Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country
Jetstream Jacket in Optifade Open Country

Jetstream Jacket

  • Big Game : Optifade Open Country
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Nothing causes discomfort and distraction like a cold, relentless wind. Our windproof Jetstream Jacket, utilizing GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology, is one of our all-time favorite products year after year. It’s precisely engineered fit optimizes comfort and mobility. Built to retain warmth yet breathe when you need it, this workhorse softshell jacket with comfortable micro-grid fleece backer offers the utmost versatility.

Product ID: #600037

Sizing Guide

Jacket & Tops Sizing

Size Chest Sleeve
Small 36 - 38" 33"
Medium 39 - 41" 34"
Medium Tall 39 - 41" 36"
Large 42 - 45" 35"
Large Tall 42 - 45" 37"
X-Large 46 - 49" 36"
X-Large Tall 46 - 49" 38"
2XL 50 - 53" 37"
2XL Tall 50 - 53" 39"
3XL 54 - 57" 38"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 30" 31"
31 31" 31"
32 32" 31" 33"
33 33" 32" 34"
34 34" 32" 34"
35 35" 32" 34"
36 36" 33" 34.5"
37 37" 33" 34.5"
38 38" 33" 34.5"
40 40" 33"
42 42" 33"
44 44" 33"

Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
Small 28 - 30" 31"
Medium 31 - 33" 31" 33"
Large 34 - 37" 32" 34"
X-Large 38 - 41" 32" 34"
2XL 42 - 45" 32" 34"
3XL 46 - 49" 32" 34"

Dakota Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 31" 31"
32 33" 31" 33"
34 35" 32" 34"
36 37" 32" 34"
38 39" 32" 34"
40 41" 32"
42 43" 32"
44 45" 32"

Glove Sizing

Size Palm Circ Length
Medium 8 - 8.5" 7.5 - 8"
Large 9 - 9.5" 8.5 - 9"
X-Large 9.5 - 10" 9 - 9.5"
2XL 10 - 10.5" 9.5 - 10"

Gaiter Sizing

Size Calf Circ Boot Size
M/L 17.5" US 6-10"
L/XL 18.5" US 10-14"

How to Take
Your Measurements


    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Take measurement under armpits, around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades.


    Measure around where you normally wear your pants, keeping the tape measure a bit loose or putting one finger between your body and the tape measure.

  • 4. INSEAM

    In a standing position,measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 5. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles, around the hand, excluding the thumb.

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation.

Fit Descriptions

We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit

  • P/F
  • S/F
  • E/F

    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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  • Recycled polyester fabric with polyester micro-grid fleece interior

  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology makes the jacket 100% windproof

  • Durable water repellent finish sheds light precipitation and keeps fabric from wetting out

  • Taped and skived seams for added weather protection without added bulk

  • Zippered hand and chest pockets provide secure storage

  • Pit zips allow you to dump heat when you’re on the move

  • Updated fit for a relaxed, comfortable feel with plenty of mobility

  • Total weight: 26 oz.

  • Imported

Wind Protection
Water Protection
Product is Standard Fit, designed to be layered for versatility.



Why We Made This

We wanted to redefine how a softshell jacket performs on active outdoor pursuits. Our solution was to create a jacket that breathes well, blocks wind, repels light rain and snow, and doesn’t inhibit movement. We achieved this using GORE® WINDSTOPPER® for unbeatable wind protection, a DWR finish to prevent the face fabric from wetting out and articulated patterning for a complete range of motion.

Product Comments

43 Reviews
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Duane Henigin
Reviewed On 11/23/2022

I beat the crap out of this jacket Elk hunting and during deer season. Snags on tree limbs while riding horses in the dark, rain, snow... Not a mark on it. Great for layering and blocking wind! Lightweight and easy to pack in and out. Great addition!!

Reviewed On 11/21/2022

Overall I am very happy with the "wind stopping capability" of the garment. It does an excellent job of cutting wind and keeping you warm. However I have worn this 10-20 times and the outer fabric has begun to "pill". This is light use.. not wearing a pack or breaking brush. I almost want to ask for a warranty as the fabric seems to be so low quality for the suggested "outer layer" use.. It's similar to a nice sweatshirt or something not a hard outer layer.. I'm upset that the piece looks very worn so early on:/ I've had a similar north face wind breaker garment that looks brand new 5 years later.. My review of this product is not how I feel about the majority of Sitka products as most are top notch. I would just request Sitka replaces this outer layer material.

Reviewed On 11/21/2022

I can't say enough about the jet stream jacket. Out of all the pieces of sitka gear I have this is my go to piece. It's amazing how much blocking the wind can keep you warm and in the hunt.

