Gradient Jacket

Gradient Jacket

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The Gradient Jacket is like wearing your favorite well-worn sweatshirt with some serious technical features. High-loft Berber fleece adds core-heat insulation while concealment patterns–in either OPTIFADE™ Marsh or Timber–allow you to wear it as an outer layer when setting decoys or under-layered into a system. The DWR finish flicks off light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting-out.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • Weight: 24.3 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: High-Gauge Polyester Knit Face, Mechanical Stretch Bonded to a High Loft Fleece Backer.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Thumbhole Cuff: Integrated thumbhole cuffs provide additional warmth and allow for smooth layering.

  • Lower Hand Pockets and Upper Storage Pocket: Hand pockets keep your fingers warm and dexterous, and an upper storage pocket keeps small essentials secure and accessible.

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Gradient Jacket
Gradient Jacket

Why We Made This

Waterfowl hunters were in need of an insulating layer that could pull even triple-duty in terms of performance. Our design centers on a high-loft Berber fleece backer cut to be worn seamlessly under outerwear, delivering that needed core insulation. For the face fabric, we chose a high-gauge polyester knit for durability and a comfortable fit when layered into a system. Thumbhole cuffs deliver that little extra warmth while making layering super easy. And a DWR finish on the face fabric will shed light rain without wetting-out.

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4 Reviews
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Reviewed On 11/01/2019

Let's be fair, it's not the Duck Oven or even the Fahrenheit Jacket, both of which I've had for 2 years before getting the Gradient Jacket. With all that warmth in the others jackets and that Dakota Hoody out there as an option, why get the GJ? Durability for one. The DO and FJ are great warm layering pieces, but not what I would wear as an outer all the time. Since the GJ doesn't have wind stopper it actually stays cooler than the other 2—the sides are made of thinner/different material than the rest, much like the Kelvin Lite Jacket (have that too). If I need wind stopping ability with a GJ I just put on my Delta Vest or toss on the Delta Wading Jacket if it's raining also. So why not the Dakota Hoody? For me that piece is too much like the FJ and DO as far as wind stopping and warmth, it just has the durability they don't. It also as a hoody which, if I had to put on my DWJ, I'd hate having 2 hoods. This is where again, the GJ beats the DH for me in my system. I have 2 GJs (timber and marsh) to pair with 2 DVs and 2 DWJs. I think the DH is great for someone who hasn't already got the FJ and DO. The GJ, for the price, fits that gap between a heavy weight base layer + DV and before it gets cold enough to reach for a DO or FJ (depending on whether I'm wearing Delta Waders or not).

Reviewed On 02/11/2019

Great fit. True to size with plenty of length in the back. I primarily use it as a mid-layer under the Delta Wading Jacket and it offers plenty of warmth without hurting mobility. Probably the most versitle piece of Sitka Gear I own. So comfortable, I am going to order another in the mallard color to use as an everyday jacket.

Reviewed On 07/27/2018

This jacket is flipping amazing, the conform is by far the best I've ever had (cabelas/ under armour/ drake etc...) I've owned them all and this is not even in the same league as other "comparable" jackets. I hunt way north MI, MN, Dakotas and for me its great for temps from 20-50 degrees. When temps really dip 20 to 0 degrees, paired with a shell like the hudson and you're basically living in a weatherproof oven.... never been so comfortable in late season conditions

Reviewed On 07/31/2017

This jacket is a great layering piece or standalone for early season. Lightweight, fleece lined, and a soft polyester sweatshirt feel to the outside. Full length zipper on the gradient Jacket is clutch and I was surprised how insulated the jacket is.

SITKA Gear - 12.02.2017


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