Women's Fanatic Jacket
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Women's Fanatic Jacket

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Your sanctuary from the biting cold of the rut, the Fanatic Jacket will keep you hunting all day long for that one fleeting opportunity. A Berber fleece face silences the GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® barrier, while Primaloft® Silver Insulation traps body heat right where you need it. Our innovative diagonal-zip design seals out the wind, while the zippered front muff keeps your digits toasty. A removable hood, magnetic closure rangefinder pocket, safety harness pass-through port, and internal gasketed cuffs finish out this finely honed tool.

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

We have received all of our inventory this season. If your size is out of stock, please check with a local retailer.


  • Complete Warmth with Windproof Protection: A PrimaLoft® Silver Active Insulation core adds lightweight and breathable warmth while a 100% windproof GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER® membrane with a plush hydrophobic Berber fleece face stays deadly silent as it seals out the cold.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Rangefinder and Grunt Tube Pockets: Strategically placed pockets make for quiet and easy access to your rangefinder and grunt tube.

  • Insulated Hand Muff: The built-in hand muff is fully insulated to provide quiet and easy access to instant hand warmth without the need for bulky gloves.

  • Diagonal Full Zip: An innovative diagonal front zip adds additional wind protection while allowing convenient placement for the hand muff and grunt tube and rangefinder pockets.

  • Safety Harness Pass-Through Port: The safety harness pass-through port allows you to wear a harness closer to your body and add or subtract layers without removing the harness as conditions change.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER®: Offers complete windproof protection through a durable, lightweight, and breathable membrane.

  • PrimaLoft® Technology: PrimaLoft® products are the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. Ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet.

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11 Reviews
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Ashley Browning
Reviewed On 11/16/2019

I am 110% satisfied with this jacket. The zipper was a little awkward to get used to at first, but this jacket is everything I've been looking for. Pockets are in the right spots. Wind is blocked. Neck is warm. Size is accurate. Next stop, bibs.

Reviewed On 01/29/2019

You will not be disappointed in this jacket or bibs! For instance, I am from Minnesota and today it was -57F with 20 mph winds. I threw on my Fanatic Bibs and Jacket to go outside to check on the animals. Believe it or not, I didn't feel the wind, nor the cold. I was actually on the verge of sweating. This stuff will keep you so warm! I have worn this setup sine this fall. A comfortable temperature to wear this in would be around 30F and below. As you might wonder, the fuzz on the outside does attract some hitch hikers, but it is not hard to get them out. I bought the Fanatic Bibs and Jacket thinking I never want to be cold again.. it turned out perfect! Thank you Sitka!

Hailee Norwine
Reviewed On 12/03/2018

Keeps you warm without all the bulk. I wore this (with the bibs) on a windy 16 degree morning and was perfectly comfortable. While the cross zip can be a little awkward to zip up the first time or two you develop a skill for it and it really makes a difference when wind is a factor.

Reviewed On 11/13/2018

This jacket is amazing!!!
I am from Southern California where 50 degree Fahrenheit weather is cold for us, even 60's and low 70's is cold for me. However, thanks to this amazing gear I was able to go on my first ever midwest hunt in Missouri and stay warm the entire time!! The weather was in the 30-40's and I sat in a tree stand for 5 days in a row including in the pouring rain for a few hours and I can honestly say that besides my hands and feet (not covered in sitka gear), I never got cold! The Fanatic jacket and bibs made it possible for me to sit comfortably in that tree stand for 5 days and harvest my very first kills with my bow, both a turkey and a whitetail buck! There is no doubt in my mind that if I was not wearing the Sitka gear that I would have been cold, miserable and would have not put in the time it took to get my buck! I highly recommend the fanatic jacket and bibs! They are worth every penny!

Reviewed On 10/02/2018

I’m curvy at 5’7, 220lbs and purchased the XL. Fits a bit snug, unfortunately can’t add more than a base layer underneath. With that said I’m still in love with this jacket! It will take some getting used to with the side zipper but the cozy hood and hand muff are incredible. Very excited to try it out on the hunt!

Deneshia Larson
Reviewed On 02/13/2018

I am the person who is always cold. I've worn this jacket and the Fanatic bibs in well below freezing weather to deer hunt and was so comfortable that I was dozing in the stand! The fit is wonderful, it is well suited for a woman's body. It's very soft and QUIET (noise while stealth hunting is a huge pet peeve of mine, so I really appreciate the quietness of the material). I was able to move around a bit without making a sound.

It's warm without feeling bulky and kept me very comfortable for a long sit. I've also worn it while training my dog on sub freezing, windy days and was able to move around with ease while staying warm.

Amy Dickerson
Reviewed On 01/17/2018

This stuff is awesome! Wound up getting a men's small as the appropriate women's size was unavailable. I am the only female employee at a golf course - outside, all day. A friend, who is an avid hunter (and hates being cold), recommended the brand to me. So glad he did. I got the jacket, bibs, gloves and headband. All are well made, comfortable and insanely functional. 21 degrees today with a wind chill in the teens and every part of me that was covered by Sitka was warm. The guys were freezing today. I was not. Two final thoughts: 1) you guys should make boots and 2) whatever you are paying Jamie (in customer service), it is not enough. She is the person the whole world hopes they talk to when they call for help.