Troy Bedgood
Reviewed On 11/20/2022

Great jacket! Keeps wind out and warmth in.

Reviewed On 11/20/2022

Not sure if I have this Jetstream or the previous model, I bought it 2 years ago. Either way, the tech is the same for the most part. Windstopper and yes it does, I wanted to wait to write this review until I had a day that was worthy, and boy did I. Last week in central Kansas, 24 degrees winds were out of the north 20 gust 34 and I was 15 feet up in a tree. I had on a core LW hoodie, fanatic hoodie, kelvin lite hoodie, and then the jetstream. I was toasty warm and once I threw on my jetstream beanie bam! even warmer. The ability of the goretex to cut the wind is fantastic, I have had windproof gear in the past that a real wind will cut right through, but not this time. Now you need to make some jetstream bibs and I would be set!

Reviewed On 11/19/2022

This is a versatile jacket that can be worn from early season into the mid-late season with adequate layering while still maintaining enough mobility to saddle up and draw your bow. I bought the jetstream to pair with Stratus pants for mid season outers because they have the same warmth rating. This is a mismatch. The pants are far warmer than the jacket. If you’re looking for a mid season set I recommend looking at the Equinox pant and adding appropriate base layer bottoms.

Reviewed On 11/18/2022

Saved me from a beaver attack! This jacket has been my go to outer layer for over a year now and has never let me down. The durability and dependability of this jacket is unmatched. Last winter while running a trap line a series of bad decisions led me to have a 40lb beaver biting down full force on my left nipple area, the strength of this jacket stopped the teeth from breaking through and I was left with only bruises and the jacket showed no evidence of the bite.

Reviewed On 11/13/2022

Excellent outer shell. I've sat in several downpours and stayed completely dry underneath. Really cuts the wind off you. I'm 6'0 and 205lbs l, athletic build and bought the xl. I layer with the lightweight long sleeve and traverse jacket with the Jetstream on sub 35 degree days or when it windy and raining. Great buy.

Reviewed On 11/13/2022

Sitka hit the mark this time. Great manufacturing detail and fits to size. Very comfortable product that allows you to move freely. Would definitely buy again.

Reviewed On 11/12/2022

Not water resistant at all. I have been in 30 minutes of a light rain and my shoulders are already damp,really disappointing.

Rich S.
Reviewed On 11/11/2022

I bought the new version of the Jetstream this year; our hunting guide team has used the Jetstream almost exclusively since they first came out as the build was high-quality and Open Country camo is impossible to beat in our grassy region of Montana.

This jacket is not that jacket...this is a sweatshirt. I wouldn't even call it a hard fleece. Don't buy this one - make them fix it.

This version is not going to be durable, windproof, or water resistant. Come on, Sitka!!!

Reviewed On 11/10/2022

Excellent jacket. Sitka paid attention to all details in this one. Fits the body like a glove. Wind proof, sustains some rain and enables to stay warm when not moving while being well vented with the underpit zippers during high intensity hikes. Highly recommended for September to late November hunts.

ethan thomas
Reviewed On 10/31/2022

Overall great jacket that offers flexibility and function for main pursuits.

Reviewed On 10/29/2022

Overall great jacket that was really thought out. Love that you guys put pit vents in. Wind proof. Warm with layers, and I haven’t had it in heavy rain but water proof in light rain.

Jim Barrow
Reviewed On 10/29/2022

Perfect comfort for Fall full day hunting. Camo really blends in with our open areas and terrain.

Reviewed On 10/26/2022

I own a couple of the older solid color Jetstream jackets and vest and they have always been my favorite. This new one is even better and would recommend to anyone looking for all around jacket. It completely blocks the wind.

Kaleb Holland
Reviewed On 10/26/2022

I purchased this Jacket August of 2022, to replace the Dakota Jacket as they have discontinued it and in need for a replacement. I was hoping this would be the new everyday wear jacket, not too thick and hot for Alabama Waterfowl but would still have room to layer. I have wore it everyday of Early Teal season and Early goose that was cold enough to grab a jacket. Plenty of room to layer underneath, I grab the merino heavyweight and the Fahrenheit vest, recently replaced by the new Kevin Aerolite, plenty of room through mid section and chest but tight in the armpits unfortunately. On the warmer days I pair it with the lightweight hoody and unfortunately have ran into the same issue too tight under the arms and causing chafing. The jacket fits great other than that, but unfortunately I will be looking for the next piece of gear to replace it. Sure I could up size and get a large but then it would go against why I love Sitka, well fitting thought out layering gear, also I’m 5’10 175lbs for reference. Great piece of gear love the material, the light weight of it, great fit all around other than the armpits.

