Waterfowl: Timber

Delta Wading Vest 

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The Delta Vest brings functional innovation to a time-honored design, combining the best elements of a vest and a pack. A deadly quick shell carrier system orients shotgun shells and stacks them in groups of 3 for quick removal and subsequent loading of a shotgun between volleys. Quilted ambidextrous shoulder padding and an integrated lumbar support belt provide ergonomic comfort, and thoughtfully placed pockets add sufficient storage for most any necessity, allowing the hunter to go in light while still having immediate access to critical items needed in the heat of the moment.

Open Water, Backwaters
Mild, Cool
Waterfowl Timber
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Barton Ramsey breeds, trains and hunts gun dogs nearly 365 days a year, but he’ll be the first to tell you, “The dogs enhance my life more often than I do anything for them.”

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Features & Benefits

quick shell carrier system

Orients shotgun shells and stacks them in groups of 3 for quick removal and loading.

Combines the functionality of a pack and a vest

Immediate access to critical items.

Numerous accessory locations.

Designed with the hardcore waterfowler in mind.

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