Fanatic Hoody

Fanatic Hoody

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The Fanatic is a high-performance hoody on steroids and will quickly become a favorite in your whitetail system. Body-mapped grid and microgrid fleeces work together to regulate your body temp while keeping scent down, thanks to Polygiene® Odor Control Technology.

  • Size:

Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

We have received all of our inventory this season. If your size is out of stock, please check with a local retailer.


  • Weight: 16.6 oz. // Size: L

  • Body and Hood Fabric: Heavyweight Comfort Stretch Fleece (93% Polyester/7% Elastane).

  • Facemask Fabric: Quick-Dry, Lightweight Stretch Mesh (88% Polyester/12% Elastane).

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology safely neutralizes odor caused from sweat.

  • Built-In Breathable Mesh Face Mask: Conceal your face on the move and increase your success rate.

  • Flip-over hand mitts: In addition to the integrated thumb-holes enable easy layering.

Moisture Wicking
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Fanatic Hoody
Fanatic Hoody

Why We Made This

Whitetail hunters need quiet, durable and odor-resistant protection. Traditional outerwear isn’t as silent as advertised and lacks technical and intuitive hunting features. Our approach was to build a mid-layer fleece insulation piece that could be versatile enough to be worn as outerwear in the early season or layered into a system for all seasons. We used Polygiene® Odor Control Technology to minimize scent. A half-zip construction allows for quickly dumping heat and room for the built-in hand muff, and integrated flip-over hand mitts keep fingers warm and agile for the moment of truth.

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7 Reviews
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Reviewed On 12/03/2019

This is an awesome piece. I recently wore this with a Tshirt underneath in 44 degree weather with a slight breeze. Was not hunting was actually at Six Flags and never once did I get cold riding the coasters, waiting in line etc..... The fit is right one, the hooding with face mask is exceptional. Will definitely wear this under my Fanatic Jacket...Just waiting to go whitetail hunting in Missouri in January.....I doubt that I will freeze like I did 3 weeks ago now that I have Sitka gear.....Awesome quality and awesome gear

roger hall
Reviewed On 11/15/2019

Other than the price I love this shirt. As it gets colder in NE Ohio, I start off with my long sleeve t, the the heavy weight half zip t, then the hoodie. The face mask I thought was a novelty idea, but turns out I love it. I've always had the big wooly neck gaiters in the past, I've used this 18 degree Temps and it keeps your face warm, and I'm a freeze baby. If there were something I didn't like I would tell you, but the hood, doesn't block your vision, the face mask doesn't sag, the mitten things Idk about never used them. But definitely 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.

Reviewed On 11/10/2019

Very versatile
A must have for bow hunters

Reviewed On 11/03/2019

This hoodie is amazing. I wore it with a Core L/S, medium weight merino top and my Stratus pants and at 29 degrees, I was toasty warm. My first weekend with Sitka has made me a believer!

Dillan Smith
Reviewed On 10/31/2019

This hoodie is amazing one of my favorite layers keeps the wind out great especially of your neck with the mask a squirrel almost climbed on me I was blended in so well

John g
Reviewed On 10/06/2019

That one item that you will use anywhere for everything. This is it. Super strong. Snug and comfy. Always warm. I take it everywhere for every hunt. Waiting for the subalpine color to come out. You can’t go wrong with this piece.

Reviewed On 09/17/2019

Love this hoody. Perfect layering piece of eart season pack along for when the sun starts to go down. Every time I go hunting, I either have it on or with me. The extended length in the back is an awesome feature. Would recommend.

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SITKA Gear - 09.22.2019

Beyond the Layers - Athlete Jim Hole Jr.

In the deep winter freeze of the Alberta Bowzone, where late November temps can reach -40F, there are two considerations legendary whitetail outfitter and SITKA Athlete Jim Hole, Jr. prioritizes: keeping warm and completely silent to mimic the stealth and patience of an owl perched in a tree.