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Hudson Jacket (2017) 

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The Hudson Jacket addresses late season ice coated waters with ease. The combination of GORE-TEX® laminate protection and reliable Primaloft® insulation make the Hudson a must for the discerning late season waterfowler.

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Dry Field, Wetlands
Mild, Cool, Cold
Waterfowl Marsh
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Features & Benefits

Sculpted Hood for visibility

The fully adjustable hood rotates and swivels with you, so there’s no impediment to your vision.

High Hand Warmer Pockets, 2 Chest and shell pockets, Magnetic Tuck Away Call Pockets

Two chest pockets, two shell pockets and two magnetic tuck-away call pockets keep you organized and focused on the sky.

Water-Sealing Cuffs

The cuffs have watertight gaskets that adjust to fit your wrist, so you can submerge your hand while setting or retrieving deeks without getting water up the sleeve.


32oz // Large


Torso:133 g/m2 PrimaLoft® Silver
Lower Arms: Lofted Micro Check Fleece




Shell // Polyester Woven
Backer // Micro Grid Polyester Fleece and Nylon Woven

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/ GORE-TEX®.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Use a front load washing machine and a scent-free, gentle detergent
- Use warm water on permanent press or gentle cycle and rinse twice to ensure all cleaner has been removed.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- Visit Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.


