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Waterfowl : Timber
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The Dakota Vest is an ideal solution for windy days in the blind. Use it as an outwear piece in moderate temperatures or a layering piece on bone chilling days.

GoreTex Infinium

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Product is Standard Fit, designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.

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  • GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Timber is optimized for engagement distances of 10 to 40 yards in the darker environments of flooded timber.

  • Weight: 17.6 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER™ Technology.

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

Wind Protection
Water Protection

Features & Benefits

High Handwarmer Pockets and Zip-Secure Hand Pockets

High hand-warmer pockets and traditional zippered hand pockets give you flexibility when worn with waders, bibs or pants.

Integrated Lanyard Loops

Lanyard loops keep your calls organized and are stashable in a low tubular pocket to keep them from swinging around on early morning slogs to the blind.

Product Care 

Routine Care and maintenance ensures the optimum performance of your SITKA Gear.
- Machine Wash Cold +Tumble Dry Cool
- Do Not Bleach + Do Not Dry Clean + Do Not Iron

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ryan huttner | 08. 06. 19
This vest is great, with a nice hoodie and this vest you can stay warm and keep your arms free! A+
Chandler Daggett | 06. 17. 19
This is my most worn piece of gear during duck season or working around camp by our entire crew. Comfortable, durable & amazingly warm. The Gore Windstopper works! Definitely recommend!
MllrdKllr | 06. 12. 19
Tried and true, this will keep your core warm in any environment with proper layering. Early season, over a lightweight hoody, late season, over a gradient and under a Hudson. Never a disappointment, there is a reason this is one of the most sought after pieces from waterfowlers year to year. One piece of advice, add at least one, if not two exterior shell pockets just like the Hudson jackets so we can shed a layer and still have placement for shells. Even my advice doesn't fault this product from being FOUR STAR. Great job, great product. Sitka isn't a brand, it's a way of life!
Jake Lonier | 10. 14. 18
I’ve never been a vest guy until I tried this one on and it’s one of my favorite Sitka pieces. Very warm and wind proof. Drawstrings in each pocket to tighten the bottom so it stays tight if worn under a jacket or waders. 10/10 would reccomend. 6’ 1” 230 and I bought an XXL. Too big for a t shirt but perfect for sweatshirts.
James Zambetti | 07. 30. 18
I got this before the beginning of this past waterfowl season, and I have been nothing less than impressed. Wearing this in combination with my Midweight Zip-T is a perfect early-mid season clothing solution in Texas, and definitely my go-to upper layer. When the temperatures drop and I need additional warmth, I'll throw this on top of my Dakota Hoody or underneath my Hudson Jacket. It's a great layer to have and probably my favorite piece of Sitka Gear. Besides wearing it to go hunt, it is also great to wear day-to-day in the fall and winter. It's versatile to the point where I wear it hunting no matter what, it never gets left in my closet. It's durable, warm, comfortable, and ultra-functional. It's everything and more than what you'd want in a piece of hunting clothing. I'd buy this vest again and again.
Matt | 06. 13. 18
Absolutely love this product! Like others have said it’s a shame you can’t give it 5 stars because this is one that deserves it. If you’re looking for a quality layering vest or even just a vest for when it’s just cold enough to need a little something more the Dakota Vest is it!
Judson | 01. 16. 18
It's a bummer you can only give this vest 4 stars. I think it deserves 5! This was the piece that got me hooked on Sitka. It is an awesome piece of clothing that can be worn in all conditions. I have worn it on every waterfowl hunt I have been on this year. This vest will keep you warm in any and all conditions whether it is worn as a layering piece of on top of a Heavyweight Hoody. I am 6'4 200 lbs and the XL fits me perfect.
Ryan Lynch | 01. 07. 18
This is a useful windblockong layer for early to mid season. It even can be a useful layer under another jacket. Gore is at forefront of windstopper tech. For as thin as it is, the Windstopper construction make it feel much warmer than it appears. Excellent piece to have in your closet.
Tom Dotson | 10. 07. 17
Keeps you very warm on those brisk late early mid-season mornings.
Colton Wright | 03. 21. 17
Definitely my go to in all conditions that I'm faced with.
Caleb Smith | 01. 17. 17
When I got this jacket I wasnt sure I would wear it a ton. I was definitely wrong as I have worn this on every hunt I have been on this year. Midweight Core, Vest, Duck Oven, Hudson is how I layer with this. I am 6'1" 190 lbs and a Large fits me great, as with all Sitka, it is a tad small, but its just right for layering and is not constricting at all. I will be buying another one of these in a Solid color because its simply a good looking vest.
Juan Rodriguez Jr | 01. 10. 17
brookes v | 10. 21. 16
My go too. Shooting way more ducks when I wear it.
Anthony B | 09. 22. 16
After recieving the Dakota Vest earlier this week, I was impressed at the durability, feel and overall quailty of it's design. Lightweight yet warm, For early - mid season this is a valued piece in the field moderating your body heat. Fit's true to size, easy accessable pocket locations. A truly great addition to your line of waterfowl gear. Exceptional job Sitka. My first piece of gear and will definately be ordering much more.
