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Core Heavyweight Balaclava - 2018 

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The CORE Heavyweight Balaclava keeps your head warm and concealed in the mid to late season. Permanent Polygiene® Odor Control Technology neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. The CORE Heavyweight Series is the next-to-skin foundation for your cool weather system, with a lofted grid fleece backer that retains warmth while actively moving moisture away from the skin.

  • Polygiene
Open Terrain
Spot & Stalk
Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
Optifade Open Country
2.4 oz.
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Features & Benefits

Micro-Grid Fabric

Promotes evaporation by maintaining minimal surface area next to skin.

Brushed Inner Face

A soft brushed interior stays comfortable and cool next to skin.

Low-Profile Flat Lock Seam Construction

Glides easily under layers and minimizes bulk.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Machine Wash Cold Delicate + Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean

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Product Comments
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sal | 11. 14. 18
This head gear stretches way to much it keeps on falling down below my noise also i am constantly readjusting it from moving left to right I ended up buying another brand that stays put.
Bear Cat | 03. 13. 18
Polygiene is smoke-and-mirrors technology - more about cost-saving for the maker than performance for the wearer, otherwise they'd stick with wool, which performs better in EVERY regard. Buy one of these, and buy one made of old-fashioned wool, and I can guarantee you'll throw this product in the garbage because of the stink. The fit is also odd. It fails as a neckwarmer when pulled down, always turning so the material bunches under your chin, and when worn as a balaclava, doesn't stay up over your nose. Poorly executed product.
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glenn | 01. 11. 18
I used my new Sitka clothing in the Cyclone Bomb the Northeastern US just endured. Along with a few well-placed hand warmers, the Sitka clothing kept me dry and warm in 7 degrees with 30 mph winds. On the third day pf hunting, in a balmy 19 degrees with 24 mph winds, I got a trophy Your Incinerator jacket, bibbs, gloves, and Core hood performed very well in those conditions.
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
Good upgrade with polygiene. Had old one and it would get pretty stinky after even a day of use. This one stays odor free after numerous days wearing it. Not warmest balaclava but works well paired with warmer hat and gaiter or in above zero hunting. Keep one in my Hudson along with a beanie at all times.
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Wesley Waddell | 12. 27. 17
It’s great, it’s warm, and the camo pattern is outstanding. My only problem with this balaclava is that it lacks water resistance. Everything else I own that is Sitka (pants, gloves, jacket, and hat) are all waterproof, so why not this too? Would love to have a waterproof balaclava to avoid wearing my bulky Columbia jacket that has a hood on it to keep my ears and neck dry.
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Dusty | 10. 27. 17
This is great. I actually wore it tonight in 35 degree rain in my tree stand for 3 hours. When I got home and took everything off, my Stratus Beanie that I wore underneath it wasn’t even wet! Last year was the first year I wore it and it’s a staple no doubt.
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Rob | 01. 11. 17
This is warm, particularly considering how thin the fabric is. And that's great, since it doesn't muffle your hearing too much.
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John J | 11. 27. 16
Does not form well around the head to keep out the wind. I wear a larger cap size (10.5) and this should form fit around the top of the forehead but does not. I just got done with a hunt in 35 degree weather and 15-20mph winds. The top of my head was cold as the wind was able to get in around where balaclava did not seal. Not worth the money.. Expected more from Sitka on this style.
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Nicholas | 05. 26. 16
Extremely warm! Walked one slow mile at 40 degree temp and was too hot to keep on. Great for sitting still in cold weather. I wish the opening was more flexible though. doesn't allow you to pull it under your chin to get away from your mouth in case you don't want to be breathing on it while walking.
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Brad R. | 04. 08. 16
A balaclava is probably the most warmth-per-ounce that you can carry, and useful for concealing your moon-face as well. Comfortable even under a beanie and compact enough to keep in a pocket.
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VTHunt | 10. 14. 15
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Product Technology


Layering is a science with our CORE system of next-to-skin products. Each of the fabric weights—light, mid, and heavy—wicks away moisture to keep you warm and dry, while Polygiene® technology safely and permanently neutralizes odors using naturally antimicrobial silver salt.