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Gerald Cook | 09. 15. 18
My son and I have worn Hudson jackets for 5 years. We’ve hunted or fished through wind, rain, snow & ice without ever getting wet. We’ve also walked through heavy brush while upland hunting without ripping the material. The wind proof quality of the material might be the most insulating feature because the Primaloft insulation does not extend into the sleeves. The jacket is perfect for cool spring and fall hunts but needs another layer for cold mid- or late-season hunts, which is why I recommend sizing up. Sitka sizing is lean: I’m 5’10” and 165. A Medium is perfect with a light shirt but too snug to wear a puffy jacket underneath when the temps drop below freezing.
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Todd C. | 04. 13. 18
I participate in two pursuits that require warmth and staying dry, fly fishing and duck hunting. Though, I spend way more time on the water fly fishing vs. duck hunting, longer season and better access. Historically, I've had two different sets of gear for fly fishing and duck hunting. Fly fishing is a religion in our household, so there's a little more emphasis on it. A few years ago a friend encouraged me to get into duck hunting, of which I was more than happy to oblige. I don't generally default to the most expensive items on the market when outfitting for various pursuits, but do prefer to buy items that will last more than a couple years. For fly fishing, I've ran the gamut on various offerings from Simms, Patagonia, Filson and Orvis. For decades, literally, I have always used Patagonia as my layering method. When I opted to get into duck hunting, I purchased a pair of Under Armour pants and a few layering items. The pants ripped on the second outing, which can happen to any manufacturers products, but this wasn't one of those "freak" incidents, they just ripped. In my eyes, that's completely unacceptable. I then purchased a pair of Sitka waterfowl pants, 2X the cost of the UA products, but they've held strong for the last year and about 5 or 6 outings. We recently moved back home, to Michigan from Colorado. Both states can get very cold, but in Michigan there's a dampness in the air that will cool your bone marrow. This became evident on my first trip out for steelhead. The Patagonia items just weren't up to snuff. In addition, I've always disliked fly fishing jackets, they're very rigid, with almost 0 thought given to arm articulation and movement, sort of important when casting. I also wanted to reduce the amount of layers as it gets cumbersome. I tried different jackets from Sitka and this one has been nothing short of perfect. The ability to cast without restriction, with reduced layering has been monumental. Now, it does have an insulation layer, but the arms are not. I don't view that as a design flaw, but probably part of the design logic around rotating up from a blind, with minimal intrusion. I spent 4 days on the river with the jacket, on a jet boat. Temps hovered in the 25 degrees, with windchill for 2 of the days and 40 degree days on the other two. I really wanted to see how minimal I could go, while staying comfortable. The first day, I wore a Patagonia R pullover and this jacket. Mistake! My torso was comfortably cool, per se, but my arms were quite cold. The second day I added a thin Patagonia wind stopping layer, which helped. The other two days, I swapped out the Patagonia jacket with a Patagonia insulating layer, which further improved the insulating qualities of the jacket. At rest, the jacket was perfectly fine. In all, this is the perfect jacket for spending days on the river fly fishing. It's a vast improvement over any of the existing fly fishing offerings from other dominant fly fishing companies. Funny how it takes a hunting company to come along and show another industry how it's done. Sort of like Beautiful Mind, where the algorithm was never meant or designed for economic predictions. Sitka may not have had fly fishing in mind when creating this jacket, but it blows every other manufacturers jackets out of the water. Understanding the limitations will help make the jacket a perfect fit into any water dogs arsenal.
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Danny | 04. 02. 18
The arms aren't insulated, which you can really feel when the temp drops below 35 degrees. It really is a nice jacket, but its not as warm as advertised. If you plan on hunting sub-freezing temps, plan on getting a size bigger than you'd normally get, because you WILL need to layer heavily underneath,
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Trevin | 01. 28. 18
Perfect. Hood moves with your head without affecting your vision, so much so you often forget its there (except you don’t feel the wind/rain/sleet). I have hunted in temps ranging from 10-50 degrees in this coat, and it performs in a league of its own. Never once even thought about heading in early due to being cold (and I HATE being cold). You truly get what you pay for. I am completely sold on this piece of gear, and everything else I have made by Sitka. Why buy a $250 coat made by anybody else and have to replace every couple of years? Buy once, cry once.
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Dylan | 01. 17. 18
I have never gotten more use out of a single piece of hunting clothing. We hunted in 28 degrees with a 20 mph wind (cold for Texas rice prairie) and with this, a light fleece and base layer I was toasty on the entire boat ride and hunt. People I have hunted with have questioned my supposed lack of insulation until I was the only warm one with half of the bulk. The Gore-Tex and Primaloft combo are unmatched.
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 12. 18
I swear if you owned this jacket on the first day you went Waterfowl hunting, you wouldn’t know what the rest of us that have for years dealt with substandard equipment have known. That is, if you want to hunt waterfowl, get used to being wet and cold. This jacket simply ends that maxim. You will be warm. You will be dry. And I mean in the most wicked rains and coldest subzero blizzards, this jacket will keep you comfortable. I was one of the few that had some issues with the main zipper catching the rain flap When zipping it down, but Sitka remedied that issue free of charge by sending it to Rainy Pass for a tune up. Now it works flawlessly. Once again, with Sitka, you won’t have to worry about spending your hard earned dollars on their gear. It will stand up or they will stand behind it.
