Cargo Box in Elevated II
Cargo Box in Elevated II
Cargo Box in Elevated II back view
Cargo Box in Elevated II rotated view
Cargo Box in Elevated II side view
Cargo Box in Elevated II with rifle strapped down
Cargo Box in Elevated II with rifle side view
Cargo Box in Elevated II
Cargo Box in Elevated II
Cargo Box in Elevated II
Cargo Box in Elevated II

Cargo Box

  • Whitetail : Elevated II
(8 Reviews)

High-capacity whitetail cargo gear storage and a quick-detach design allows hunters to carry a tree-stand and climbing sticks comfortably.

23 storage compartments and 2200 cubic inches.
Weight: 120.6 oz

Product ID: #40077
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8 Reviews
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Reviewed On 11/23/2021

Man, I’ve been struggling to find a do it all pack for whitetail hunting and this pack is it! Carries my sticks and platform perfectly. Finding a pack that can handle my sticks, platform and layers has been a challenge but this thing is absolute money!

Reviewed On 10/09/2021

I love this bag. The pockets are very thought out and hold a lot of stuff. I love the quiet main closure and the hanging point for when the bag is open. It has multiple points to strap many different things on at once and it is very comfortable when loaded. A+ for me.

Kyle Kiziah
Reviewed On 09/12/2021

I bought this pack looking for an all around pack. I love the ability to have a pack with frame and able to carry it all. However I found this pack to not be very practical in a smaller tree. Just due to the size, its big and bulky and has 9000000 pockets. When I have something with that many pockets I spend more time looking for where I put something. So I've mostly been using the frame strapped to my stand.

Paul Lowe
Reviewed On 06/03/2021

I have went through so many packs over the years and I have had good ones, bad ones and some that were just ok. But never had a perfect one, until now. This is the mack daddy for whitetail hunting. Even as a saddle hunter i use the wings for my sticks, and then my layers go in between where your stand goes with my platform. Camera gear has plenty of room inside along with food for all day sits. Spend less and cry more. Spend more and cry once. Best pack ever. Keep it up Sitka.

Jim Grice
Reviewed On 03/01/2021

The pictures, and even the video, don't do this pack justice. It's by far the best pack I've used. It's huge and has so many genius ergonomical features, it has amazed me. I waited a long time to pull the trigger on this pack, and the wait was WELL worth it!

Reviewed On 11/06/2020

Absolutely the best pack out there for Whitetail hunting. I previously had the Tool bucket and loved it. But this pack has much more room more pockets and I love its ability to pack in extra layers easier. I will put my Fanatic Jacket between one of the wings and fanatic bibs on the other wing and not put them in until I’m up in the tree. Yes I could do that with the tool bucket but I couldn’t access things in the pack until I removed the clothes from it. Not the case now. You can access every part of the pack with this items still attached. Another huge bonus is all the internal pockets. I also feel it’s more comfortable than the tool bucket even with a heavier load now.

Joe v.
Reviewed On 10/01/2020

this is the best hunting backpack I have ever owned, very comfortable. Has more space than you'll ever need. only reason this isn't getting 5 star is because i wish it was a little more water resistant.

Jason Meserve
Reviewed On 08/31/2020

Just got it
Little heavy But it is the Cadillac of all packs
I can do everything I want with it ... sticks and stand, sticks and platform and saddle... all my cold gear(fanatic) and food drink and it is comfortable but pricey most I’ve spent but it is worth it

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