Wader Care 

How to Wash

*Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry.* 

There are many ways you can clean your waders. Below is an easy at home method:

Step 1:

  • Fill your bathtub with warm or cold water. If your waders are soiled, we recommend using warm water. 
  • Add a liquid detergent such as 'Revivex Wetsuite/Dry suite Shampoo' from Gear Aid or 'Performance Wash' from Grangers.

Step 2:

  • Scrub with a brush inside and outside of waders. Easiest to lay the waders flat in the bathtub.
Step 3:

  • Rinse off waders and hang upside down.

Step 4:

  • While the waders are still damp, apply a spray on Durable Water Repellent treatment. 
  • For best results, dry with a blow dryer on a medium setting waving about 6 to 8 inches above garment.
  • NOTE: You can damage waders if you isolate high heat on one spot.
  • We recommend either 'Revivex Water Repellent' from Gear Aid or 'Performance Repel' from Grangers.
Step 5:

  • Dry waders completely by hanging upside down from boots. Do not store damp or wet, this will result in mildew and fabric detorioration. 


1. How do I fix the Delta Zipper? (ie. center front zipper)

  • Place a little dab of zipper lube on both sides near the closing end of the zipper.
  • Open and close a few times in order to fully distribute zipper lube along the teeth.
  • A little dab will be more than enough. Be sure to wipe off excess or else it will collect dirt.
  • Continue to lubricate when the zipper gets stiff or before placing in storage.
  • Store with the zipper closed in order to reduce strain.

2. What if I am hunting in salt water?

  • If hunting in salt water, we strongly recommend rinsing waders after every use.

3. How useful is self-evaluation of wader condition?

  • Self-evaluation of your gear will save you time and money, while helping you become more familiar with your products.
  • Those who tend to their products generally experience longer life out of their gear. 
4. When to hand wash or hose off?

  • Wash on an as needed basis. Neglecting to wash is not a warrantable product issue. 
  • As needed is defined by use in clay or muddy environments which require the product to be washed more often. Even a quick rinse will greatly increase the life of your wader. 

5. What are the benefits of regulary washing my waders?

  • Regular washing your waders will greatly increase breathability, performance, longevity, and basic hygiene.

6. What is covered by warranty and how does the process work?