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
I admit that I had a great start with this jacket. I bought it when it first came out and it worked very well. Warm beyond belief. I will admit after several years of use, I had zipper issues with it getting caught on flap every the I would unzip it. Sitka took it back on warranty and corrected the issue with updating the flap behind the zipper with a cordura strip. Now it is back to working flawlessly. I am told all new Hudson’s have this update already. Can’t beat Sitkas service. This jacket will keep you warm and dry into the coldest months. In fact I haven’t needed much layering underneath until it reaches -10 and below. Perfect matches with any of Sitkas layering jackets, hoodies, and vests. And it is trimmer and less bulky than the boreal in my opinion. Which is a great jacket in it own right.
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Cole | 01. 04. 18
If you’re looking for a jacket that can do it all, this is it. You might feel that the price is a little much but once you put it to the test you’ll be glad you made the purchase. This jacket can take on the wind and water and you’ll be 100% guaranteed dry. I was just hunting in 30 degree weather with 30-40mph wind as well as a monsoon and I was comfortable and dry. Not to mention, I was warm too. The only piece I was wearing under the Hudson was the mid weight 1/4 zip and couldn’t believe it. If you’re on the fence about this piece of equipment, go ahead and pull the trigger, you won’t regret it.
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Chris | 12. 16. 17
Love it does run a bit small and by that I mean is pretty tight fit. Can't wear many layers pretty much just a hoody under it anymore and you will be restricted. Other then that I love it is super warm and ver durable.
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Harrison | 11. 30. 17
This is a great jacket! I would advise to his size up so you can wear fleece or a small puffer underneath. Going up in size will make it more versatile! It is high tech and feels great!
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Nathan | 11. 19. 17
This jacket is most likely one of my favorite pieces of gear. Warm, comfortable, and effective camouflage. The Hudson is the perfect outer layer for upper-Midwest waterfowling throughout the season. I wear it on cooler mornings in the early season and beyond, adjusting the layering accordingly. Typically, I wear a Large throughout the Sitka range of equipment - same with this. I'll wear a thick sweater and a down vest under the jacket during the coldest hunts. Well worth it, the Hudson Jacket!
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Zach | 07. 11. 17
I was new to waterfowl this year and was lucky to have a friend show me the ropes and what gear to use. He has a boreal and hudson jacket and let me use the hudson on days that he didnt. I get cold VERY easily and was skeptical of the jackets thickness at first. I layered it with a base layer and fleece jacket for hunts in the high teens and low 20's. Was pleasantly surprised when it actually kept me warm and ready to stay in the blind. This off season I bit the bullet and purchased on of my own, Im 6'0 and 170 lbs and wore my buddies large last year, but it was tight with a fleece jacket layer underneath so i ordered a XL. Will be purchasing the duck oven or kelvin to layer under this year.
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Kennedy Nicholson | 03. 17. 17
This jacket is hands down the best hunting jacket I have ever purchased. I've had several other big name brands, but none compare to the Hudson. It keeps your dry and warm. Only reason for 3.5 stars is the sleeves could use a little more insulation.
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Chuck Martin | 02. 09. 17
I have used all different makes and patters of hunting gear, this is by far the best I have ever owned. In cold, rain, wind. The old saying goes , you get what you pay for.
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Matt Williams | 01. 27. 17
If you're looking for a one stop waterfowl hunting jacket the Hudson is what you want to get. It is truly waterproof and warm to boot. It has just enough pocket to hold all the items that you need. Cuffs of the sleeve actually almost seal off water. I've always gotten wet on my sleeves and neck with other jackets. I stayed bone dry with this one. Only suggestion I would make that Sitka improve on this jacket is have pockets for your hands. When I wear a jacket I want a place to put my hands or even warm them up. This jacket really doesn't provide that. This is the only gripe I have on this jacket. Otherwise it's perfect.
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Caleb Smith | 01. 17. 17
Fantastic jacket. Extremely functional and every single aspect is well thought out. Even the zipper is 2 different colors to maintain the camo aspect. The jacket does have a little bit of prickleyness to it if you arent wearing anything under it but there is really no reason to wear this without a shirt under it. I purchased all of my sitka gear in a Large, this I had to send back to get an XL so I could wear it over my Duck Oven. The wrist "gaskets" work incredible well, I fell over in the swamp once this year and caught myself up to my elbows, had my wrist straps cinched tight and got no water in them at all. Jacket is incredibly waterproof. The hood is incredibly functional. This jacket is not not bulky like my other name brand camo that every one wears. The chest pockets are nice, the lower shell pockets with the velcro and magnets work fantastic as well. I typically layer this with the Core Midweight Zip, Dakota Vest, and Duck Oven. Again, all those are a Large, the jacket had to be an XL
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Logan | 01. 13. 17
Quality gear. This was my first piece of Sitka Gear and I could not be more impressed. The price tag is a a tough one to swallow but I figured I could buy one jacket to last me 10+ years (with a warranty) or keep buying $120 jackets that I replace every 3 years. Why is Sitka so pricy? You've got the number one camo pattern and windproof/waterproof material, the number one insulation (Pirmaloft), and of course the best designed gear on the market SITKA!! Never going back!
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B. Lambert | 01. 07. 17
