Merino Heavyweight Half-Zip

Merino Heavyweight Half-Zip

Waterfowl : Timber
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With a premium 17.5-micron merino wool face printed with GORE™ OPTIFADE™ concealment and backed by a soft polyester interior, the Merino Heavyweight Half-Zip’s comfort, concealment, odor control and reliable warmth are a perfect fit for a wide range of scenarios.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Timber is optimized for engagement distances of 10 to 40 yards in the darker environments of flooded timber.

  • Materials: 290-Gram 59% 17.5 Micron Merino / 6% Nylon Core-Spun Face Blend / 35% Polyester Interior for natural odor resistance and durability.

Odor Control
Moisture Wicking

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6 Reviews
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Reviewed On 08/27/2019

Amazing product. A huge step up from 100% merino garments. I love merino and its properties, but i never really liked the feeling of it against my skin, this heavy weight piece takes care of that. This is the most comfortable next to skin piece i have worn. The only thing i did notice was that the outer merino fabric does not seems very durable so care will have to be taken when using it, but that is with any merino product.

Ross Evans
Reviewed On 12/12/2018

I have experimented with Merino Wool in the past and was never able to feel like it didn't itch.... NOT ANYMORE!!! This base layer is nothing short of amazing, I hunt a lot during the late season in MN, and WI. Temps frequently are starting at 15 to 25 degrees and falling at dark. This is the first base that didn't seem to collect the cold, never felt anything other than warmth against my skin. Also not one remote feeling of itchy. I would never know I wasn't wearing poly, but with all the benefits of Merino. Expensive is the knock others have said, not for me, it is worth every single penny!!!!!

Reviewed On 11/24/2018

Expensive.....but pay for what you get. I hate the cold. That being said I’m always looking for better gear. My last baselayer was Under Armour. I always felt clammy wearing it. This stuff is great. No clammy feeling, and keeps me very warm during Wisconsin gun deer hunting (and I live in South Carolina = hate cold). Being it’s expensive, I decided to get more use out of it.....snowboarding!!! Again, one trip out West a great... New market for Sitka gear??!

Banks Born
Reviewed On 11/04/2018

Was super excited about these base layers and I ended up getting the elevated II and the waterfowl. I was very excited about both of these pieces but I was super upset after I had them for a couple weeks, they snagged and there was little balls that formed on the arms and around the waist area. For how much I paid I was super upset with how the material upheld. I always washed it inside out and on delicate and hung dry it, I never dry my SITKA just in case. I loved the fit and material but I was just very upset with how much I paid and how the fabric didn't hold up.

Reviewed On 10/21/2018

This is absolutely top notch stuff. I’ve never found any base layer that works as well as merino, and these are the best layering ones I’ve used. They are extremely breathable but warm. I’ve used them for several consecutive days while on trips and they have zero odor and they never feel sticky. 3 guys on my last trip we’re wearing the same thing and we all had the same opinion. They’re absolutely worth the money.

Reviewed On 08/12/2018

It's really hard to beat Merino wool fabric for outdoor comfort, especially in cold or colder weather. Great moisture wicking capabilities, no stink fabric, dries quickly and best of all keeps you toasty warm. I have several SITKA Merino wool garments (and other brands) that I have worn for years and they are in extremely good condition. I have a variety of fabric weights from 150 gsm to 400 gsm. However, Merino wool does require some extra attention or they will not perform as intended. They are expensive garments so it makes sense to take care of them properly. They do not need to be washed every time you wear the Merino wool garment. When it does come time to wash, please consider the following: Wash in cold water, gentle cycle with like fabrics. Never wash with rough fabrics like jeans or fabrics with a hard hand feel. Those fabrics will greatly enhance the pilling of Merino wool. Always wash the merino garment inside out. You can use a little liquid detergent but never use fabric softener. Find a detergent that has little to no perfume type smell. Fabric softener will take away or adversely affect the moisture wicking capabilities of Merino wool. As for drying, you can use the Air Only dry cycle on a dryer for about 20 minutes then hang the shirts upside down to finish air drying. Or you can simply hang upside down for complete air drying on a hangar at room temperature. The reason for this is that if you hang the garment right side up, you will get those pinch marks from the plastic hangar on the shoulder area of the garment. Never use those thin commercial laundry metal hangars. If those pinch marks don't bother you, then hang on a plastic hangar right side up. Never dry a Merino garment in a warm or hot dryer. Sounds like a lot of extra work but it ain't. You paid a lot of money for that Merino garment. Take care of it and it will last a long, long time.

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