Heavyweight Hoody
Heavyweight Hoody
Heavyweight Hoody
Heavyweight Hoody
Heavyweight Hoody
Heavyweight Hoody
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Heavyweight Hoody

  • Hunt Solids : Lead
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The Heavyweight Hoody is versatility at its best. This hoody works as an extension of your base layer for hunts in cold weather or worn as outerwear for active mid-season days. The channeled comfort-stretch fleece insulation retains core warmth while allowing moisture to rapidly move through the system.

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Sizing Guide

Jacket & Tops Sizing

Size Chest Sleeve
Small 36 - 38" 33"
Medium 39 - 41" 34"
Medium Tall 39 - 41" 36"
Large 42 - 45" 35"
Large Tall 42 - 45" 37"
X-Large 46 - 49" 36"
X-Large Tall 46 - 49" 38"
2XL 50 - 53" 37"
2XL Tall 50 - 53" 39"
3XL 54 - 57" 38"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 30" 31"
31 31" 31"
32 32" 31" 33"
33 33" 32" 34"
34 34" 32" 34"
35 35" 32" 34"
36 36" 33" 34.5"
37 37" 33" 34.5"
38 38" 33" 34.5"
40 40" 33"
42 42" 33"
44 44" 33"

Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
Small 28 - 30" 31"
Medium 31 - 33" 31" 33"
Large 34 - 37" 32" 34"
X-Large 38 - 41" 32" 34"
2XL 42 - 45" 32" 34"
3XL 46 - 49" 32" 34"

Dakota Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 31" 31"
32 33" 31" 33"
34 35" 32" 34"
36 37" 32" 34"
38 39" 32" 34"
40 41" 32"
42 43" 32"
44 45" 32"

Glove Sizing

Size Palm Circ Length
Medium 8 - 8.5" 7.5 - 8"
Large 9 - 9.5" 8.5 - 9"
X-Large 9.5 - 10" 9 - 9.5"
2XL 10 - 10.5" 9.5 - 10"

Gaiter Sizing

Size Calf Circ Boot Size
M/L 17.5" US 6-10"
L/XL 18.5" US 10-14"

How to Take
Your Measurements


    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Take measurement under armpits, around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades.


    Measure around where you normally wear your pants, keeping the tape measure a bit loose or putting one finger between your body and the tape measure.

  • 4. INSEAM

    In a standing position,measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 5. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles, around the hand, excluding the thumb.

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation.

Fit Descriptions

We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit

  • P/F
  • S/F
  • E/F

    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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  • Weight: 14.8 oz. // Size: L

  • Fabric: Heavyweight Comfort Stretch Fleece (93% Polyester/7% Elastane).

  • Polygiene® Odor Control Technology safely neutralizes odor caused from sweat.

  • YKK® Zippered Chest Pocket: Keep essentials right at your fingertips.

  • Stretch Thumb Loops: Shed layers with ease without compromising the rest of your system.

  • Half-Length, Center Front YKK® Zipper: Provides the perfect balance of warmth and breathability.

  • Low-Profile Flatlock Seam Construction & Low-Profile Hood.

  • Imported

Moisture Wicking
Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.



Why We Made This

Fleece mid-layers often come with a lack of efficient moisture transfer limiting the performance of subsequent layers. We solved this problem with a unique waffled construction that accelerates the movement of sweat through the system, preventing it from building up on the inside. The channeled insulation provides some additional warmth, and Polygiene technology controls odor building making this an incredibly versatile mid-layer, that can also function as an outer layer.

Product Comments

53 Reviews
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Jeff Guesman
Reviewed On 02/01/2023

Extremely competitive comfortable and warm. Highly recommend.

Reviewed On 01/29/2023

It has exceed my expectations so far. I have used it as a mid-layer in some very cold Minnesota temps and I have been very pleased with the results. I would buy again when it's on sale.

Brandon Barenis
Reviewed On 01/27/2023

These hoodies are awesome. They could use 2 pockets for your hands but over all I’m very satisfied and just bought another in brown . I’m 6’4” and 225lbs. Got the xxl and it fits perfectly. A little long in length but it can be tucked in when worn as a base layer .

Brian Smith
Reviewed On 01/26/2023

I love these pullovers!!! They are so comfortable and warm and easy to take care of. I am 6'5" and 240 lbs and the XXL is perfect in fit and sleeve length. I have 3 of them currently and see more in my future!! You won't regret this purchase.

