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Turn heads at the airport with clean aesthetics, streamlined features and rugged-ready constructions in this carry-on travel piece. A robust exterior keeps your system well protected from the rigors of domestic travel, but is more than capable of the beating that a multiple leg journey that lands you on a gravel runway in the Yukon can dish out.

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Features & Benefits

1900 Cubic Inches

Dimensions: 24"x14"x9"

Internal Compression Straps

Internal compression straps allow you to easily maximize capacity.

Interior Lid Pocket
Front Accessory Pocket
Aluminum Telescoping Handle

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Chris Rodway | 02. 24. 19
I love this bag, but it does have trouble standing up if loaded too top heavy.
Mike | 08. 16. 18
Great size, durable and it definitely stood out. Got great comments; everything from “you a Broncos fan” because of the logo, to those who know what Sitka is, and commented on how great it looks. However, as one other reviewer stated, the telescopic handle is not practical. You have to carry a laptop bag on your shoulder it will spin around. A double armed handle would be ideal. Also, as one other stated, if this thing is packed full, you’ll need to lean it against something or it won’t stay upright. Lastly, when I bought mine, it was a very light grey color and looked sharp with the orange accents. Well, if you check your bag, put it in the back of your truck, or use it for a hunting trip, kiss the sharp looking bag goodbye. They get dirty fast and after a while it looks really dingy. A darker charcoal or other color would be a better idea than a light grey. Materials, durability, and looks are great. Couple tweaks and I’d consider another one.
Mason | 03. 22. 18
Whether its riding in the bed of the truck or in the overhead of the airplane. This bag does it all and is tough to boot. Only problem is I need another one since my wife has taken over mine.
Bill | 09. 08. 17
Full disclosure, I tried this bag but did not keep it. it's a great bag and feels really durable. I think it looks great too. The one issue is the "single pole" telescoping handle - When I slip my backpack (leisure) or work briefcase with "luggage sleeve" over the telescope, it just spins around (down to the ground between me and the roller bag) on the single telescope. Patagonia's small roller had the same issue and they changed the design. change that and I'd buy!
Ted | 09. 03. 17
I like the bag very much, I'm back wishing they had one between the small and over sized bag. I used the bag with clothes and at the airport I had to lean it up against the counter or myself because it didn't want to stand. It reminded me of Dan's comment. Great product otherwise. Oh, and if the main compartment could unzip on three sides not just two, even better. I don't know if that request would jeopardize the bags integrity. Thanks
Robert | 12. 13. 16
I've used this bag on several trips. It is very durable and looks great. It is a perfect size for a carry on and fits into the overhead compartment of an aircraft with ease. It is balanced perfectly and fits my gear nicely. I've had no issues with the bag standing upright when packed. I recommend this bag for anyone traveling on any mode of transportation.
Lance | 09. 27. 16
I work in a airport and handle thousands of bags a week. I purchased the Sitka Rambler after seeing one come through the airport. Like I said I see and handle thousands of bags a week and I have seen every kind of bag imaginable. When. I saw the Rambler I could instantly see the quality over all the other bags. I will be purchasing the larger Nomad soon! No bag is indestructible but the Sitka bags are close. I love my Rambler!
Dan | 07. 13. 16
Good rugged pack, but the "feet" are in the wrong place. They need to be an inch or so further out towards the edge of the base, so when loaded it stays upright. Current set up is next to useless when traveling through airports etc. When loaded it can't stand upright, regardless of how you distribute the weight inside.
Sitka Gear Customer Service | 07. 13. 16
Dan, Thank you for your honesty and insight. We haven't had much of this feedback before about the Rambler, and it definitely caught our interest. You stated that it does not matter how a person packs the bag, but have you tried putting more weight at the bottom than the top? After your review, we experimented in the office, and found that it stood upright quite well with this distribution method. We even attempted to fill it with it as much gear as possible, and it still stood upright. However, this is great feedback that cannot be overlooked, and will be brought to the attention of product development. We will make sure to test it out some more, and as always, strive to make it even better. Thank you again! Team Sitka
VTHunt | 10. 14. 15
Nathan Forbes | 04. 02. 15
I have been using this as my carry-on luggage for most of the winter. It rolls great, sheds rain/snow, and looks awesome. My one complaint is with the zipper. The weather resistant zipper is tough to work and downright annoying at times. Other than that, I give this one two thumbs up!
Robert Kern | 02. 17. 14
Our company, The Hunting Consortium Ltd., purchased several of these for our employees. It's a great lightweight carry-on that truly is rugged. As with all Sitka Gear, the fit and finish and quality of this bag is superior. The wheels are large and strong and the handle is equal. We tear our equipment up and so far this has passed the test for serious international travel. Throughout Asia, Africa, and North America this piece has held up through it all! We recently purchased the Nomad which is equally tough and HUGE, great for trophies or a lot of gear since the suitcase itself doesn't weigh anything.
Tony Galyean | 12. 24. 13
Awesome product which works as advertised and designed. Sitka quality through and through.
Eric Weber | 08. 03. 13
I travel as a part of my job and purchased the Rambler this year. Sitka makes durable gear and this lives up to the Sitka name. The bag gets tossed around in and out of my truck and in the overhead bin of the planes. It is big enough to hold what you need for a 4 day trip. The only concern I had was the effort it took to open and close thes zippers in the beginning. Once I figured out to pull them by the loops and a few times opening and closing- it became much easier. Would also like to see these avail in the Optifade Camo pattern. Great Job Sitka.
Chad Bell | 07. 24. 13
Trip one with the Rambler was a success! Solid build and sharp aesthetics make this a must have lightweight travel mate. Durable and rugged material paired with heavy duty zippers make this a great travel companion that is big enough to carry enough stuff for 3 or 4 days travel yet small enough to "carry-on" and fit in an overhead bin on a plane. Heavy stitched carry handles and an inner pocket lined with a touch of "concealment class". Whether rolling it through a large airport on an urban excursion or packing it onto a riverside rock runway to board the piper cub, you will be proud to haul your gear in this bomber! As a GORE gear tester, my only suggestion to make it perfect because of the size, backpack style shoulder straps. "Turning traveling into a picnic".
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