Reviewed On 10/25/2022

The Jetstream is a home run. This jacket replaced a similar jacket from a direct competitor of Sitka after I found out "waterproof panels" and "waterproof hybrid" don't mean what you think they mean, and Kuiu (oops) doesn't stand behind their statements. The Jetstream however,is a phenomenal jacket that out performs the advertising claims. As a ranch manager/hunting guide I depend on my gear to last and perform well. This jacket fits the bill and every feature is very well thought out. The versatility is great, I use it from early season archery hunts with the pit zips open to late season mountain lion hunts on snowmobiles with an insulation layer underneath, and everything in between. My one warning; I'm normally a solid large in everything I wear, 5'9" 170lbs, but when I kneel down in a large, the back of the jacket comes up over my belt and allows wind in. I had to go with large tall.

Reviewed On 10/22/2022

Great quality. Very versatile layer. Only thing I wish it had was Velcro cuffs. They are kind of large and can allow for drafts up the arms especially when glassing.

Bryson jayne
Reviewed On 10/22/2022

Loved the jacket super comfortable until it started sprinkling, it was hardly enough rain to even wet the trails and I was soaked 15 minutes later, the jacket is brand new and I am very disappointed in its performance

Reviewed On 10/19/2022

This is a great product. Lightweight versatile and quiet. I will say if you plan on layering you might want to size up if your regular clothes size is form fitting and not baggie.

Trey Ritter
Reviewed On 10/19/2022

I am what you call a “tweener.” I am either a L or XL in Sitka gear. The Jetstream is more of a performance fit. If you like to layer, buy a size up. I am 5’11” 160 and the large fits great without layers. Add a sweatshirt and it’s tight. I went with the XL for layering. Hope this helps the next purchaser.

Reviewed On 10/19/2022

Fantastic jacket and outer shell. Very quiet and comfortable. Works great by itself in cool temperatures, or pair it with some layers or cold weather. Use the ambient hoodie as a base layer, and the kelvin aerolite under the jet stream, and you can go all the way into late season cold temperatures

Tom D
Reviewed On 10/18/2022

I have worn this jacket for 5 years now and it continues to be one of my favorite jackets. Very wind proof and the main outer shell when hunting western big game in dry weather.

Scott K.
Reviewed On 10/17/2022

Love this jacket! It covers so many bases and weather. I own a number of different colors for different pursuits. Being a taller person I completely appreciate the tall sizing.

Sam B
Reviewed On 10/12/2022

Jacket feels light and very comfortable. Got it because it's supposed to be more water repellent than the Dakota. Definitely won't be as warm as the Dakota but will get me to late season for sure. One thing I'd love to see, Velcro on the cuffs! It would be awesome to tighten the cuff down for reaching into the water and not have to wear gloves. I'm good with the cuff itself getting a little damp if it was tight but without velcro the water will be going all the way up the sleeve. Just a thought. Would be awesome to have!

Matt Pupkin
Reviewed On 10/06/2022

I absolutely love this jacket. I purchased it in the neon orange color and I wear it everyday pretty much. It fits perfectly in a Large, and I am 5'10 and weigh about 170lbs. Very comfortable, and very warm. I rode my electric bike 30mph in 50 degree weather and I was not cold. It also handles water well. The hood is perfect in my opinion. Not too baggy, nothing flimsy about it, and it keeps me dry. Easy to zip up, and the zipper vents throughout the jacket are a nice touch, as I often find myself getting hot when wearing a warmer jacket.

Reviewed On 10/06/2022

Much better fit than the previous version. The new fabric is quieter and softer. I’m impressed with the new Jetstream jacket. Home run Sitka!

Reviewed On 10/04/2022

I have an older jet stream jacket in a 2xl that fits fantastic and it’s even bigger so I can fit a sweatshirt and other clothes under it, I ordered the same size with this version and it is far far far from the original jacket. I was pretty dissatisfied with this product. I am exchanging for a different size, but something tells me I will be disappointed in that too.

Reviewed On 10/03/2022

I have an older Jetstream jacket in camo and love that jacket. I wanted an all black one to wear in the blind, so I ordered a new one and was very disappointed it was not the same weight or warmth as the old one.

Danny S.
Reviewed On 10/01/2022

I'm disappointed in the changes to this jacket over the years. I'm writing this review to try and impact the direction that future Jetstream iterations take.

As a hunting guide, I've owned Jetstreams going back to 2013. Back then, the Jetstream was a sturdy piece of technical outerwear. I've really beaten on my 2013 & 2014 Jetstreams, in hard weather and hunting conditions, and they've taken it all without failure.

