moderate rainfall. I was the warmest and driest guy in camp all week!! Thanks SITKA! I'm a believer now!! I was also able to take a 150lb mountain lion on the 3rd day of the hunt!!

Sitka Customer Service
Reviewed On 08/19/2014

Hey Jamie -

Thanks for contacting us. That's a great question. We take several different variables into consideration when designing a particular piece. As an Archery based brand, noise is high on the list. However, the Blizzard System takes a slightly different approach to late season/ extremely cold conditions. The textiles we used allow the garment to be lighter, more durable, dry faster, and more packable. It sheds water much better and dries more quickly compared to a brushed face fabric. This way you can dry the garment with a shake and you won't get everything in your pack wet. This is more accommodating for mountain hunters.

This doesn't mean it's the right piece of gear for your situation or for everyone. If your a low activity hunter during late season we also have our Incinerator Series. Designed for Static/Tree Stand hunters. Highly insulated, 100% Waterproof, and constructed with a brushed fleece face. Might be more of what your looking for.

Reviewed On 08/17/2014

I bought this jacket only to return it. The problem being that it was too loud. Not sure why Sitka didnt make this a brushed face jacket but that was enough for me to return it.

Matt Eastman
Reviewed On 05/06/2014

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SITKA Team - 07.26.2019

Layering 101 with SITKA Gear Founder, Jonathan Hart

As humans, we are at a genetic and physiological disadvantage to survive in wild places. Yet we’re instinctively drawn to test our mettle against species who have adapted for millennia to thrive in these challenging environments. At SITKA, we build systems to level the playing field with wild animals in their domain; giving hunters the ability to adapt to the rapidly-changing conditions encountered in the wild.