Waterfowl: Timber 

Open Water 

The challenges of open water hunting often rival the rewards, but the experience is unlike any other. Whether you’re seven miles offshore or battling wind and crashing waves in the rocks, the exposed environments of open water hunting require complete weather protection and optimal mobility and vision. From next-to-skin layers to insulation and rugged weatherproof shells, SITKA Open Water Systems enable hunters to excel in any condition with the comfort, focus and dexterity needed to stay safe and make difficult shots. GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Timber — scientifically designed to exploit the vision of birds in flight — completes each system to achieve absolute stealth in every open water scenario. 

The Gear - Open Water 

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Timber Pack

Timber Pack


A radical treehugger, the Timber Pack clings to bare trunks to keep your gear (even your gun) safely above the waterline. Unzipped, the large main compartment hangs open, exposing multiple zippered mesh pockets that keep you organized. The welded rubber bottom keeps your gear dry in the bottom of the boat, and the no-muck straps come clean of even the stickiest mud.

  • Scenario: Open Water, Backwaters
  • Climate: Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
  • Environment: Timber
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