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Revive & Repair Center

We’ve got you covered

We build products to last season after season as you put them through the ringer. We expect SITKA gear to last longer and work harder than anything else out there, but sometimes the toughest gear breaks. We’ve got you covered. Whether your jacket needs a new zipper, your pants need a hole patched up or your pack needs a new buckle, the Revive and Repair Center inside the SITKA Depot in Bozeman, MT will be there for one purpose: to keep your gear out there protecting you for longer.

How it works

Because damage and wear varies greatly from item to item, our repair experts review and advise on a case-by-case basis. Bring in your SITKA gear, and let our experts take a look. If your item is repairable, they’ll provide you with a timeframe and reasonable cost estimate. This service is available for in-store customers only and is a separate process from all other SITKA warranty work.

The pricing structure below is a general guideline as repairs vary greatly from one to another. Availability of materials and parts may effect turnaround time. Pricing is determind based on the individual repair needs.

Minimum for any repair: $18

Zipper Sliders
Two Way Zipper Slideradd $10-15
Pocket Slider$30-50
Half Zip Sliders / Pullovers$35-45
Pants Fly Sliders$25-35
Pack Sliders$35 each
Zipper Replacements
Pants Fly$40-50
Side Leg Zips$80-125
Bibs Center Front$75-125
Pant Waist Snaps$20-25
Gaiter Snaps$20-25
Fanatic Series Items$20-25
Damaged Material Reinforcementadd $20-25
Up to 4 Inches$18-35
Panel Replacement$50+
Patch Kits
Single / Applied with Heat$15
Tape or Patch Residue Removaladd $25-50
Cut Away or Removeadd $25-50
Draw Cords
Waist Replacement$35-50
Hood Replacement$35-60
Reattach Existing$25-35
Light, Mid, Heavy Weight and Outer Layers$20-45
Jacket Pocketsadd $20-45
Pants Hems$35-40
does not include shipping costs
Overnightadd $25-50
2-3 Dayadd $25
Most Items$25-35


  1. Once gear has been received to the shop, our experts will review and advise repair-ability and cost.

  2. If the damage is deemed to be caused by a defect in manufacturing, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the item at no cost to you.

  3. Some repairs may not be performed on site and will be coordinated with off site repair partners. Additional repair fees may apply.

  4. All Delta Waders will be serviced at an off site repair partner.

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