Whitetail: Vegetated Terrain

Fanatic Vest 

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Our quietest windproof top, we built the new Fanatic Vest to warm your core when deer spook at the mere rumor of noise. Insulated with Primaloft, sealed with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Technology, and silenced with high loft, wet printed fleece. Wear it with the Celsius Series to keep your decibels down well into the late season.

  • Wind Stopper
  • PrimaLoft
Vegetated Terrain
Elevated Ambush
Mild, Cool
Elevated II
23.60 oz.
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Features & Benefits

Complete Windproof Protection with Body Mapped Insulation

A heat-trapping blend of 60g/m2 and 133 g/m2 Primaloft® insulation is mapped throughout the vest with a GORE® WINDSTOPPER® outer fabric.

Durable Water Repellent Finish

The DWR finish allows the garment to shed light precipitation when worn as an outer layer.

Rangefinder and Grunt Tube Pockets

Pockets are strategically placed to give you quick access to your most critical equipment.

Insulated Hand Muff

The insulated built-in hand muff provides quiet and easy access to keep your hands warm without the need for bulky gloves, enabling more accurate shooting.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear/ GORE® WINDSTOPPER®
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions –typically found on the inside tag.
- Use a front load washing machine and a scent-free, gentle detergent
- Use warm water on permanent press or gentle cycle and rinse twice to ensure all cleaner has been removed.
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron
- Visit Care Guide to better understand DWR and how to revitalize it.

