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Cole Kramer and Kiviok Hight's

Field Tested Sheep System

The Ultimate Sheep System

This system was designed to be the pinnacle for hunting wild sheep. Field tested mercilessly to meet every demand, it’s constructed to be lightweight without sacrificing durability while still being capable of protecting you from the broad range of weather conditions found in sheep country.


Cam Foss

Hunting Marco Polo sheep in Tajikistan has a reputation — not just for its high-altitude, unforgiving terrain and daunting travel in an unknown world — but also for corrupt outfitters, shady hunting practices and poachers.

Sheep travel in large bands to protect themselves from their many threats, and not just the snow leopards, wolves and deadly winters; poachers in jeeps wielding AK-47s routinely roam these mountains in search of trophy rams. The sheep are incredibly skittish and live in some of the highest places on earth. Getting within bow range of these wary animals is a tall order.

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Ascent Pant OC
Our Lightest Big Game Pant

Ascent Pant

Developed for early season pursuits and charging up mountains; the Ascent Pant features mesh-backed pockets for breathability and an internal mesh knee pad pocket when added protection is needed.

Why We Made It?

Early-season, hot-weather hunting conditions demand breathable gear that can keep you cool, focused and lethal while being ultra durable. Our approach was to create the lightest, most breathable pant ever without sacrificing the durability SITKA is trusted for.

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Dustin Roe's

Sheep Hunting Essentials

MTN Nutrition

Backcountry Nutrition

When I first started backcountry hunting, I never thought much about backcountry nutrition. I had no idea how many calories I burned and no idea how many calories I packed per day. Most of the time I’d buy food on the way out of town...

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Counting Ounces

Counting Ounces

I’ve refined my system for about 15 years but write this with only one caveat — don’t simply take my word for it. Yes, these are my personal choices, but the ideal setup for you may vary based on your body type, hunt conditions and preferences. 

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The Coldest Place on Earth

The Coldest Place on Earth

Sheep hunting with a bow presents a unique set of challenges. There is the vertical terrain, the keen eyes of the prey, and the proximity the weapon demands. As with most things, the magnitude of the challenge mirrors the magnitude of reward.

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