Whitetail: Vegetated Terrain

Merino Equinox Glove 

$49.00 $34.30

Built from 100% 19-micron no-itch merino wool, the Merino Equinox Glove provides critical concealment against the keen senses of early season whitetails. The naturally microbial fiber neutralizes odor, and the cuff-mounted leather pull-tabs make for fast, silent on and off. *Product discontinued in 2018.

Vegetated Terrain
Elevated Ambush
Elevated II
1.6 oz.
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Cool Conditions

Elevated Ambush

As the weather begins to change, this system adapts with breathable next-to-skin layers and insulation options constructed to hold in warmth or vent as needed while keeping the hunter warm, dry, agile and alert.

  • ALL: Mens
  • Pursuit: Whitetail
  • Environment: Vegetated Terrain
  • Activity Level: Minimal
  • Scenario: Elevated Ambush
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Concealment: Optifade Elevated II
Product Comments
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Orlando Griego | 08. 29. 18
I like them, dont love them. I just bought these gloves. When wearing them, really comfortable, easy to put on and take off. During cold weather they keep hands warm surprisingly. after getting wet, they dry quick. They cover your wrist which is nice. Now, because there thin, they dont seem to have much durability. Ive had two pair now, and both ripped during archery season this year and Im only 5 days in to the season. because I use the index finger and thumb, they ripped.
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Jordan Miller | 08. 21. 17
I hunted in these gloves hard last fall and ended up writing in about some torn finger tips that came out as the result, Sitka's awesome customer service came through immediately and contacted me to get me a replacement. These gloves are a key piece of my technical necessities for early season and are perfect for not only hunting, but scouting and hanging cameras while at the same time keeping human odor to an absolute minimum.
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Jordan | 07. 31. 17
These are great warm weather gloves especially for whitetail when scent control and concealment are key. Unfortunately the finger tips starting to fray almost immediately and now my pointer fingers on both gloves stick right through. Hoping Sitka Gear will replace them, I own tons of gear from them and this will be my first warranty claim.
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Marty | 10. 15. 16
The fit is good, like the finger contacts for a touch screen...just really wish they had some tack grip to them. I can't confidently secure my bow grip and release with these gloves on.
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Brian M | 02. 19. 16
I currently have the old Sitka optifade forest merino gloves and just purchased these newly re-designed gloves. These are a home run with the new leather pull tab to help you with getting the gloves on. The special fabric woven into both index fingers that allows me to use my smartphone and not have to take off my gloves is amazing. These paired with or without the traverse gloves and the incinerator muff is all the hand warmth and protection I need for an entire Whitetail Deer season in Central NY. Good job Sitka.
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