Thunderhead Jacket

Big Game : Subalpine
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Soft, quiet rain gear for the big game hunter. The Thunderhead Jacket features a GORE-TEX® laminate for a superior water barrier and a quiet, brushed polyester knit face to keep you quiet whether you're busting through soaked brush or pushing through a mountain squall on a high-stakes ambush.

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Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain.

  • Weight: 25.5 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: Waterproof 3-Layer GORE-TEX® Laminate, Quiet Brushed Polyester Knit Face, Brushed Polyester Knit Backer.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Water Protection
Wind Protection
GORE-TEX® Technology

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof and very breathable — guaranteed. They provide reliable weather protection and maximized comfort in all weather conditions. Excellent management of perspiration leads to...

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Product Care 

Routine care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/ GORE-TEX®
Be Sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instruction – typically found on the inside tag.
- Use a front load washing machine and a scent-free, gentle detergent
- Use warm water on permanent press or gentle cycle and rinse twice to ensure all cleaner has been removed.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- See Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.


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Danny Schneider | 08. 15. 19
The perfect jacket for a drizzly to rainy hunt. As far as rain jackets go - this one is the quietest I've been able to find (which is saying a lot). I use it a lot for windy glassing sessions as it completely knocks down Montana winds when some of the other layers don't. I don't have a single complaint - fits well, good price for a durable rain jacket, multi-use. It's not one of those "rain jackets" that you just leave in your pack all season - its value extends well-beyond a rainy hunt.
Justin C | 07. 28. 19
Great product here. I used this jacket for the previous Georgia turkey season and it kept me dry on many hunts with during spring showers. It is a super quiet material so even when not using it during the rain, I was able to stalk up closely to several birds in the fields. My only wish is that it had a little better ventilation, as it can get quite warm. But I do highly recommend this piece of gear!
John J Rocchetta | 06. 10. 19
I had the opportunity to test the Thunderhead Jacket this past turkey season in the Adirondack Mountains. It poured for 3 hours continuously as sat on a powerline opening waiting for a turkey. When I undressed in the cabin the only part of me that was wet was my hands. For relatively inexpensive rain gear, I was very impressed. I'm 5'7" and weigh 155 lbs and the large was just big enough for layering at 39 degrees.
Kelly K | 12. 27. 18
Wore this every day hunting in Quebec. Poured the first day and never felt a thing. For the next few days weather was fine, but ground saturated. I had no issues taking a knee or sitting on the ground for a long glassing session – experienced no soak through or seepage and it dried quickly back in camp. Bought a second one in a different pattern. He coat is great to wear hunting or around town on cold days. Perfect piece of equipment.
Eric R. Blevins | 12. 03. 18
Wore the Thunderhead set for deer hunting this season in the pouring rain. I hunted both from a stand and spot and stalked and it kept me comfortable in both scenarios. Will most definitely be my go to set from here on out. Blocked the wind and the rain and when I took it off after 4 hours in the rain, the layers underneath were bone dry. Can't say enough about this set.
Nathan Woodward | 11. 24. 18
I really liked this jacket when wearing it in light rain, but not so much when the rain got heavy. Two of the days I was elk hunting, it rained all day. After about 2 hours I noticed my arms getting wet. By the end of the day, my arms were wet up to my elbows. I found that the water runs to the lowest point of the material, then wicks up on the inside. My core stayed dry the whole day, but my arms were soaked. It makes for a long day when it’s only 38 degrees and wet.
Ron | 10. 13. 18
I just returned from a week long Moose hunt in Newfoundland, Canada. We had a some cold temps and a fair bit of rain. I used the Thunderhead jacket and pants all week. It keep me dry and warm the whole time. I did buy a size bigger then I usually wear for layers as i knew I would wear it for cold mornings not moving while glassing and went a bit heavy on the layers. It was conformable for hiking and very quiet for stalking. The pattern worked well for me but I know a few guys that would be interested in the same gear in Sitka's other patterns. I feel that this product is a great investment and well worth the price. It is hard to find quiet Gore-tex gear and this fills that gap. I would and have recommended this product to anyone that wants to stay dry and quiet. Great job Sitka on this one!
Aaron | 08. 24. 18
Pit zips and it’s a 4 star
Devin Williams | 06. 15. 18
Best rain jacket i've owned. Keeps you dry and warm and is breathable as well. I have worn this through all types of storms and it never lets me down. i would highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for the right rain wear.
Tony | 04. 03. 18
This stuff is awesome. So glad I finally went with Sitka. The oregon coast hands out some harsh rain and wind. The thunderhead set provides the protection I need for sitting in the rain all day.
Mitch | 03. 09. 18
Just what I expected from Sitka. Used this suit for a Canadian archery moose hunt. Washed this suit after gutting a moose and accidentally left my range finder in the jacket pocket during the wash cycle. To my surprise the range finder was dry and so was the inside of the pocket. Once again Sitka hits one out of the ball park.
Jacob Lotton | 01. 18. 18
Great jacket, took it on a Alaskan caribou hunt, and a mule deer hunt (sealed the deal on both). Though it has some set backs, when hung to dry water accumulates on the cuffs making for temporary cold hands and the chills down your back, The pattern is a little bright I think (less whites) at least for early season stuff, Pit-zips would be nice but thats on me for for getting this series. BUT over all I am satisfied, it did its job and is going to for years to come. THANKS SITKA
Thaddeus Lucas | 01. 05. 18
Fantastic jacket. No extra features that could add weight or present a possible leak. Jacket is bomb proof for me so far. (Taken it on 4 back country elk hunts and one mountain goat hunt). By far the quietest jacket out there and is a must for any archery hunter. Absolutely love it.
Vincent Massi | 01. 01. 18
Amazing build quality, very quiet, guaranteed waterproof, however; this jacket has no ventilation. I ultimately returned this jacket for the lack of "pitzips". I am very active in the cold weather hunts, (hiking/climbing) and regularly over heated due to the lack of ventilation. I was forced to unzip the front of the jacket to regulate my temperature which is not convenient when loaded down with gear and also greatly compromises the waterproof capabilities of the jacket. I really wanted to keep the jacket, I liked it, but felt anything short of perfection at this price point was unacceptable.
SITKA Gear Customer Service | 01. 01. 18
Thanks Vincent - We agree and intentionally left out pit zips as we feel the Thunderhead System is more for low to moderate activity levels. We recommend the Cloudburst or Stormfront System for back country use. These systems are more light weight, more pack-able, more durable, and will dry more quickly in a tent compared to the Thunderhead. We as hunters are drawn to the Thunderhead's quiet benefits but keep in mind that when it's raining there is enough ambient noise that you can stalk in any of our rain gear. Take a look at the Cloudburst. Thanks SITKA Gear.
Josh | 12. 20. 17
Good jacket for rain and felt pretty good but had a real rough time with the zipper, it ended up breaking 2 weeks after I purchased the jacket.
Brodie | 11. 13. 17
Best rain gear ive ever worn. Super quiet, and not a drop of water after 8 long hours of pouring rain hiking timber in British Columbia. They call it the "Wet Coast" for a reason... this jacket is built to tough the elements.
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SITKA Gear | 05.08.2017

GORE OPTIFADE Subalpine is designed specifically for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in vegetated terrain and is optimized for engagement ranges of 50 yards and less.