Ben B | 11. 24. 15
This thing is incredible. Combined with the proper base and mid layers, it kept me at the perfect temperature during windy a 30 degree morning. I had fully intended on wearing a jacket after setting the spread but, due to the performance of the system, I simply forgot.
Jake S | 09. 24. 15
Very pleased with my dakota vest. From early to late season, this is one heck of a piece. Early season I often combine this piece with a traverse zip t where as late season I will layer this under my dakota jacket or over my duck oven. Great piece to have in your arsenal.
Matthew | 07. 13. 15
Have used the vest more than I even thought possible. Fits true to size and adds just the right layer of warmth with enough pockets. This was designed by hunters for a hunter. Thanks
Jack | 05. 24. 15
Not only do I wear this vest on nearly every early season waterfowl hunt, but I also use it as a layer as the year progresses. It fits perfectly (and snug) over my Traverse Zip T, allowing me to easily move without the 'bulkiness' of other vest on the market. Also, when they say windproof, they mean it! The protection and durability this product offers is second to none! With multiple easily accessible pockets, there is plenty of room for a lot of infield necessities. The hand pockets on this vest are ideal for those brisk mornings and allow for a quick warm up in between calling sessions. This vest is a necessity for any Waterfowler!
Brooks Heath | 03. 20. 15
This is one of my key pieces of layering gear I own. It works great on those mild mornings with a light base layer for some core warmth as well as an additional layer on the blustery cold mornings when you just need a little more core heat. From layout hunts in the goose field to laying in a layout boat on the eastern shore this piece of gear allows a wide range of torso twist to kill those bird on the corners.
Back Porch Outfitters LLC | 02. 22. 15
This vest is phenomenal. It provides the perfect barrier between you and the elements for your early to mid-season hunts. Whether out in the water wading, or in a ground blind, this vest is sure to be with me. Being a professional hunter and guide, durability is a must. This vest has survived an entire season without any sign of wear. With the perfectly placed hand pockets and oversized collar (great for keeping your lanyard in place), everything on this piece was amazingly designed. I highly recommend this piece to any and all waterfowl hunters!
Chad Offsafety | 12. 09. 14
I've worn this vest for the entire 14-15 season so far. I have worn this vest all over and up and down the Pacific Flyway. From warm early season mornings over my Traverse zip t, to freezing temps in Eastern Washington under my Hudson. This vest does it's job, incredibly warm for how light it is... This is an essential piece of my waterfowling system. The optifade looks great at well. Gotta look good to hunt good. When you drop the coin on Sitka, it is a statement to the other guys in the sweat line or club that you know your gear and that you take your waterfowling seriously. *I am not a GORE tester, but would like to be lol.
Tom Guy | 11. 17. 14
I love this product I hunt in the northeast and I wore the Dakota vest and Traverse hoody with a Core base layer into the first weeks of November with plenty of warmth no jacket required.. wind stopper is awesome!
Andrew Pals | 11. 05. 14
Bought this vest right before the season started in Northern Indiana. I will tell you one thing, you will never find a better vest in your whole entire life. This thing, 100 percent, stops all wind no matter how hard it is blowing even 40 mile per hour gusts straight off lake Michigan. The next best thing is how wonderful the pocket placement is. This product was designed by hunters for hunters. Talk about a nice piece. Honestly at this point I expect nothing but the best from Sitka and they just keep on producing the most quality gear in the world. Thanks Sitka team
Rob | 10. 30. 14
love this vest. wind stopper is a must in Dec in MN. Love all my Sitka gear.
Scott Read | 01. 07. 14
This is a great garment, I wore it everyday of the season this past year. Early season it was nice with just a base layer to keep the wind off while keeping your core warm when driving a boat. Mid season it was perfect over a hoodie, and then latter it was a nice insulating layer under a jacket. The chest level hand warmer pockets are perfect while wearing waders. Would love to see it as a full jacket also, maybe a Dakota Vest/Jetstream Jacket hybrid.
Keith graffagnini | 08. 14. 13
Great addition to your duck kit! It really keeps the wind off you. Duck hunting in Texas or Louisiana can be unpredictable. It typically warms up fast but the first 2 hrs from 5am to 7am can be brutal as the cold wet humidity can cut through most gear if not prepared. I have been caught in rain with this piece and the rain rolls right off and stays lite. It keeps your core warm and arms cool for the warm natured people. I pair this up with zip tee or core layers after sun comes up. It also is great everyday piece. I have been asked several times where I found this vest. I am not sponsored by anyone but consider myself as a Sitka Gear geek.
Ed Gramza | 07. 29. 13
The Dakota Vest is a great addition to any waterfowl hunters system. The Windstopper layer helps to keep the chill off of you in the early morning. The vest can be used as an outer layer about the Traverse Zip-T or as an additional layer under a jacket. I use this vest in conjunction with my Pantanal Parka while sitting in the duck boat or the layout blind.
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