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Delta Zip Wader  


The versatile and durable Delta Zip Wader can be worn across the gamut of waterfowl hunts and features a completely waterproof YKK AQUASEAL® Zipper to allow a simple on-and-off. Constructed with a durable and breathable GORE-TEX® Pro laminate, the Delta Wader features a lightweight and warm LaCrosse® AeroForm® insulated boot that adds agility when trudging through the muck. The shins and knees are reinforced with a rugged foam pad to endure years of abuse breaking ice and busting through the brush. Made in the USA and 100% serviceable, the Delta Zip Wader is a game-changer for waterfowl hunters across all flyways, climates and conditions. Limited Availability

Open Water, Backwaters
Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
Waterfowl Timber
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Cold Conditions

Open Water

A system to handle wind, rain, sleet, snow, crashing waves and cold temps while still giving the hunter the visibility and mobility needed to capitalize on foul weather flocks.

  • ALL: Mens
  • Pursuit: Waterfowl
  • Environment: Open Water
  • Activity Level: Minimal
  • Scenario: Open Water
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Concealment: Optifade Waterfowl Timber

Cool Conditions


Our most versatile Timber system gives waterfowlers streamlined insulation layers to provide warmth without unnecessary bulk and durable outerwear options that stand up to weather and abrasion in the blind and on the boat.

  • ALL: Mens
  • Pursuit: Waterfowl
  • Environment: Timber
  • Activity Level: Minimal
  • Scenario: Backwaters
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Concealment: Optifade Waterfowl Timber

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Waterproof YKK AQUASEAL® Zipper

A durable and completely waterproof zipper allows for an easy on and off.

4-Layer GORE-TEX® Laminate

A breathable and resilient 4-layer GORE-TEX® laminate allows the Delta Waders to excel in warm weather, high-exertion activities, but also while responding to insulation without adding unnecessary bulk.

Lacrosse Aeroform Insulated Boots

Lightweight, warm and durable LaCrosse AeroForm® insulated boots add warmth and agility when trudging through the muck and are attached to the wader with advanced heat-activated technology for a strong and streamlined joint.

Aggressive Tread

An aggressive tread provides steady footing in mud, snow and ice.

Reinforced Knee and Shin Pads

The shins and knees are reinforced with a rugged foam pad to endure years of abuse breaking ice and busting through the brush.

Adjustable No-Buckle Suspension

A streamlined suspension system eliminates cumbersome buckles and makes custom fitting lightweight and easy to use.

High Handwarmer Pockets

High handwarmer pockets are positioned to shed water away from the pocket and provide easy access to keep hands warm and ready.

Water-Resistant Zippered Storage Pockets

Two zippered storage pockets provide easy access to store essentials.

D-Ring Loop

Easily attach decoy carabiners or dog collar remotes to the D-Ring Loop.

Delta Wader Service & Maintenance 

Delta Waders are covered under the SITKA Gear Warranty, and every component is serviceable. 

