Whitetail: Vegetated Terrain

Tool Box 

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The Tool Box is the ideal daypack for organizing, hauling, and hanging everything you need for a dark-to-dark sit. The breathable padded back and straps let you carry in comfort while minimizing scent-causing perspiration. Once at the stand, hang the open pack by the tree-step hanging ring, and you have ready access to the large main compartment, seven slide-in pockets and four zippered pockets.

Vegetated Terrain
Elevated Ambush
Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold
Elevated II
2.7 lbs.
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Owning the Preseason


A good coach once told me that “being lucky” is actually just being prepared. It was a valuable lesson and one that also applies to the backcountry. Now is the time to prepare with a purpose, not the week before the season starts.

Owning the Preseason

Features & Benefits

Zippered Mesh Pockets

The zippered mesh pockets keep your gear safely organized and close at hand.

Treestep Hanging Ring

The treestep hanging ring gives unfettered access to the main compartment.

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Brady W | 11. 30. 18
I have never been so impressed by a backpack before I purchased the tool box. I recently was able to do a whitetail bow hunt in Manitoba were we hunted in single digit temps for all day sits. The tool box is large enough to bring everything you need and also made it easy to pack with several different layers. I was able to keep all my gear organized threw out the sit making it easy to find and access when it was needed. Like a previous a review a designated pouch for scents would be a nice touch, I also would recommend the side pockets of the bag for keeping a water bottle and such be deeper to help hold things in place better.
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Olivier | 10. 17. 18
Définitivement un produit d’une qualité supérieure. De la petite poche intérieure avec fermeture éclair à la plus grande, tout a été pensé. Accès facile au rangement principal sans même devoir regarder pour trouver les pièces d’équipement nécessaire. Très confortable. Possibilité rapide et efficace pour placer l’arc sur le sac. Différents points d’ancrages à l’extérieur du sac. Compartimentage à l’interieur très diversifié et réparti de manière optimum. Mon partenaire de chasse en est jaloux!
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Ryan Lynch | 01. 12. 18
I do a lot of mountain hunting with heavy duty frame packs. However once I find myself in a treestand, those packs loose their usefulness for the most part. I don’t have the long packouts with elevation changes that require hydration bladder or a load shelf and titanium frame. Also the configuration of a top loading frame pack just don’t work when manipulating straps and draw cords twenty feet above the ground. Enter this backpack. It is big enough and comfortable enough to carry all you need for your sit. You can strap outer layers like the incinerator to it if necessary. It’s profile easily hangs without creating unecessary attention and it’s configurstion allows you to access what you need safely and efficiently.
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Brian | 10. 27. 17
Really am awesome pack! I've never been a back pack guy but this pack's layout is like nothing I have tried before! It is also very comfortable to carry and seems to sit higher on my back, which I like! The only thing I would suggest is Sitka to show it carrying a bow strapped on the pack. I debated spending this much on a pack that "didn't" carry a bow but when I bought I strapped my bow no problem! A sling would probably have to be added for a crossbow or rifle but a compound is no problem with the cross straps.
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Dave cowan | 08. 11. 17
Nice except for zippers; do not open easy at all
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Steven | 11. 29. 16
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kyle | 10. 10. 16
By far the best pack I've had for Whitetail/Still hunting! Shocked at how easy it is to have everything and then some with out the clutter. A knock out of the park in my humble opinion.
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Jeremy | 10. 03. 16
Hands down the best whitetail pack I have ever owned. The engineering for this pack was spot on. I can throw everything I need then some into this pack. Fully loaded up this pack is comfortable on the back for those long walks. I might even take this out west on my elk hunt next fall. If you don't own one you are missing out.
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Jeremy | 09. 16. 16
Love the quality and the thought that went into this backpack. My favorite pack by far. The number of pockets and room is great. Along with that the customer service of these guys is unreal as well. Had an issue with the order they upgraded my shipping and overnighted it. Got it in time for my trip. Customer for life.
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James Hansen | 09. 15. 16
Awesome Pack. Sitka delivers a great product again. I love how I can see into my bag without digging down from the top like most bags. Everything is right in front of you. I love the handle on the inside for hanging the bag while it's open and I absolutely love the clips on the bottom. I use them to carry my jacket. The one MAJOR improvement that would make me pay BIG bucks more for would be to designate one zippered pocket with maybe a rubber liner of some sort for deer scents. For me and the guys at Team Wisco, a constant problem we have annually is trying to keep from getting any drop of the deer urines that we use onto the bag anywhere because it will RUIN the bag permanently. We put them in zippered bags, however they always seem to get on our hands still and eventually on the bag, ruining it. So, could you potentially add a pocket that is fortified with heavy pastic or rubber liner that can be washed that is designated for scents? Keep up the good work guys James
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Rich Mealey | 07. 23. 16
Verry nice. On my back all the time. LOVE it
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Chris Warfel | 05. 11. 16
Great product like always from Sitka. It's even bigger than I thought it was and the top zipper keeps everything totally enclosed.
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Nick Hagedorn | 01. 05. 16
Great pack very versatile with all of the different pockets. A must have for a guy that carries a pack in the deer woods.
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