I purchased a 2022 Jetstream - I hate to say that the recycled outer poly fabric is more like a simple hard fleece sweatshirt (think UnderArmour, Nike, etc). There's just no way I can see this version standing up to hard use. It's still marketed and cut like outerwear; it feels like the material would be better suited to a mid- layering piece. The cuffs are honestly at least 1-2" too big and there's no way to tighten them. I can't keep the cuff on my wrist (you could save on gloves by wearing it over your hands).

To me, this feels like a jacket design that saves on production & materials to aid Sitka's race to being ubiquitous. In the early days they were the best gear - now they seem like they're aiming to be the 'available everywhere' gear. I understand the market strategy - there's just no way the 2022 Jetstream is worth the high asking price.

Please bring back a burly version of this jacket; bring back a more durable outer material. Hunters and guides will be waiting for the Jetstream to return.

Reviewed On 09/03/2022

Love everything about this jacket. It comes as advertised and layers great with the ambient hoody. 5'11 and 180 pounds. The fit couldn't be more perfect in large

Reviewed On 09/02/2022

The updated fit on this version of the Jetstream really hit the mark. I had to size up in the old model to fit my shoulders but it was too big everywhere else. I got this version in my true size and the fit is amazing. It is also much more quiet than the old version and is a sleeker design all around (seams, hood, cut, etc.). Highly recommend upgrading if even if you have the old version. It is worth it.

Reviewed On 08/21/2022

Exactly the jacket needed for my Manitoba field duck hunts as an outside shell. I am 5'11", 195lb got an extra large and fit is perfect with base layer and aerolite vest underneath. Not a lot of extra room, definitely need to size up at least 1 size. General design for functionality is excellent. My new go-to shell always in my truck.

Reviewed On 08/09/2022

Everything looks great, but these jackets should have a longer tapered oval shape for both front and rear.

Reviewed On 08/02/2022

Ohhh... this is something! I fell in love at first sight, functional, comfy, warm. my wife tried it... now I need to get a second one.

Dustin Tilley
Reviewed On 07/29/2022

Slightly better in my opinion than the one I have from 2 years ago. This one is quieter as stated. The fit is good. For comparison I purchased the Hudson 6 weeks ago in XL (standard fit). This new Jetstream is standard now, but before it was performance. I am 5'10 and 225 and ordered the XL in the new Jetstream. It is a good fit, but to me is more fitted than the XL Hudson in standard fit. For the previous Jetstream I own that was performance fit I had 2XL. It is just to wide in the body, but right in the shoulders (and the XL in performance fit is to small).

Bill Swanson
Reviewed On 07/20/2022

Having owned the previous iteration of the Jetstream, there are some features that I miss about it compared to the new model. First, the old hood was much roomier and felt like it covered your head better and provided better weather protection. Second, the face fabric of the new solid colors is in fact quieter than the predecessor, but it does not feel as durable and appears to show wear with abrasion quickly. The updated fit is long overdue and makes it so much easier to layer under the jacket while still providing a great fit. This gets 4.5/5 stars in my opinion.

Reviewed On 07/18/2022

This is truly one of the best jackets ever made. Pockets are perfect size in the perfect location. The arm vents are easy to operate to dump heat when you need to. Repels light to medium rain just fine. Cut the wind wonderfully. The material is quiet and has a great feel both inside and out. I have many different jackets but nothing has compared to the Jetstream. I’m 6’0” 195 lbs with broad shoulders and long arms. The XL is perfect. I live in Arizona but hunt out of state and haven’t had a problem layering with the XL in 20 degrees. This will be the best jacket you will ever own. I guarantee it.

Reviewed On 07/18/2022

I wore the Jetstream Jacket on almost every water and field hunt across the country, and it is absolutely my go-to piece. It stands alone in early and mid-season, and functions as a great outer as the temps drop. It’s particularly helpful on boat rides, blocking wind and light spray without adding excessive bulk and restricting movement. It compresses and packs well, to throw on once you’ve cooled down from hiking into the hole.

Darryl M
Reviewed On 07/18/2022

The Jetstream Jacket is a must have in your line up, it’s light for the active hunter, packable, and provides some excellent wind protection!

Ranar M
Reviewed On 07/18/2022

The Jetstream Jacket is one of my favorite pieces. It’s lightweight and allows for cool, comfortable mobility. It also is great for a quick layer to add a little warmth when needed. I also love it because it is very packable which is a huge deal when on long walks to the duck hole.

Reviewed On 07/18/2022

Really dig this jacket. I always just used a rain jacket to block the wind but after rocking the Jetstream for a bit, I get the appeal of a windstopper jacket now! You can hike hard with a pack while wearing this with the pit zips open with minimal sweating, when you stop, close it all up and you can sit and glass comfortably in a nasty breeze. Also sheds water pretty good.

Fit true to size for me compared to other SITKA pieces

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