Visit Care Guide
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Nicholas Feltz | 03. 04. 19
After using the fanatic vest for an entire season, it was incredible. It was warm, functional, quiet, and windstopper is a complete game changer. I will be getting more in the future. If I would give this product 5 stars I would. I am 6'1" and 210 and the large fit perfect. I typically wore it over a base layer and fanatic hoody and that would get me down to about 45 degrees with little wind.
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Brandon Potthoff | 12. 30. 18
The Fanatic vest is absolutely one of my favorite pieces. I love throwing this over my Fanaric lite set when the temps start to drop here in Illinois. I almost always have it in my pack. Being a vest it makes it so easy to slip on in the stand after you cool down from the walk in. Sitka has truly changed the game when it comes to clothing. Thank you Sitka! Brandon
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CM | 11. 13. 18
I was hoping this would provide similar warmth like the fanatic jacket did. I could wear the jacket with just a baselayer underneath and stay warm in the 20's. The jacket was just that warm! I decided that the vest would be a better option for me so I sold the jacket and ordered the vest. The vest even tho its nice I wish it had the separate grunt call pocket and magnetic range finder pocket. The vest does not provide the warmth in the core like the jacket and yes I know it doesn't have sleeves but I don't think the vest has the same weight insulation like the jacket. I have wore the vest over multiple layers and it just doesn't provide the warmth where I wish I would have kept the jacket now.
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Cameron | 01. 03. 18
This is the best Whitetail piece that Sitka has made. It is the best of both worlds. I have worn this vest from Windy Texas mid-season hunts all the way through the bitter northern's when temp drop into the 20's. Keeps wind off your core and seals in body heat. This piece allows you to throw it on over any piece and have your hand pockets, which are the best part about the vest. And not have the bulk over sleeves while you're drawing a bow. As a bow hunter I don't like wearing a glove on my shooting hand, the hand muff allows you to keep your shooting hand glove free and super warm! Worth the money and don't have to wear access bulk that the typical big winter jackets have.
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Rod | 11. 19. 16
This vest has become one of my favorite pieces of gear. The temperature was 35 and the wind was blowing at 22 mph with gusts over 30, putting the windchill well into the teens. I put the Fanatic Vest on under my Stratus jacket and sat all day long, I never left the stand. The Fanatic Vest does exactly as advertised; warms your core!
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Scott M | 10. 20. 16
I have pretty much every Whitetail piece of gear that Sitka makes and this is by far my favorite. It is a must for bow hunters. I hunt the midwest and this piece when paired with good base layers will get you all the way into the late season without the need for a cumbersome jacket.
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Brandon Lilly | 02. 26. 15
Absolutely my favorite piece of gear in my aresnal. Ifthe temps are really cold and frigid I can layer with this and my stratus jacket. While still having the kangaroo pouch and all of the killer pockets. Even layered, I am still very mobile and ready to draw my bow. The zipper design was engineered by a pure genius as far as I am concerned. Any serious whitetail hunter needs this piece in his bag of tricks! - Brandon, Monsters Inc. BBSK - WV
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Ben Cohen | 12. 26. 14
This vest was a game changer for me. I wear it as my outer layer in any temperature under 50* for my stationary deer sits throughout the Midwest Whitetail season. The kangaroo pocket allows me to wear thin gloves and when the temp dips below freezing, I just put a couple of handwarmers in there. In ultra cold sits in and below the single digits, I wear and swear by 2 baselayers, Stratus Bibs, a thin base up top, Traverse, Kelvin Jacket, Stratus Jacket, with this vest on top. It is quiet, warm, and best of all, the kangaroo pocket keeps my hands warm and ready for my bow. Thank you Sitka. Your system has changed the way that I hunt.
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Chad Annon | 10. 14. 14
The Fanatic vest has worked ideal for me on days with colder mornings that warm up as the day goes on. The vest keeps my core body warm and works in great when using it with the rest of my Sitka layering system!
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Angelo Grippando | 09. 20. 14
Fantastic vest. Perfect for use with the stratus pants, and over the core and traverse tops on those chilly mornings during early season teal hunting in Oklahoma. Great under the waders and will be perfect in the tree. The side zip is very functional and improves the overall fit. Hand muff is fantastic. Will likely layer under the fanatic jacket when the temps are in the single digits. Great piece.
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Patrick Rupp | 08. 03. 14
I am 35 years old and I have been archery hunting whitetails since I was 12 years old. I spend almost every day of the season in a tree. In all my years of hunting I am yet to see an article of clothing thought out as well as this one. The pockets are all in the perfect place and able to hold all of my gadgets at the ready. Comfort and fit is great and true to size. Extremely quiet with enough warmth to cut through the chill on long sits. My only recommendation would be to make one in a lite version with no insulation for extra hot days. I hunt northern Michigan and the insulation is usually needed. I am a charter fishing captain and a professional salmon tournament angler and would like to believe I know a little about having the right gear,as far as archery hunting is concerned, this is it.
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scott strayer | 01. 10. 14
the 2013 "polar vortex" dipped the iowa late muzzleloader temps into negative numbers but layered in my stratus bibs,kelvin lite jacket & topped with this gem of ingenuity i stayed toasty, organized and able to take my best whitetail to date. the range finder and kangaroo pockets are sheer genius. this is hands down my favorite piece of late season gear whether i'm in the midwest or back home in the keystone state. fanatic is fantastic!
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Brian Goode | 07. 27. 13
This is a key piece of my hunting system here in the brushy NC areas. I have it for adding warmth to my Stratus Bibs and Jacket if temps dip into the low 30's as was my main tip piece for squirrel hunting when I needed warmth but a jacket would have caused me to be too bulky. I say this is one if my key pieces because it isn't used until no other piece I have will take its place. The pockets are well thought out and very usable for the smaller objects you might find yourself needing easy to grab.
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Jason Peak | 07. 24. 13
I am one of the lucky guys that gets to test Gore hunting products. Last year I purchased this vest for my first ever whitetail hunt. It was November in Kansas, and I needed something that would layer really well given the range of conditions that could occur. The Fanatic vest didn't disappoint! I wore it in the early mornings when temps were in the 20's under my Stratus coat and in the evenings I wore it alone when it was in the 50's. A Core shirt, Traverse Hoody and the Fanatic vest were all I really needed most of the time. It is quiet, comfortable and moves really well. I had to rotate my torso to get my shot off, and this thing didn't bind a bit. The Primaloft is very warm, and the Windstopper makes this a necessary piece to block the wind that can drive hunters off the stand. I couldn't be happier!
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Beyond the Layers - Athlete Jim Hole Jr.

SITKA Gear | 10.03.2016

In the deep winter freeze of the Alberta Bowzone, where late November temps can reach -40F, there are two considerations legendary whitetail outfitter and SITKA Athlete Jim Hole, Jr. prioritizes: keeping warm and completely silent to mimic the stealth and patience of an owl perched in a tree.

Product Technology


WINDSTOPPER® products shelter hunters from the adverse effects of bone-chilling winds. The WINDSTOPPER™ membrane works with our base layers to prevent overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to easily escape.


PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement.