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Gunner WS Glove

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We built the Gunner WINDSTOPPER® Glove to maximize trigger feel while keeping your fingers from going numb late into the season. Durable, supple and dexterous, the goatskin leather outer is fixed to a super smooth, seamless GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® liner. The stretch-woven forefinger gives you precise trigger control, while the reinforced Pusher Thumb withstands pushing thousands of rounds into the chamber.

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  • Weight: 5.30 oz.

  • Fabric: GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER® Technology, Water-Resistant Goat Leather with Knit Infinium with WINDSTOPPER™ Technology Liner

  • Adjustable Closure: The quiet velcro closure offers a custom fit and further seals out the elements.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER®: Offers complete windproof protection through a durable, lightweight, and breathable membrane.

Water Protection
Wind Protection


GoreTex Infinium

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6 Reviews
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Jordan Miller
Reviewed On 12/19/2018

I purchased these gloves to be used not only for upland hunting here in the Midwest, but also as an everyday glove for chores around the farm that didn't require a beefy work glove. I really loved the fit and feel, the gloves are well designed and thought out. The only thing I would worn someone about before they go with these is the durability or lack there of on the grey knit sections of the index finger and in between each of the fingers. It started to fray quickly and continued to get worse if I didn't burn off the snags with a lighter every once and a while. All in all, a great pair of gloves if you take it easy with them.

Doug Manzer
Reviewed On 11/18/2017

Purchased these gloves earlier this fall and have used them 1/2 dozen times in temps ranging from 5c to -10c. They remain remarkably warm when the wind kicks up with 50-60 Km gusts. My hands have remained comfortably warm in this temperature range with ability to stuff them in a pocket from time to time. I wouldn’t class these as cold weather gloves but they do work very well around a duck blind. I also purchased a callers glove for my left hand and occasionally put my call hand in it warm up.
Dexterity is very good overall for handling a gun or other tasks requiring finger use. Loading shells is a snap.
The Velcro closure is strong - perhaps more so than other Velcro closures I’m used to. The leather quality and stitching is very good. Smooth, comfortable and resists some moisture. There are reinforced areas on the palm and thumb.
As another reviewer pointed out the fabric on the index finger has shown slight fraying. This occurred on the initial use and hasn’t changed since then. I’m entirely comfortable with this appearance of some wear as it hasn’t affected utility in any way and it is only evident if I look very closely. Non-issue for me.
I’ve used many other types of gloves to maintain feel while handling a gun and these check all the boxes when the weather dips. I’d buy them again.

Reviewed On 11/01/2017

Hands down (pun intended) the best glove I have ever purchased. I have tried many, many pairs over the years and there is NO comparison. I have used the Gunner glove to hunt geese in MT, quail in Southwest GA, and for odds and ins around the farm in both GA and MS. Great dexterity plus surprisingly warm too.
Great job for this one Sitka!

Dustin T
Reviewed On 02/05/2017

I would give these gloves more stars if available. I am an accessory guy I have a lot of gloves and these are by far my favorite. I have never had a pair of gloves I couldnt destroy in a year. I live in rural MT and used these for fencing, wood gathering, horse back riding, and over 100 days in the field hunting and they have held up amazing. The only thing better than the durability is the warmth for how thin they are. Myself and about 3 other waterfowlers in my crew ran these all the way through a brutally cold MT season. Well done Sitka.

Colin Crosby
Reviewed On 12/16/2016

Reallly bummed...Was excited to try these beautiful gloves at the range today and after one use both trigger finger material looks like it's already can see it separating and balling up a bit. Was very surprised as all of Sitkas gear is top notch. Maybe the next design will be a bit more durable.

Reviewed On 10/16/2016

The fit is great. These gloves allow you to maintain good dexterity and will keep you warm until freezing temps. Possibly longer depending on if you're a hot or cold person. I think the size is true so just go by the size chart. I had no problem loading shells the other morning in 34 degrees F and would recommend these gloves to anyone! Well done, Sitka

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