Pantanal GTX Cap
Pantanal GTX Cap
Pantanal GTX Cap
Pantanal GTX Cap

Pantanal GTX Cap

  • Waterfowl : Waterfowl Marsh
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When storm clouds are throwing soaking fastballs your way, you need the protection of a GORE-TEX® cap. The Pantanal cap has the same functional design as a normal ball cap, with the added benefits of being waterproof and breathable.

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  • Lo-Pro Trucker

    Low Profile hats are generally unstructured and offer a shallow fit with curved visor profile.

  • Mid-Pro Trucker

    Our Mid Profile fit offers a modern crown shape with slight visor curve.

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Style Circumference
Lo-Pro 55 - 61"
Mid-Pro 55 - 61"
Hi-Pro 55 - 61"
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10 Reviews
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Zach Miller
Reviewed On 02/16/2021

Most folks forget about a dedicated rain cap like this, I keeps the elements out and there is not concern of leaks...keep this one in your pack!!!

Sean Bilbrough
Reviewed On 01/26/2020

I didn’t realize how nice a hat that sheds water would be but now two years later I wouldn’t hunt without it. Not having your hood up the whole time in the rain and still staying relatively dry has been a welcomed change.

Peter Raiche
Reviewed On 06/30/2019

Comfy, sheds water well, looks great and it is probably my favorite hat of all time. Please make it in solid colors!

Caleb Smith
Reviewed On 01/17/2017

This hat is awesome. Fits just like a normal hat to me but it looks good too. It is waterproof however if your outside in the rain all day you will eventually get water on the liner around the inside of the hat one way or another. It would be nice if they could find a way to keep that inside liner from soaking up any water. This hat is super light weight and comfortable

Reviewed On 08/04/2016

Great hat and fits very true to size. It's nice having a waterproofing layer for when it starts to spit snow or rain. Gore Tex membrane works great and keeps your head completely dry. Velcro strap on back allows this style of hat to fit any head size.

Bob Farrell
Reviewed On 01/23/2016

Pretty cool hat, beware if you have a large head. Seems like all the Sitka line runs pretty small in headwear.

Mike M.
Reviewed On 12/17/2014

Gore-tex ball cap is a great all-around hat. It is pretty breathable and not too hot to wear on warm days. It builds my moral a little bit hearing the water drops hit the hat knowing my head will stay dry. For my likes the bill gets in the way while sitting in a blind looking up. I can't knock Sitka for that. I will buy a Dakota beanie for blind sitting. Other than that it is a great waterproof hat.

Oz Khan
Reviewed On 03/05/2014

Awesome product, very high quality. Probably my most favorite waterfowl cap so far. I even used it in late season (January) in high winds and it kept me quite comfortable and I never had to readjust it. Sitka nailed the waterfowl camo pattern. Great job.

Aam Deichert
Reviewed On 01/01/2014

I agree with Erich on EVERY aspect, ESPECIALLY about wanting MORE PATTERNS.

Erich Gnewikow
Reviewed On 08/06/2013

What a great little duck hat. This is perfect for the early season hunts as it is only a lite layer of Gore-Tex fabric. I can pack this anywhere in my blind bag. I find I where this hat more than others. I take it backpacking because it's so lite and packs up really small. I don't count ounces but this thing is nothing! As a Gore product tester I have tried a few hats and I like this one the best! My only problem is it only comes in the Waterfowl camo. I would love one in every pattern.

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Sitka Prostaffer Joel Yeldell - 05.27.2014

Why Waterfowl

"What’s with ducks and geese when so many other things are in season? Here's one attempt at an explanation…" - Sitka Prostaffer Joel Yeldell