Got this jacket for Christmas and I haven't found one negitave thing about it yet! Had a guy tell me back during the summer when I was checking out a Drake Jacket in our local sporting goods store that he moved to Sitka Gear about 2 years ago after being all Drake and he told me, ''I'm gonna be honest with you, them jackets don't even compare to Sitka gear. Yea, there a lot less than Sitka but once you you a Sitka you will never buy another Drake again.'' And so asked for one this Christmas and I now know exactly what he was saying. For example we went and hunted Last weekend down on the east coast for some sea ducks, all I wore was a pair of thermals, a long sleeve shirt a vest and my Hudson Jacket and I was as comfortable as I was during our 30 minute boat ride in slightly below freezing temperatures as I was back at the hotel in my pj's! You might skim over this review and think I'm just giving you a buncha B.S. Well you trust on something, If you use to or still are be the hunter that I use to be and that random guy in the store I talked to... You buy you a Sitka, you will never buy another Drake again! I look forward to adding my collection of Sitka Gear through my years of hunting! Y'all be Safe out there!
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David Baden | 08. 23. 16
First piece of Sitka gear and couldn't be more happy. I keep repeating to other folks that this jacket is like a self heating oven. Can't wait to sit out in the swamp and on the river for seasons to come. Very nice fit as well. I am: 5'7 and 170lbs Size ordered: Large
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Ugur | 02. 23. 16
I never seen like this jacket. I just waterfowl hunter in europe. I have i guestion ve will 3 friend want to buy gear but which one is better We want to use together with hudson for cold weathers Duck owen jacket or waterfowl dakote hoody is better or different hoody or jacket im waiting for answer Thanks...
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Eric Teson | 02. 16. 16
I am a skeptic, sorry it's just my nature. To spend $500 on a coat to me is crazy.... Yet after seeing review after review of this jacket I stalked a size Lg at Cabelas for five weeks, finally I went in a bought it. Duck season here is now over, but I work in the weather all year trimming trees. So far it's been below freezing for most of the last week, with a base later and a light mid layer I have not gotten cold so far. First thing I noticed is the fact it STOPS the wind, where I live a light wind feels like a tornado is around the corner. Right away it cut the wind. Looking forward to getting a Stika base layer/mid layer and really giving this jacket a single digit day. Quality of the jacket is far above anything I've ever bought, the stitching is incredable, tight and uniform. The zippers are seemingly part of the jacket not a bulky add on. The pockets flip up and stay, flip down and stay. The cuffs are nicely added on too. Still so far I can't believe this really thin light jacket will keep me warm in the most freezing temperatures... The real test is a Waterfowl trip to Canada this year... I'll give it a good hard test and provide a review of my Stika gear after.
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William | 01. 24. 16
Awesome jacket! Super comfortable and warm. Very easy to shoulder my gun without it catching on any part of the jacket. The shell pockets are the first she'll pockets I've used that work really well with sticking a whole box in. Although the jacket is well laid out I had a problem of the backing on the velcro wrist backing comin off the Velcro as within two weeks of purchasing. Still a great jacket and would certainly buy another!
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Kevin | 01. 22. 16
I opted for the Hudson instead of the Dakota due to it being midseason when ordering. This is the best waterfowl jacket I have ever had and I have been hunting for 25+ years. I use a Core Zip T underneath and have no issues with warmth. I also love the fit as the jacket is much snugger while still allowing mobility. One word of advice when ordering if you border a larger size on the size chart...go with the larger size. I ordered a Medium and it fits me perfect while a buddy of mine who is a an inch or two shorter than me but has a chest thats an inch bigger and waist thats an inch larger and he should have gone with a large.
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BEN | 01. 20. 16
After debating between the Boreal and the Hudson, I took the advice of a hunting buddy (and Sitka gear connoisseur) and went with the Hudson for its versatility. I was not disappointed. I've worn this jacket on 30 degree days and remained extremely comfortable. Not too hot, not too cool. However, the jacket truly shines on those nasty days where the frigid Midwest wind instantly freezes everything it touches. The jacket isn't phased by the harshest wind, and it confines precious body heat to areas where it's needed most. Moreover, the jacket is packed with features that make those truly miserable days more bearable.
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Ian | 10. 25. 15
I convinced myself to buy this jacket two years ago, and I have only been impressed. I have had numerous jackets from other manufacturers that have not held up for more than a year because of the frequent and rough use I put them through. I have worn this jacket now for two seasons in southern marsh hunting and it has held up beautifully. It is heavy enough to be layered under for the cold days while still being light enough to be worn as a rain repellant on the warmer days. This jacket was my first of many Sitka purchases, and it alone sold me on buying nothing else. Highly recommend!! Great Job!
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Wes | 10. 16. 15
I spent all of the 2014/2015 season in the Hudson, and it proved to be essential in the Oklahoma winter. The versatility of this jacket is key - from throwing it on over a core layer when it's not too cold to layering up when the temperature drops and rain and snow start to fall. Simply put, this jacket will keep you in the blind longer. I am a Gore gear tester.
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Paul | 01. 25. 15