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Oz Khan | 06. 01. 19
I wanted to write this wader review after a full season of hard use. For the very first time, I tried the Delta Zip Wader at the Harrisburg, PA outdoor show in February 2018. Due to the high demand in 2018 it was very hard to get my hands on the Delta Zip Wader in Timber camo in my boot size. I called around and finally found them at Black Ovis in July of 2018. Boot fit is true to the size since you do not need to wear heavy socks with them. In the past I wore a size 13 to accommodate thick socks, but with light socks I feel extremely comfortable with size 12 in these waders.The integrated LaCrosse Insulated Boots are surprisingly lightweight, yet keep your feet warm well into the late season. The main reason I got these waders was because of the Aquaseal Zipper. It is a heavy duty zipper and is completely waterproof. Waders are so much easier to take on and off because of the zipper. I doubt I will ever go back to the non-zippered ones now. The outer wader layer is extremely sturdy and after a full season of hard use, still looks amazing. The knee pads are fantastic and protect your knee and shin area when you are doing waterfowling activities. I am a National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Master Class shooter, so I am extremely picky about my shotgun mounting process. The easy to use suspension system of these waders has no buckle, this is great for shouldering the shotgun quickly, and has no major effect on your length of pull. In case you layer up for late season hunts, you can very easily adjust the suspension system to fit you properly. There are plenty of pockets (open hand warmer, zippered for storage), and the waders come with a belt and a D-Ring loop which can be extremely helpful when you are deploying decoys in waste deep water. These waders have enabled me to stay comfortable on full day hunts in the worst possible weather. All in all, hats off to Sitka Gear’s design team, they hit this one out of the ballpark.
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Ethan | 05. 29. 19
Hands down without a question the best wader you will ever buy, the other waders out there do not compare. First waders that actually fit true to your size. All I wear under them is the heavy weight bottoms and gradient pant, I have yet to get cold standing in the water. The zipper is great makes life easy when you want to take them off or put them on, it also comes in handy when you need to relieve yourself. I typically wear a size 13 boot and decided to size down to a 12 and they fit great I would recommend trying them on before you size down. All in all a fantastic wader you will not regret buying these, it will be the last wader you buy. I bought both patterns in the delta zip, I absolutely love them and you will too.
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S.R. | 04. 22. 19
no surprises here, great waders. much better than my old ones. I worked these waders over pretty good this season walking though some pretty rough brush and sticks while wading to and from hunting holes. typically a mile or more one way. admittedly I had a boot failure late in the season and of course i returned the waders for warranty work and sitka went above and beyond to fix my waders and they were as good as new. top notch product and customer service.
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Andy Burnham | 04. 21. 19
I can honestly say, I was skeptical when I bought these. I’ve purchased waders throughout my life, with my best pair lasting 6 years. I wore my Delta Zip waders for the entire 2018 season and I promise, 100%, best purchase I have ever made. These things are awesome! Warm, comfortable, functional, sturdy, dependable, & the boot fit is phenomenal. These will be the last waders I ever buy & I’m 50 years old. Well worth the money!!
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Dan Riley | 12. 27. 18
I was pretty skeptical about spending essentially 1k on waders, but i have been using Sitka Gear for all of my big game endeavors for the last 4 years, and could not be happier with the quality of the clothes or the companies customer service, which has been second to none. After my 3rd pair of 120 dollar 600g neoprenes failed and couldn't be repaired, with a soaking right leg and numb feet i pulled the trigger from my duck blind and ordered these bad boys. I was skeptical that they would be warm enough for the Northeast, as the actual wader material didn't seem very thick, but with a pair of long johns and sweats they have been great. My feet no longer turn to rocks after 3 hours either. With just a light pair of socks, the 1200-1500 gram Thinsulate equivalent boots keep my feet toasty even when stationary. I have worn these waders on about 8 trips so far, 2 of which where the temp was below 10, and they have performed great. The zipper is awesome. the only thing I dont like about them is all the hate i get from the other fudds who are jealous of my sweet waders. If these waders hold up, and are serviced when there is an issue, which i see no reason why they wouldn't be, the price was worth it. These will be about the 11th thing i bought from sitka, and will continue to add pieces as needed, great stuff.
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Ronald Farris | 12. 19. 18
These are the best waders I've ever owned. Great fit and function. I've worn these waders both at 0 Fahrenheit and 50 they function well across all temperatures in Idaho. Obviously you need wader pants underneath when the temperature drops as they are breathable waders. The reason I went with these waders is despite the cost I was spending $350 or more every other year to get sub par waders that never held up. One last thing the zipper is well worth its cost and the boot is awesome.
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Dustin Jones | 11. 27. 18
I have had the privilege of running these waders for the past two seasons, from warm early season to late January these waders provide the ultimate in comfort and versatility. The boots along with the zipper and the overall durability of these waders is what makes them a complete game changer.
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Jon Hardin | 07. 17. 18
I had the privilege of getting my hands on these at the SHOT Show. AWESOME! Love the clip for caribiners on the waist. Most of all though, the zip chest. This is going to come in handy to cool down after setting dekes.
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Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof and very breathable — guaranteed. They provide reliable weather protection and maximized comfort in all weather conditions. Excellent management of perspiration leads to...