Adjustable Boot Cuffs
Side Zipper
Waterfowl: Marsh/Field: Dry Field

Pantanal Bib 

  • Scenario: Dry Field, Wetlands
  • Environment: Marsh/Field
$489.00 $244.50 - $489.00

A perfect compliment to the jacket and a stronghold barrier to the elements, the Pantanal Bibs will keep the frosty burn off your legs. Constructed with a GORE-TEX® laminate, micro check backer, and reinforced knees and seat, this is an ideal solution whether you are in a layout or in a boat.

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Withstand the Wind


Understanding GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technology.

Withstand the Wind
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Chris Campbell | 12. 16. 16
Even better than the parka. Don't be reckless around jagged objects and you'll wear them for the rest of your life.
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Trevor | 02. 29. 16
Bought these bibs at the beginning of the season last year and wore them every time I went out and they never failed me! Couldn't be happier!! I would Highly recommend these to anybody looking for some new bibs! Thanks for the GREAT product SITKA!
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Sauce | 01. 14. 16
Great Bibs! Lightweight and warm. Stops the wind better than anything I have ever owned.
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Wes M | 12. 30. 15
There is not a better bib on the market for keeping you warm, dry, and simply put in the field longer. The Gore-Tex shell will keep the precipitation off of you while the micro check backer is the perfect addition on top of a core and insulation base layer. The Pantanal bibs are well constructed and comfortable. They are easy to slip on and off while layering up the adjustable straps make it quick to adjust the rise. With appropriate layering, you can wear these bibs all season long. I am a Gore gear tester.
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Jack | 12. 01. 15
These bibs are a game changer. In the past, I have always been wet and cold within a few hours of each hunt. The last few weeks, I have been able to sit comfortably all day in freezing and wet conditions. The Gore Tex lining kept all the snow, ice, and water from penetrating through to my insulating layers, allowing me to stay dry all day. These bibs also have enough insulating to keep you warm...but if you are in harsh conditions, I recommend wearing a base/insulating layer that Sitka has to offer (Sitkas Primaloft Kelvin Insulated Pant are my go to.) Aside from comfort, these bibs offer numerous well placed pockets and have a full length zipper on both legs that allow you to easily take them on or off...even with boots on. The reinforced knee and seat are a huge plus for added durability. Overall, these are one of the best products I own from Sitka and I will never leave into the field without them. Whether hunting in late October or early February, they are a must in keeping me comfortable. If you are looking for a bib to keep you warm, dry, and allow you to layer underneath during harsh weather...look no further.
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Jack | 11. 28. 15
I've worn these bibs for the last several months, starting in Saskatchewan in September, early deer season and fall fishing here on the Chesapeake. Bibs are my favorite piece of outerwear year in and year out, and I put mine through hell guiding waterfowl parties every day during duck season. So far, these are the best bibs I've ever owned. The fit is perfect, I love how easily they tuck into my knee boots. Perhaps the most impressive part about them is how waterproof they are. Literally 100%. I've been blasted by cold spray on the boat for 30 minutes and not got a drop through them. If they stand up to a full season of hunting every day this winter, these are going to be arguably the best, most versatile piece of outerwear I've ever bought. Highly recommended.
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Oz Khan | 04. 29. 15
I wanted to wait for an entire season before writing this review. I live in the Northeast and started wearing the Pantanal Bibs in October when we started hunting early season, then transitioned into field hunting for ducks and geese as the season progressed. I also wore them seaduck hunting when I would be hunting from a duck boat in late December into January, then onwards into the Snow Goose extended season. I love the Pantanal Bibs so much that I have stopped using waders for all of my waterfowl hunts except for the ones where wading is absolutely required. If I know I am going to be in the boat and maybe ankle/calf high water then these are my goto gear, not the waders. Their bottoms are very easy to tuck into long knee boots. You can easily wear your base layers or insulation layers depending on the weather. There are plenty of pockets to keep your goodies in without even relying on the pockets of your parka. Easy to take on and off is a big plus, heck of a lot easier than say putting on neoprene waders. In the lying position, for example layout blind in the field while goose hunting, I have completely stopped wearing waders since the Pantanal Bibs are a lot more comfortable. Outer layer is waterproof and sheds rain and snow while keeping you dry. If you like being agile and comfortable during waterfowl hunting, you will love the Pantanal Bibs and how they work with your body. From a sizing standpoint please make sure you get them a bit loose so you can put your insulation layer on during Jan/Feb. Also, a word of caution stay away from briars, this thing is waterproof, not briar proof. So to summarize, these are my go to item from October thru February. Understand the Sitka layering system and you will spend a lot more time in the field enjoying the great outdoors in comfort while others have turned themselves in. Thank you Sitka for making an excellent product for waterfowlers.
