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Coldfront Jacket 

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The second generation Coldfront Jacket hermetically seals out moisture and cold. More breathable and durable, with improved stretch and a more functional layout than its predecessor, it is a finely tuned solution for late-season backcountry hunts.

Open Terrain
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Optifade Open Country
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Features & Benefits

GORE-TEX® Softshell

The highly breathable GORE-TEX® 3-layer Softshell supplies 100% waterproof and windproof protection.

Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Articulated Patterning

For a trim fit that won’t bunch under a pack or take up unnecessary space inside of one.

4-Panel Hideaway Hood

The four-paneled hood can be stowed in a zippered collar pocket to keep your ears clear and the noise down when the action heats up.

Micro-Grid Fleece Backer

Promotes evaporation by maintaining minimal surface area next to skin.

5 Strategically Located Pockets

Elevated hand pockets keep your necessities clear of the pack's hip belt and keep your hands warm and dry as water sheds off your elbows rather than rolling down the sleeve into the pocket. Low zippered hand pockets and a chest pocket cache additional necessities to keep them safe and dry.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/GORE-TEX®.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- See Care Guide To Better Understand DWR And How To Revitalize It.

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John Wedge | 10. 22. 18
I have the gen 1 jacket that has pit zips, can't imagine why those are not part of the new jacket but nevertheless, this is a superb piece when used correctly. It is completely windproof and waterproof. I hunted Kodiak 2 years ago and spent 6 days in the field, with near constant rain and sleet. I stayed completely dry but had to make sure i vented when hiking and layered appropriately depending on exertion level. I've hunted in very high wind in Wyoming and stayed comfortable and in single digit temps on numerous occasions and was also comfortable with the right layers underneath. It is a bit noisy and i would think twice about wearing while archery hunting. If I could change anything, it would be to make the hood removable. The stowaway feature in nice but makes the collar bulky and a bit uncomfortable if you don't get it rolled up just right.
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HawkinS | 11. 02. 17
Couple things clean simple and to the point. .. I live in Pike County IL and I purchased this item as everyday wear or Friday night out attire. That being said it fits great. Read a review about it fitting tight around the waist. Its snug but once pulled down into place it stays and I'm certain it's to keep the wind out. Over all fits great. Feels great. Looks great. Now for the cons. For $650 the zippers need to be 100% metal and not plastic crap. And including the pockets and they should all match. Same exact zippers ect... Otherwise at 6'3 this jacket fits great length and all. Looks great with my Rock jeans and Lucchese's Boots... But C'mon Sitka... this jacket should be 100% including zippers. Pulls. And make the pull cords hi grade climbers rope. Make all pockets hi grade insulated and very soft and comfortable to the touch. As a consumer I'd want lambs wool inside each pocket ...would be great. For the avid outdoors guy make them Beaver. Beaver is the warmest available and it will not frost over in cold weather. For $650 you CAN make this happen... Thanks for listening. HawkinS
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Tristram | 10. 17. 17
I was really impressed with this jacket. I wore it in the Montana backcountry for a week in some of the wettest and coldest weather I've experienced. The jacket never failed to keep me 100% dry, it was well cut allowing me complete freedom of movement. The jacket was a little noisy but I would gladly make that trade off for the other benefits that it offers. I particularly liked the double zipper which was really handy for when you are riding or climbing steep hills.
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Hrvoje | 04. 16. 17
I want to buy a new model. But when I see that the zippers are not covered at the top, I think zippers are not 100% waterproof. I want to ask Sitka why Zippers are not covered like Stormfront jacket???
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Chris "adventurewriter" P | 02. 06. 17
I would only give this jacket three stars, as the soft material wears thru amd marks quickly. For the price, condidering you can buy goretex pro from great labels nearly $200 less than this item, this is not going to be the "end all" for all your jacket dreams. And when you wish to return this item, due to the heavy price tag, the retailers are more likely to give you a tough time returning it. As for the fit? Sitka claims this is their expedition fit. Yeah... Right...! I have tried several Sitka products, thru various ranges, and sizing labels "standard"... "Expedition" etc... And i can tell you all right now, this was not loose enough that i could layer anything at all underneath it. Considering they claim this as a late season jacket, which is specifically for layering... I am BEYOND disappointed! It is absolutely no different arought the stomach/waist areas than the so called standard fit anyways. So tight.... (and check this out, i am 5'6" tall... Weigh 163 lbs... Athletic build.), and i can barely zip it up! How i would be able to wear this in winter is beyond me. As with all Sitka gear, as every single purchaser will tell you... Size up....! The problem? A large might be rediculous long, or baggy in the arms... So there really is no exeptional fit with these items. Wish they had an exchange program for those of us stuck with these pieces of kit. The price tag is too high to play games with trying to order online, hoping it will all work out in the end. As for Sitka? This is most likely my last piece of gear from them. Thru hiker, outdoorsman or not.... I want the best gear, yes... At the best, most reasonable price possible... Sure i do.... But thru hikers and sportsman also dont want to waist time messing about either. I have a business to run... So good luck to the rest of you....
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Raffaello | 01. 16. 17
What happened to the pit zips of the generation 1 cold front?
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Justin | 01. 13. 17
