Women's Neck Gaiter

Unbeatable Warmth

Double thick, high pile fleece Neck Gaiter.

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SITKA Gear New Women's Waterfowl Gear

New Women's Waterfowl Gear

Early, mid and late season systems.

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Pack Cover
Big Game : Subalpine

Pack Cover

$79.00 $63.00

The waterproof Pack Cover works double time to stave off the rain and snow while deceiving skittish ungulates.

Neck Gaiter
Big Game : Subalpine

Neck Gaiter


The Neck Gaiter will deliver ultra-warmth and concealment from the tree stand to the layout blind.

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Women's Dakota Headband
GoreTex Infinium
Waterfowl : Marsh

Women's Dakota Headband


A technical headband for managing hair in cold and windy conditions so you’ll never miss a hard-earned opportunity.

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