Shooter Glove 

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Designed around the needs of bow hunters and technical shooters, the Shooter Glove is form-fitting and highly breathable with excellent finger dexterity, durability, and range of motion.

Warm , Mild
2.50 oz.
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james depolo | 01. 23. 18
Decent gloves but too hard to put on and take off as the wrist portion is very narrow. If they would make them with a wider opening/more fabric extended out past the elastic on the wrists, I would give it a higher rating.
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MW | 11. 01. 17
Great gloves. I wear mine for all types of shooting, as well as hunting.
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Ears | 07. 05. 17
Got these just for something to wear hanging stands, and didn't expect to like them as much as I do. They're lightweight, padded in the right places and very durable. Really nice for using while setting stands and trimming shooting lanes, or just while riding the wheeler. I'll be getting another pair.
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Robert C. Fagerr | 06. 01. 17
Excellant product.
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Craig Aureguy | 02. 01. 17
These run way small compared to previous shooter gloves with the velcro strap. I was a large in that glove and can't even get my hand in the large of this new glove. This is the first Sitka product of many that I have bought that I will send back.
Ryan Curl | 01. 13. 17
These gloves didn't last a single full season. The fingers had completely torn through on both gloves after a week long archery elk hunt in CO.
Ryan | 01. 10. 17
Took new pair of these gloves out for a week long archery hunt in Colorado. By the end of the hunt the fingers on these gloves had worn completely through. I'll admit that we put them through the paces in very rough and rocky terrain however I was very disappointed that these gloves did not even last a complete season. Would not purchase these again.
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Colin Crosby | 12. 26. 16
Plain and simple. These gloves are great! Been using them for two years and they have held up fantastic. Great at the range and I even use for bow hunting.
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Colin Crosby | 12. 18. 16
Bought these gloves last year and they have rocked!! Love taking them to the range for the little extra padding helps the sting. These have outlasted most gloves I have owned in the past.
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Nathan Grogan | 11. 29. 16
When this glove came out I was very excited. Until I tried a pair at local Cabelas....The "old" shooter glove had all that awesome padding on the knuckles so spending hours on the ground stalking antelope/mule deer was a joy! Why no padding on the knuckles on the update? Very disappointed and now I can't get my hand on the old shooter glove.
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Taylor P. | 10. 05. 16
Awesome glove, does the job that was intended for it perfectly. The texturing and grip patterns on the glove keep me feeling dexterous, while remaining lightweight. Great multi-use glove. My only complaint is the electronic friendly pads on the fingers can be a little finicky at times.
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Jason | 05. 31. 16
Spent a week with the NEW shooters gloves. Huge improvement over the older model. I have abused these gloves for a week at work behind a shovel, and in the evenings riding dirt bikes. No issues whatsoever with wear and still just as comfortable as ever dexterity wise when shooting a bow or pistol. Absolutely love the improved gloves. Worth every penny! For sure be my go to early season elk glove.
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Nick Hagedorn | 01. 03. 16
My favorite glove I've ever used, very versitile you can shoot in them with ease or load bags of feed. A must have for any outdoorsman.
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Josh K | 05. 09. 15
Going on my first mule deer hunt in October 2015 and looking at some of the elite brands for gear to get me through the hunt while staying as comfortable as possible for the varying conditions. I'm a true believer that high quality gear can help you stay comfortable so you can focus on the game you are hunting. For me personally the customer service response to John Einan tells me this company stands by their gear, are honest, and are willing to help their customer. Just might have made my mind up on my elite brand. Now just have to find a dealer to try some gear!
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Steven "Rooster" A. | 02. 21. 15
If you are serious shooting, you've once before worn or wanted to wear a pair of fine leather gloves. Look no more for the perfect fitting shooting glove as Sitka once again delivers a stellar product! These shooting gloves far outdo the finest of leather shooting wear and you'll never turn back. I use these gloves on everything from upland bird hunting to high alpine goat and horn hunts...these are the bombshell for the hands!
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Sean Weaver | 02. 06. 15
As a photographer, videographer, and waterfowl hunting guide, my gloves have a lot of different uses. I need great dexterity for fine manual focus, as well as something that can take the day to day abuse of the hunt. These shooter gloves are great all on their own, and a pair of traverse gloves underneath adds warmth for those frosty mornings.
SITKA Customer Service | 11. 12. 13
Hey John - Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We apologize for the inconvenience and highly recommend contacting us at 877-748-5247 whenever you have an issue with our gear or a concern with a Dealer. The Shooter Gloves are designed to match breath-ability, dexterity and durability. The Fabrics used to accomplish this design are just not going to be as durable as a pair of ranch gloves. However, they are certainly under warranty and we are happy to replace them for you or work to get you into something more appropriate. Please contact us at the above number and we will get a new pair out ASAP! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever have any issues, we are here to help!
John Einan | 11. 10. 13
Leather on fingers only lasted 1 season before they begin to fall apart. The foam inside has broken down as well. They were not used very hard. Go get yourself 10 pair of elk hide gloves at a ranch supply company instead! Tried to take them back to scheels and they said the warranty was for the life of the glove. Apparantly the life of these gloves is less than 6 months for a $50 glove.
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Tyler Rose | 09. 20. 13
Great pair of all around gloves whether archery of rifle. Can be used year round too, perfect for early season with its good grip and breathable fingers on warm days and in late season by adding a pair of Core Gloves or Traverse Gloves under. Definitely recommend adding to your gear list.
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Jason Phelps | 07. 29. 13
These are the best all around hunting gloves I have used. Whether squeezing the trigger on my release in the early archery season or the trigger on my rifle these gloves allow me to feel what I need to make a perfect shot. They have a mesh backing for breathability and comfort and leather palms for durability. These gloves work just as well in wet conditions as dry. I test gear for GORE and I hope they don't change a thing about these gloves.
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