Jon Walkup
Reviewed On 01/22/2023

Just as advertised, great warmth, great fit, light weight, plus other features, this hoody is great for layering in cold weather and very comfortable to wear as an outer layer in warm weather…. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Steve Ray
Reviewed On 01/11/2023

I would give this product eleventeen hunnerd and fiddy stars if it just had either a pouch pocket or two individual pockets. Seriously, what is the first thing you do when you step outside in a hoodie? You put your hands in the pockets. I was blown away over how warm this hoodie is for how thin and light it is. You must have come across some space age material or something. I can't state enough how perfect this would be if it had pockets. I don't suppose there is any way I can get a swatch of the material and have a seamstress make me a pouch pocket?

Brian McAvena
Reviewed On 01/09/2023

Terrible pilling on exterior after washing. With that being said, the piece is critical and a part of all my late season hunts.

Eugene Wingfield
Reviewed On 01/06/2023

Great product! Clothes do exactly as advertised.

Reviewed On 01/01/2023

Fantastic hoody! Comfortable, warm and quiet. Great for hiking in cold weather.

Joe Black
Reviewed On 12/29/2022

Great all around hoodie both in the woods and just hanging out .

Reviewed On 12/29/2022

I love this hoody. It works and fits as advertised. A great item for layering; helps control body temp, moisture and sent. I bought it specifically for an elk hunt in Wyoming and I was not disappointed with the performance. I’ve purchased a second one.

Reviewed On 12/29/2022

I've been wearing this jacket as a second layer over a T-shirt or base layer during duck season beneath my Delta Wading Jacket. With the temps ranging from single digits to the 30's this has been the perfect combo. The material is super soft and and the hood fit's perfectly. I liked it so much, I bought two additional in different colors. This hoodie quickly went from the duck blind to the everyday wear during the cooler months.

Reviewed On 12/29/2022

Love this hoody. I wear it around town, in the woods, it’s the perfect all around hoody and my new favorite

Reviewed On 12/29/2022

Warm. Comfortable. Quiet. Use as a mid-layer currently. But will have no issues using as top layer when in warmer conditions. Will buy again!

Reviewed On 12/29/2022

Bought this for mid layer for duck hunting sea ducks out of boat with cold morning rides. Tested it over Xmas in Whistler BC under my Helly Hansen snowboard shell. Temp was -16C felt much colder on lift chairs. Body stayed warm, best surprise was the front face shield it was great kept the wind off my face and allowed me to snowboard without my goggles fogging up. I live in hoodies in winter in Northwest this is my new go to

Reviewed On 12/28/2022

The good: soft, warm, comfy, will make an excellent layering hoody.
the bad: The fit. I normally always wear a XL. I am 6'2" 215 and workout. I have a 45" chest and 32" waist. My gf got a XL for me and it fits like a parachute. I am comfortable saying this is the largest XL I've ever tried on.
my tip - if you are looking for a sizing review I am comfortable by telling anyone to size down. Looking forward to getting the replacement

Rashe E
Reviewed On 12/27/2022

Probably my favorite base layer piece when it gets to late October through the end of January and a great layering piece in warmer weather. Super comfortable and pretty warm. It would be nice if it had a kangaroo pocket but since I normally throw a jacket over the top of it I don’t notice not having a pocket too much. All around great piece was always!

Reviewed On 12/26/2022

The product is very warm and very comfortable. The extra length in the back is super helpful for layering. however, if you use this piece as an outer layer for very much time at all it starts to ball up pretty bad. I’ve been fairly easy on it and it’s not in great shape. Only had it for 6 months.

Reviewed On 12/25/2022

I use this hoodie and corresponding pants as a base layer and it kept me warm on my weekend hunt. These base layers are so important. A must have and highly recommended.

Reviewed On 12/20/2022

I like the piece a lot, but I’d love it if it had a kangaroo pocket…or if you made the fanatic hoody in Subalpine.

Reviewed On 12/14/2022

I own several heavy weight hoodies and wear them often during the CO winters and cooler months. Very comfortable, relatively warm, great layering piece, and love the half length zipper for dumping heat. Reason for 3 stars is that the material has started to pile after about one year's worth of use.. and price. If you can find one on sale it becomes 4 stars!

Chad Frank
Reviewed On 11/25/2022

Not that this staple of the Sitka line needs another review but here goes. I wear one of these every day at work, obviously we can’t hunt 365 days per year. But I did just wear one over a core lightweight hoody and under my traverse cold weather hoody in Montana. A couple mornings it hit -17 and I have to say this system kept me warm and even sweating while moving and plenty warm when stopped to glass once temps rose into the teens and 20s. I wear a large on a 5’11” 200 pound frame. Fits me well. Great product as always.