Just bought the cold front jacket a few weeks ago, i really like it. Lots of pockets, comfortable and snow doesn't stick to it, keeping you warmer and drier. You definitely need to be wearing several layers with it. With a hoody and my kelvin lite, I wear it all day long. Even on the snowmobile. ( 0 to -30C ) The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it is definitely not quiet, which is the only downside. I wouldn't wear it in a tree stand or while making a stalk. It's a great jacket, just needs to be quieter.
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danontherock | 12. 09. 16
I have been wearing the older cold front jacket full time through the winter here in Newfoundland not only for hunting but for everyday use. Solid color. I would have rated it a 4 star but a bit off hard material on the inside started to wear through the outer shell in first year of use. Would of sent it back but do not want to be without it. Newfoundland is extremely wet and windy damp cold . Rains all yerar here except for winter when rain turns to snow. This is my go to jacket
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Tony | 11. 24. 16
As an avid archery hunter, fly fisherman and former AK fishing guide I've owned many rain jackets over the years. The conditions in AK and my home state of WA have put my gear through the ultimate test and I can honestly say the Coldfront Jacket is the BEST rain jacket I have ever owned. When archery hunting I can wear it all day because it's quiet and it stands up to the brutal rains of the Olympic Peninsula while winter Steelhead fishing. It's expensive, but you'll never want to own another jacket...
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GLENN PEARSON | 10. 31. 16
Marty | 10. 27. 16
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Erik Anthony | 03. 06. 16
Took my little guy snowboarding one day and Decided to wear my sitka gear. Best decision ever. Laying my cold front with my traverse kept me warm and dry the whole day. 12 hrs of sitting on the hill in -15 weather teaching the boy how to board and did not notice a thing. This gear is of quality both in design and durability. Worth every penny. As well their costomer service is second to none.
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Casey | 01. 15. 16
I wear this jacket for fishing. It's quiet which I like for the constant movement of fly fishing. The inner lining removes that clammy feeling other high end rain jackets have produced. I don't feel like it's too warm but then again I haven't tried it during a mid-summer storm. The cuffs are great as are the pockets. The one con is the armpit tightness. I'm a medium build guy 6' 170lbs and don't have a big chest but the Medium is tight here on me. A large would be much to big. Otherwise the length and arm length and collar are great. I really like the built in lens cleaner in the chest pocket, perfect for keeping my sunglasses dry.
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Jeff | 10. 28. 15
I wore this jacket on a grizzly hunt in the Brooks Range in Alaska. I was very satisfied and it did everything u said it would do. I wear hip boots while hunting and the length is just perfect so when u are standing in the rain the water runs down your back and right into your hip boots. Would like to see it a few inches longer otherwise it is perfect.
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Cole | 07. 16. 15
Incredibly versatile. I've worn this jacket in almost every applicable weather situation imaginable: calm, cool mornings, screaming afternoons, frigid evenings, torrential rains, and even a couple blizzards. Never needed the extra warmth in September, but for October and beyond, this is a truly an awesome addition to any extreme outdoorsman's arsenal. I Read Nic's comment about the fit and the cuffs; honestly can't relate. Great buy for Southwest Washington and beyond.
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Joseph | 05. 03. 15
I own just about every jacket made at this level. The only close competitor is Arcteryx. This jacket is purpose built and exceptional in every way. It is becoming the only jacket you will need in the field. The problem- You will want a solid as well.
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Blinkyjoe | 02. 03. 15
This thing is fantastic. Kept me warm and dry for three days in northeast Washington. I wore JUST a merino wool base layer under it from 35 to 50 degrees of active hunting in drizzle and wind. When the temps dropped or if I had to stay put for more than a half hour, I added a fleece vest. Good down to freezing. Below that, I added a nano puff layer. Good in a nasty sleet storm at 25 degrees that plastered me with ice. My buddies were miserable. Oh, and I also ski in it. On wind-whipped chairlifts from Bachelor to Whistler, this thing rocks. My only negative is that the jacket rises up quite a bit when you lift both arms above your head.
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Musky in Muskoka | 06. 10. 14
This stuff is top drawer. If you're in the elements and you are really relying on your gear... you need the best, and this is it! Sitka, charge whatever you want, your gear is well worth it at any price. Larry
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Todd | 03. 29. 14
Spent a week so far in some nasty March Oregon rain fishing for early spring salmon on the Columbia. Stayed incredibly dry in this jacket even in a storm that brought heavy downpours and heavy wind. Bought this jacket on impulse and had some buyers remorse after spending that amount of money. That went away so quick that I picked up another one in the optifade o/c pattern for western Oregon fall deer/elk when it's pouring.
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Nic | 11. 07. 13
I got this jacket to use for wet weather late season elk and deer hunting in Washington and Montana. So far the jacket has got me through the first year with no issues, even through one nasty high mountain rain storm. Love the jacket but could be cut a few inches longer in the body (I'm not tall at 5'9" size M) and the Velcro at the cuffs could be rethought. Even with those two things I still wear it all the time.
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Nathan | 10. 02. 13
This jacket separated me from everyone else in Elk camp this fall. All the features make this my go to jacket year round. Lets just say my buddies scoff at the cost but had to hide on the back side of the ridge when the rain/wind picked up. I was comfy as could be in my Coldfront...
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Jason | 07. 23. 13
Hands down the best archery hunting jacket I have ever owned. The Coldfront Jacket keeps you warm and dry, without overheating. I never feel a restriction in movement and the fit is superb. I even use this jacket when I ski, snowboard, or snowshoe. It is compressible enough I leave it in my hunting pack so it is available whenever needed. The price is steep, but you will not be disappointed if you own this jacket.
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