Reviewed On 12/18/2017

Reviewed On 11/30/2017

I have used the Women’s Fanatic Jacket (and bibs) this entire season with great success and satisfaction! Some of my favorite features: 1) It keeps me toasty warm. I was tired of having to leave the stand early because I was too darn cold. Never had a problem with this jacket and the matching bibs. Cold frosty mornings and I hardly noticed (and I get cold very easily). The hand warmer pocket is brilliant. It is plush and super cozy inside AND because it is close to the body (as opposed to outside my jacket like the muff I used to use), my body heat keeps it warmer. 2) It fits! This was made for women and sized just right. My experience is that it fits true to size. 3. Excellent range of motion, which for me as a bowhunter is especially imperative. 4) The material is great - soft and quiet. 5) Camo pattern is excellent. Deer, coyote, raptors, you name it, they did not “see” me. 6) No pink! Thank you Sitka for realizing that just because it is a women’s line does not mean it has to have the color pink all over it. Lastly, I would just mention I agree with the previous reviewer that you need to take care zipping the main jacket zipper as it seems to be a stress point. I found it helps to get the zipper started up just a little, re-adjust the jacket, and then finish zipping all the way up. So far absolutely no issues with function - just takes a little more care.

Overall, I highly recommend this system of clothing over any other I have tried (and I have gone through quite a few). I look forward to putting this on every hunt and it allows me to focus not on how cold I am but rather on what really matters! Thank you Sitka!

Shelly Icardi
Reviewed On 11/29/2017

I received the Sitka Fanatic bibs and jacket for my 48th birthday from my boyfriend who owns an archery/gun sporting goods store in the Northeast. So, lucky me, I always get great gifts! I have been bow hunting for over 25 years and hunt in the Northeast, primarily MA, NY and CT. I used to be an outdoor writer for a hunting and fishing magazine and had the opportunity to field test lots of products for women. I wish the magazine was still in print because I would love to introduce other bow hunters to your product!

We are bow only but hunt through the season until Dec 31. I have field tested Browning and Under Armour lines and own several of their late season products. But I LOVE the Sitka gear!

Yesterday I wore the Fanatic bibs and jacket and started in 14 degree weather for the morning hunt. Typically I have to layer, which is difficult because I am only 5'2". Wearing so many layers and being short adds alot of bulk because most clothes are made for taller women, therefore I'm carrying even extra bulk. This not only makes it difficult to walk to stand, but also to climb in a climber. I wore this suit with nothing but a thin moisture wicking base layer and was so comfortable on stand! The windstopper in the Sitka gear is KEY! I used to wear a Browning windstopper sweater but it added alot of bulk. The Sitka gear was perfect!

The side zipper on the jacket took some getting used to, but it serves a purpose to have that full hand muff. I used to also use a muff at all times because as a bow hunter, I am not a fan of gloves either. The other front pockets gave me enough storage for my release, my phone, my spare hat and flashlight so I didn't even really need to bother with my pack or my muff because everything I needed was at my fingertips! I had to walk through a stream in the morning because there was no where to cross and the Goretex in these bibs assured that I kept dry and warm!

The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because after field testing so many other lines, I am still searching for the perfect bib with a leg zipper to allow for easy access to "use the ladies room" from the stand. Although I appreciate the full leg zipper on these bibs, I wish someone would put the zipper on the inside of the legs for a full zipper opening to allow for access. It is not easy, especially wearing bibs, to gain access and an inside zipper would solve everything because you could keep all your clothing on, including your safety harness while doing what you need to do. I have been able to master this from 25 ft in a stand but alas, I have to remove my binocs and jacket and pull the bibs down. We like to stay in stand all day so it does make things challenging. I've wanted to approach someone to put a zipper in for me, but I don't want to ruin my gear.

The only other reason I am not giving 5 stars is the camo pattern is a little off for the Northeast, but will be fine during the late season. I started off loving Sitka when someone at the shop gave us a gaiter for me to wear. Your products are definitely hands down the warmest and most functional I have used in the field. All I needed while wearing your gear were my arctic shield boot blankets for my feet and I was able to sit comfortably all day! Thanks Sitka for making a functional line for women! Please let me know if you ever add an inside full zipper, I would love to field test!

Carrie Jo Brunelle
Reviewed On 11/15/2017

I purchased the Women's Fanatic Jacket and Bibs new for my 2017 Bow season here in Central NY. I decided to make this purchase after my husband purchased the same Fanatic Set for men and generally feeling tired of being very cold during every bow sit.

The features I like the most about the jacket include the zip up collar. I have not needed to wear a face mask yet this season because the collar covers the lower part of my face, chin and neck. The cuffs on the sleeves are superb! I've worn two other jackets before (NOT Sitka brand) with velcro closures and they are noisy and add unnecessary bulk. Probably my favorite feature would be the hand muff. I'm not a fan of wearing gloves to bow hunt but it's not necessary with the hand muff on this jacket! My only "complaint" is the zipper. I notice I need to take my time lining it up and zipping it slowly as to not over-stress the zipper.

Now on to the bibs. This is my first pair of hunting bibs and I was concerned with feeling overwhelmed with clothing under my jacket. In addition to the bibs I wear a harness as well (under the jacket). Not the case with these bibs. I also appreciate the zippered legs. This makes taking muddy, wet boots off a breeze!

The material is soft and quiet. I have yet to wash any of the pieces but probably won't do so until the season is over. I am so glad I bought this system of clothing. I feel as though it's extended and enhanced my season because I'm willing to sit longer in colder, more inclimate weather. I look forward to more innovative products from SITKA.

Size Small (true to size)
Women's Fanatic Jacket and Bibs

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