Reviewed On 11/23/2022

I really like this piece it’s fits a little loose compared to other pieces. I find myself always grabbing my fanatic hood instead because of the face mask and kangaroo pocket but that’s no fault of this piece. If Sitka added a face mask to this, game over. I think the fanatic is slightly warmer but the long wonky sleeves and finger mitten things really detract from the fanatic.

Jackson Cole
Reviewed On 11/22/2022

The heavyweight hoodie is a must have in my opinion. It is a awesome base layer that compliments every hunting per suit. I highly recommend that everyone own at least 2 of these.

Mike Bryan
Reviewed On 11/19/2022

Hands down the best all around hoodie I own. I rated 3 stars because the chest pocket does not fit the new iPhones. The pocket it literally an iron on patch pocket. So there is no reason Sitka can not make a large enough pocket to fit new model cell phones. This is not 2009 anymore. So please make a bigger pocket. I will change my review to 10 out of 5 stars when this change is made.

Reviewed On 11/18/2022

Absolutely worth it. I now own every color. Fits Perfect I'm 6'6 and its long enough. This is my go to Hoody for hunting or if I'm going out with my wife.

Reviewed On 11/13/2022

This hoodie is my designated hitter. I wear this hoodie during turkey season and during deer season. I would love to see it in Elevated that way I could wear it with my stratus bibs and vest on the days I don’t need my stratus jacket.

Nate G
Reviewed On 11/06/2022

I love this hoody! Great for layering under the kelvin and a regular piece on cool mornings. Only drawback is I wish it had the built in facemask like the lightweight piece or stratus hoody.

Reviewed On 10/28/2022

Light weight and still keeps me very warm. The hood keeps wind away from wind. Recommend to anyone thinking about it.

Reviewed On 10/13/2022

Product works just as expected. The main problem is that it shows wear and excessive pilling after the first wear.

Reviewed On 10/07/2022

This is the warmest hoodie I own. I bought the coyote colored hoodie for general use and this thing is incredibly warm and comfortable . I highly recommend SITKA gear.

Reviewed On 09/23/2022

This hoodie rips. I have multiple now and wear them all the time. Very similar to the Patagonia R1 hoodie but warmer and fits better. This is easily one of my favorite pieces of Sitka gear and is almost always with me when I am out hunting. Would be great if they came out with one similar to the fanatic hoodie with a facemask.

Reviewed On 05/25/2022

I just bought this for a spring black bear hunt and wore it every day for 5 days strait, it fits the bill here in north Idaho on the 4am 23°F morning with a puffy jacket and mountain vest over it. Then as the tempa warmed up to 65°F by noon I only needed this shirt. The hood is perfect to keep sun off your neck or zip the shirt all the way up for extra warmth while glassing. My only complaint is it's too baggy around the waist. I'm 5'9" 190 crossfit build and I felt like there's too much extra material around the belly area.

Reviewed On 03/13/2022

First, what I like. This piece is quite warm and wind resistant, and very well designed functionally from the form fitting hood to the nice, longer sleeves that allow one to raise hands above head without them riding way up, similarly with the long tail to cover the back. What I don't like is that the belly and waist are huge, which makes this warm piece compromised when worn untucked because it lets in a huge draft from below. I'm 5'11 with a 44" chest and 33" waist, weighing 175 lbs, which is generally a solid Large size. This thing is huge in the waist--I measure it at 43". It's made with tons of stretchy Lycra, too, so who are they expecting to have to fit with this cut? Also, the chest pocket could be a little bigger to accommodate average smart phones without having to stretch the pocket, which makes it hard to extricate.

Garrett Wade
Reviewed On 02/15/2022

5’11” 190lbs , and the L fits me perfect! Excellent product!

Addison MacDonald
Reviewed On 02/01/2022

I’m 5’11, 210lbs and the XL fits amazing. I loved the lightweight so much I bought the heavyweight in black for everyday wear when I am traveling through the winter months. It also serves as the perfect blind piece in the late October hunts in the whitetail woods. From flights to whitetail sits it can’t be beat! I can’t wait to get it in a pattern for the elk woods.

Reviewed On 12/05/2021

This is my go to hoody. It's super warm and extremely comfortable. I wear this hoody pretty much daily.

Steve Michelson
Reviewed On 11/18/2021

Great product - would give 5 stars but the fit just isn't quite perfect for us taller skinny guys. Wish they made it in a medium-tall so I didn't have to order up and get the large. Otherwise, great hoody!

Reviewed On 11/13/2021

I bought this as my first base layer piece, the performance has been great. Very warm and fits too size. That being said after about half a dozen wearings I am starting to get some serious pill balling on the shoulder/chest area where my bib straps rub against it. Other than that it is a fantastic piece I have recommended this to many people.