Excellent jacket. Sheds water and has just the right insulation. Perfectly comfortable in mid thirties and rain combined with traverse hoody. Only negative my main zipper stays caught in the rain flap fabric beneath each time I put the jacket on and off it is a struggle with the zipper. All of my Sitka gear is top quality stuff but this appears to be the Achilles heal of this jacket.
Sitka Customer Service | 01. 25. 15
Hey Paul - Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. Although it isn't common we have seen this zipper issue is the past, in which case we would like to send the jacket to our repair facility and have them take a look at it. If the jacket can be repaired we will do so and send it back to you, however if it happens to be an issue that cannot be repaired we would then send you a new Hudson Jacket. We would also like to cover the cost of the shipping by emailing you a pre-paid FedEx return label, which you should see shortly after receiving this email. In the future please reach out to our CS Team as this is more of a Warranty concern than a poor product feature/design. 877-748-5247 If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Willis | 12. 14. 14
Awesome. Perfect. These folks know what they are doing!
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Jason freeland | 12. 07. 14
Great jacket, it keeps the wind chill from getting to you on those windy days. I got it at the beginning of last season and I couldn't be more happy with the Hudson jacket
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Logan | 11. 19. 14
The jacket has surpassed my expectations. Pockets positions well thought out for tandem with waders. Primaloft mixed with goretex was a tier 1 experience. Hunted Sauvie Island most of Oct. with just the jacket and traverse base layer. Rained almost exclusively but the jacket eliminated the "suck" factor. Only recommendation would be that like most sitka products it can fit snug. I am 6'1 210 and went with the large. Late season hunters that want more layers should plan for a larger size. While I am going to hunt with this jacket all season an XL might have been more appropriate.
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Randy | 03. 22. 14
My wife gifted me with this coat. Outstanding. Thing is she got a 2X instead of and XL which I normally wear. It actually fits very well across my shoulders and is almost tight across the forearms, so I would size up for my next Sitka purchase. Used for late season pheasants in ND, that is December and 1st week of January with subzero wind chills and it worked great. I only layered with a Traverse Shirt and one other shirt and was toasty. Can't wait to use on sandhill cranes next season.
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Brad Pannone | 02. 21. 14
This jacket is bad to the bone! It is so insanely well thought out it is unreal. The hood, cuffs, zippers, pockets, it is all perfect. This jacket has enough insulation to keep me warm in cold Arkansas temps and if it really gets frigid i roll in my kelvin vest. However- this is the first ever sitka product i didnt give 4 stars to. I was disappointed that it didnt have insulation in the sleeves. I understand why they engineered the product this way- to keep your arms thin so you can swing and move easily. I must say though, my arms are almost always cold with this jacket (with a core long sleeve and traverse under it) on due to it having no insulation in the arms. I have added a few under layers to try to curb this problem with some success. When i spoke with a sales rep about it, they recommended the duck oven to help get some arm insulation so i am going to try that next. Over all, it is an awesome jacket but i wish it had some sleeve insulation like the Fanatic.
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Andy LeGrow | 01. 11. 14
I just bought the Hudson jacket, received it on a Thursday and went hunting on Friday. As always it was freezing in the morning and warmed up in the afternoon. Duck hunting was marginal but the jacket was warm,comfortable and the Camo blended well. The Hudson jacket is as advertised and I can't wait to buy the Duck Oven for those real nasty days. The reason I gave it a 31/2 is because of the Velcro shell pockets, the Velcro is completely unnecessary, there loud and a pain in the neck to open with gloves. However, the pockets also have magnets which easily keep the pocket closed without the need of Velcro. Remedied that by placing some Velcro over the jacket Velcro, prevented it from locking down and the pockets held firmly with the lockdown magnets only, worked great! Thanks again Sitka for a great product.
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Christian | 12. 28. 13
The Hudson jacket is terrific. It is as Sitka advertises...It keeps you warm and dry in cold inclement weather and allows full unrestricted movement. I was so impressed, that when I was going on a late season archery hunt in cold sleeting/snowy weather I chose to use this jacket for my long sit in a tree stand and was completely comfortable. I could draw my bow easily wearing this jacket which I believe is a testament to it great fit and unrestricted mobility. There are a lot of similarities to sitting in a blind in cold wet weather and sitting in a tree stand in cold wet weather; and your gear must allow you to be ready at the moment of truth. Thanks Sitka for a great product.
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Wyatt | 11. 04. 13
The Hudson Jacket is my final layer when the weather turns very cold and/or wet. When the weather is in the 30s, I'm perfectly comfortable in my Duck Oven. But when I combine the Hudson Jacket and Duck Oven, I have yet to come across uncomfortable weather. I have no complaints.
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Matt Elder | 08. 06. 13
The Hudson quickly became my go to waterfowl jacket this season. It has the perfect amount of insulation for those December and January mornings. I stayed comfortable in temps ranging from the low 20sF up into the low 50sF. The design of the PrimaLoft insulation is really well thought out. It keeps your body warm while still allowing your arms to move freely while shooting. The GORE-TEX laminate was also key in keeping dry while hunting in the rain and snow many times this season. After all I put this jacket through this season, I was surprised at how well it held up. The durability of this product is awesome. Bottom line, the longer you stay warm and dry, the longer you stay in the field, which leads to filling more limits. I am a GORE gear tester.
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