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Combining the comfort and warmth of wool with the durability and elasticity of nylon, the Merino Glove is a heat-retaining liner to keep your hands comfortable without being clammy in the mid to late season.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Open Country is scientifically optimized for engagement ranges of 50 yards and beyond at ground level in rocky terrain above the timber line.

  • Weight: 2.40 oz.

  • Fabric: 54% Nylon Face, 46% 230-gram 17.5 Micron Merino Wool Interior.

Water Protection
Wind Protection

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Product Care 

Merino wool is a delicate fiber and requires more attention than a synthetic garment.

It is safe to machine wash Merino Wool under a gentle cycle with cold water. Wash with other Merino Wool products of like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and do not dry-clean.

Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. MERINO WOOL WILL SHRINK if not cared for properly. 

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Robby Denning | 12. 08. 18
Large fit me well as large a should. Wore about 15 hunting days, no holes and will go another season. Fit and well with a release. Could be a touch longer in wristcuff. Good for typical September weather. Touchscreen capable and allowed me to use my onX on an iPhone.
Corey H | 11. 21. 18
Great early season glove. Also really like the touchscreen capability.
Matt Vreeland | 10. 27. 18
These are my first Sitka product and were purchased at the beginning of my bow season in NJ. I wore them in the beginning of September when the temps were in the 60s and 70s and my most recent sit temps were in the mid 30s and my hands were warm as could be. I can't speak to the longevity of them but I'm very happy with these gloves
Jeff | 10. 18. 18
I had a pair of the older style Merino gloves… I love them! Fit tight, fit right. I tried these on in the store… And they fit perfect. I got some blood on them so they had to be washed… And they shrunk a ton. I look like I’m walking around with webbed hands. My older ones never drunk like this… And fit right till the day I wore them out. I am pretty disappointed in these.
Josh White | 09. 10. 18
I love the way these merino gloves fit and retain warmth and the ability to layer another glove on top of them is great. These are my go to glove in every situation.
Brett Bateman | 01. 03. 17
I love the feel and warmth of these gloves but they are deffinetly not durable. I wore mine for the first time ice skating with my family and noticed a stitch came out and you could see my skin through the seam. This was without grabbing or gripping anything, just the tension of my fingers in the glove. Maybe I just got a poorly made set but for the money they should be better made in my opinion. I imagine Sitka will make it right as I've heard their customer service is superb.
Pauli | 09. 28. 15
I purchased these glove for a moose hunt here in Alaska. I'm a huge fan of merino wool. These gloves were nice fro fit and finish. They only lasted for 5 out of the 7 day hunt. the fingers wore out and steadily fell apart from there. For the price point they were not worth the price. I think if they had put a durable palm and fingers they would have been fine, the little logo dots were a joke and were falling off the first day. True to form the merino gloves kept my hands warm even though we were damp pretty much the whole time. I would probably buy them again and rub some silicone or something on the wear point.
nate | 06. 13. 15
I purchased these gloves a few years ago. I have been wearing them just for those early summer days that are a little cooler than normal. So far they have kept my hands warm and comfortable. My only complaint would be that the fingers were wore out within a year of use. I use them as a layer under my other gloves. I think the perfect match would be the jet stream gloves with the merino underneath.
Chad Annon | 10. 14. 14
Very nice archery hunting glove that I very rarely use as a liner. They keep my hands warm on most days in November alone.
Mark | 06. 21. 14
Nice fitting and good looking glove. The merino wool kept my hands warm even when damp, they are snug fitting so the dexterity is awesome. I agree though the palm grips are not very durable, but that being said I, overall I think they are a good glove. I am ordering a second pair. I used them as a liner under my Traverse glove when it was cold, the fit is a little snug but worked well.
Jason | 11. 19. 13
These gloves are nice out of the box and do provide a nice amount of warmth for a lightweight glove. However, after two day long hunts, the palm grips were peeling off and my wedding ring wore a hole through them. These gloves are definitely not meant to be worn alone. Use as a liner only.
Justin | 09. 23. 13
The gloves are great for early season hunting and year round for those of you that dont like a bulky glove. (like myself) What I enjoy most is the snug fit and light weight while still maintaining good warmth. I use them for bow hunting mostly. They arent the most durable glove is the only downfall. I would say they are a single season glove. You may be able to squeeze 2 seasons out of them if you take care of them. Overall a good glove and did what I wanted them to do. Again, for me fit is everything. If I cant manipulate my fingers the way I want to while Im hunting then I wont wear a glove anyway. These do the job.
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