Jack T.
Reviewed On 10/20/2021

Good hoody, just not five stars. Fabric is warm and quiet, working as a midlayer under my Stratus or as a daily wear item. Quickly becoming my go-to hoody. However, the hoody doesn't have hand pockets, which is slightly unnerving and the reason why it can't get five stars.

Alan B
Reviewed On 09/27/2021

Heavyweight Hoody works perfectly with the Sitka Layering System. Depending on the weather, this hoody goes great over the Core Lightweight Hoody. I have the Subalpine, Open Country, and a couple solids. Thanks Sitka for listening, and adding other hunting solid colors.

George R Fischer
Reviewed On 08/19/2021

The Heavyweight Hoody is my favorite Sitka product. As a guide and wildlife officer I wear my hoody throughout the year. In back country camps, I rarely take it off. Its a super underlayer as well as a great light shirt. The hood is awesome extra insulation for long hours glassing, on horseback or running boats.

Jason Milner
Reviewed On 08/10/2021

When you need a little extra for those cool spring mornings in the turkey woods, this is it. Warm enough for the 30’s but cool enough you don’t burn up in the heat of the day.

Reviewed On 08/02/2021

I own three of these and primarily use them as base layer for cold weather (under 10 deg F) pheasant hunting. Hood is great in windy cold conditions and pull down as conditions improve. Also use as a base layer fishing on cold days. Hood is perfect when running between fishing locations. For those wondering about fit....I'm 6'1", 200 lbs with long torso, and prefer a loose fit. 2XL is a perfect fit for me.

Robert Thomas
Reviewed On 06/26/2021

Got this, because I love my core lightweight goody so much, but needed a bit more warmth and this delivered. It is everything I was hoping for when the weather started getting colder. I can hike just in this and stay plenty warm and just have to throw a puffy over it when glassing and I stay so warm. This is a absolute must for cold weather hunting.

Reviewed On 06/11/2021

I was very impressed at the warmth to weight ratio of this piece. It is very lightweight, but the channeling in the insulation works well to trap body heat and the outer material blocks the wind quite well. The fit is a bit on the larger side, especially in the trunk and waist which is a bit baggy compared to other Sitka pieces.

John Zemrose
Reviewed On 01/29/2021

This is my go to hoody for Pennsylvania. Not too hot in 70 degree weather and good to about 45 degrees. It’s my go to piece whenever I go to the turkey woods.

Reviewed On 01/12/2021

Like I said in my review of the Kelvin WS hoody, I can't decide which of these is my very favorite piece from Sitka. It could very well be this one. The warmth to wight ratio boggles my mind. It is very soft and very warm for what it is. With a Merino wool base layer under the heavyweight hoody, it can probably get you through 90% of your hunting season. It wicks moisture very well and does not hold onto scent at all. I can't say enough about it, I like it so much that I plan on getting another one just to have. Very pleased.

Drew Turner
Reviewed On 12/27/2020

Unbelievably comfortable. I bought this in every color, because I liked it so much. I can wear this in almost any temperature . Perfect mid layer. Very packable. I can’t say enough good things about the hoodie.

Reviewed On 10/16/2020

Awesome and warm. This is exactly what I wanted from a “mid-layer” hoodie. Perfect thickness and warmth without being bulky. Long tail in the back prevents that funky ride up when wearing waders. Overall, well worth the money.

Justin Hitchcock
Reviewed On 10/30/2019

Awesome base layer, comfy and fit well!

C. Elder
Reviewed On 10/03/2019

I have last years model, not sure what is different for this year. Wore it in Michigan's white tail opener 2 days ago when it was 60 going to the stand and 80 coming out. Got a little sweaty on the way in, but the wicking dried me out quick once in the stand. Even in 70's and low 80's I wasn't hot as the channeled fleece kept air moving (BTW, this was with using the hood). Only got uncomfortable when the sun started hitting my directly. I was really surprised, I thought I would have to shed it once the temps started rising.

Reviewed On 09/25/2019

Really soft and warm. I wore it in temperatures around 40 degrees and it was perfect. It’s crazy how it’s super lightweight and still manages to keep you warm. I would buy again. The fit is super athletic. If you want a loose fit order up a size.

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SITKA Team - 10.08.2019

The Necessities of Comfort: Gear Tips To Improve Your Next Hunt

Comfort can play a vital role in the hunt. Not in the sense that being comfortable makes the hunt easy, more that it allows us to shift focus from the challenges of the hunt to the task at hand. When we bring our bodies and minds to a state of comfort, we become more effective, more efficient, and more durable to the conditions. Comfort becomes a tool.