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Mountain Collection

Mountain Collection
The Swiss Army Knife of Big Game Gear

If you're searching for a set of gear that can perform during any phase of the season, the Mountain Collection is for you. It's designed for high performance in a wide range of conditions – from chasing September bugles to the last day of the rifle season. As the name implies, the Mountain Pant is a go-to across seasons and environments.

Gore-tex Infinuim™ with Windstopper® Technology

The jacket is 100% windproof with a brushed polyester face to take the bite out of cold gusts while keeping you stealthy.

Comfort in Varying Conditions

Light enough for warmer early-season hunts, yet capable of layering into late-season system for cold weather.

Articulated fit + Knee Pads

Designed for mobility and protection in rugged country.

Mountain Optics Harness
Quick and Silent Access

Get fast, easy access to your binos and essential gear with this streamlined chest pack. We took inspiration from military chest rigs in designing this modular solution. The result being a stealthy and convenient system that lets you quickly and efficiently access your optics and other gear - whether you’re making a long hike in, moving between glassing points, or in the middle of a stalk.

  • Magnetic front binocular flap opening

  • Molle compatible chassis

  • Quick detach binocular attachment

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