Big Game: Vegetated Terrain

Flash 20  

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Completely reimagined for 2016, the Flash 20 is a simplified, lighter, more durable and weather protective daypack than its predecessor. Highly technical and suited for long jaunts away from the truck, it’s 2,000 cubic inch volume provides enough room for surplus snacks, water, and even a small bivy cache for the savvy lightweight overnighter. Bottom, side and front compression straps stabilize your load, while a new lightweight toggle bow suspension system quickly secures your weapon.

Vegetated Terrain
Ground Ambush, Spot & Stalk
Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
Optifade Subalpine
4.5 lbs.
Other scenarios for the Flash 20
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Features & Benefits

Lightweight Toggle Bow Suspension System
Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

2000 Cubic Inches
56 Ounces
Product Comments
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Bailey Smith | 09. 12. 18
High quality material. A lot of space for everything I need. Bow strap works great. Also love how there is space between your back and the pack to keep it ventilated.
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Mike | 11. 19. 17
Great all purpose pack. Very comfortable with enough pockets to keep your gear organized. Often times I have to carry additional gear for another hunter...this pack provides that space without being bulky.
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Grim | 11. 15. 17
Awesome pack used it deer tracking all day in northern Maine. It’s the most versitle and comfortable pack I think that is on the market this was my first Sitka pack and I loved it.. great job Sitka
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Derick | 07. 29. 17
I was very excited when I ordered this pack only to be disappointed when I finally got it. Not having a water bladder pocket really sucks because not only does it protect it a little the bladder now just flops around all over the place. Lack of pockets. Can't put a spotting scope inside of it because if you do you have no room for anything else. Have to lash it to the outside. No built in rain cover. I like having multiple smaller pockets so I can organize certain things into those pockets. One for field dressing gear, snacks, rope, emergency stuff, etc. Lack of pockets leaves you with just tossing everything into the main pocket and then having to dig for it. Sitka makes a lot of nice gear, but I would have to say this pack is not one of them.
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Kyle | 06. 07. 17
I've had the flash 20 for a few years now and love everything about it. As in everything, there is always a way to make a product better in someone else's mind... It's really hard to do that in my opinion with this pack... Except make it bigger... which they did with the 30! You can't go wrong with this pack...
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Andrei | 02. 04. 17
FINLAY backpack which meet my expectations. Very light and very well engineered. Mountain hunters, like me, will appreciate ergonomic and weight. I like the way Sitka thinking regarding pockets, absolute minimum, only what is needed. My favourite at the moment.
Shawn | 01. 12. 17
I bought this pack new and used it for two years. While hunting this last season my pack was on a horse there was an accident and the strap got ripped off. I sent it in they sent me the new version of it and i hate it. Everything i bought it for they took away. My 100 dollar Oakley backpack is more suited for hunting and my needa then my flash 20. Love your gear but this new pack sucks i want the original one back.
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Kevin | 10. 01. 16
I bought this pack after purchasing one for my son. He loves his and I thought I would love mine too.... They made some changes that in my opinion, have taken away from the quality and usability. The hip pouches are too far to the rear of the pack to use for rangefinder, wind check, etc. The zippers are very loud and difficult to use. On my last archery elk trip, I found myself not wanting to get into this thing, for fear of making too much noise: not good. I tried some string wax on the zippers, it worked for a few times, then right back to the same loud/hard to pull zips. Not having a bladder pouch is insane, not having that pouch allows my bladder to slide side-to-side when traversing logs and such: not good. It does have a nice bow carrying system that we used after killing a deer. I also found the integrated rain cover is missing from this pack, another awesome feature I was looking forward to having. Also missing the spotting scope pouch that works great for a bugle tube.... Overall, I think the pack is fairly comfortable and works ok, just wish they wouldn't have worried so much about the weight, and kept it like the older version. I plan to sell this pack and buy something else.
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Steve | 02. 29. 16
I love the fit and feel of this pack. I have a model I purchased in 2013 and I have never used it.It is the older model that everyone wants. I would love for someone that would use it to have it.
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Bill | 12. 25. 15
Really like this pack. Used it for an elk archery hunt in Idaho, and it was awesome! Hooking up my bow to the straps on the back for long haul hikes made everything a lot more manageable, and distributed the weight really well. I would recommend this pack to anyone.
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Zach Remus | 12. 24. 15
Great pack for extended walks from the truck. I used it for antelope and elk archery this year. Lightweight holds my bow really well. The biggest thing this pack is missing is the H20 sleeve. My water bladder moves all around in the pack and makes it difficult to find other gear inside my pack. I also really wish this pack had some internal pockets like the accent 12 does.
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Bill | 11. 11. 15
I have packs from Eberlestock, Badlands and the Sitka Flash 20. Overall the pack was comfortable but there a few thinks that Sitka could do different to make it more comfortable. First of all the chest strap needs to have a better system of connection to the shoulder straps. The current system lets the chest strap slide up during the course of your hunt and before you know it the strap is choking you. Secondly the waist strap needs to be longer for us big guys. I also agree that the water bladder system needs a separate mesh pocket to keep the bladder from your other items in the pack.
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leftyhunter | 10. 19. 15
It is a really nice pack--but, Sitka left out some really easy to include features that they had on prior models and have in their smaller pack. The H20 sleeve would have been a really nice feature to keep the bladder out of the way of the main compartment. I also agree with Bryan's review regarding the design flaw of removing the small pocket on back and the water bottle side mesh pocket. Lastly the small pockets on the hip belt should have the zippers reversed. I tried to use the pocket to keep my rangefinder handy---the rear facing zipper had the rangefinder falling out all of the time. Put in two zippers that meet in the middle of the pocket.
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Bryan | 08. 26. 15
I was going to buy this pack this year until I reviewed what they changed. Considering it's designed as a day pack, I don't think the changes that were made were worth what was sacrificed.Side mesh pockets were removed, the water bladder pouch is not available which makes it nice so it's out of the way when you're digging through your pack. Also. the fleece lined scope pocket was removed. If nothing else, this helped with organization in the pack.I also liked the small pocket on the back mesh as additional organization. I just think that too much was sacrificed on an already well designed pack. Enough to steer me away from buying the new pack. I've tried to find last years model, but can't find anyone willing to sell me theirs.
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