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Jerrod Chapman | 03. 29. 15
I am a large athletic man about 270 and I had never spent top dollar on hunting gear until I bought these. They have with stood the test. I have hunted Canada geese and snow geese about 45-50 hunts. This means putting out decoys, picking them up, crossing barb wire fences, laying in corn fields, laying in the mud and they have held up. Completely waterproof, good stretch and just unstoppable. I use them with wader pants underneath and I'm comfortable. Never too hot never too cold. A must by for the serious water fowler.
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Greg Galli | 02. 04. 15
By far the best bibs I have ever worn. I have had no issues with anything. Love the fit!
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Justin Manson | 01. 22. 15
I have never been a person to wear bibs. I just didn't see a use for them. Sitka Pantanal were the first bibs I have ever bought and I will never wear anything but Sitka gear. I truly put these through a test hunting the flooded rice fields in Arkansas. I was constantly getting in and out of the water. Either getting birds or setting decoys. The waterproof system worked all week long and I never got wet even after long periods of standing in water. If you need to wear a layer underneath, there is plenty of room to do so. I highly recommend this and any other Sitka product!
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Franck | 11. 06. 14
Probably the best pant ever had. The fit, the design and the fabric, perfect. I didn't experience problems with the zippers.
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Adam Patterson | 10. 18. 14
Hard core waterfowler. This jacket was meant for me. However, I can't recommend it due to the zippers. The main zipper on the Pantenal, and the jacket are simply a mickey mouse system. The jacket is cozy, moves well, fits an athletic type, and is bomb-proof otherwise. The cuffs on the jacket are meant to seal, but they must have been engineered at the same place as the main zipper, as they have started to fray badly. For 1/3 the price you would only get 1 year of use before the frustration sets in. We'll see what Sitka has for Warranty or replacement on this one. Looks like they need better field testers, b/c this jacket and bib should never have been released.
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Jon Becker | 01. 03. 14
Like every other Sitka piece I own, the comfort and fit of these bibs are awesome! However, the functionality of main zipper when zipped all the way down is a nuisance. When spending this amount of money you want to have no complaints but the great features of these bibs outweigh the zipper issue. I also like the versatility of the bibs and have found many other applications for use. These bibs work fantastic for field hunting and have great pocket locations to keep you organized when your constantly getting up and down.
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roger kieschnick | 01. 03. 14
I too have problems with zippers.Aiways catching material,with hard tug they come loose. Besides the zippers absolutly love this out fit. ps hope the material inside dosen't start coming apart
Jeff W. Saettle WA | 10. 16. 13
Front zipper plastic teeth came out when trying the bibs on for the first time. I epoxied the bottom of the zipper to make it a one way zipper in order to use. Even after my cave man fix, the zippers catches on the fabric when trying to close. I have the whole waterfowl line. The problem is consistent throughout. The zippers are sown too close to the apposing fabric. I love everything else about the fabric and design.
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Don Cross | 10. 05. 13
Everything about these bibs is great!! Except If you need to open the main zipper from the bottom up you are going to have some issues with snagging of the zipper on the binding. UP and down. Also the zipper closure at the bottom of the main zipper takes 2 hands to get to home. Considering that many bibs don't have this feature at all I guess it is not so bad BUT it's there and for this money ought to work right. Called the outfitter where purchased and ALL have the same operation. Talked to the owner and she said that hers do the same thing... Guess I just have to "get over it" and be VERY careful.
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keith graffagnini | 08. 05. 13
Great product with lots of capabilities. They have a very athletic fit. I have 36w and typically order XL everything and I went with Large and they fit great. The thigh cargo pockets are underrated. I tested bibs under a water fall and stayed completely dry including all zipper areas. This product could be used for multiple aplications. I am trying to figure out what not to use it for so I don't cross my other systems.
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