Icon Mid Pro Trucker in Basic Black
Icon Mid Pro Trucker in Basic Black

Icon Mid Pro Trucker

  • Everyday : Basic Black
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Mid Profile trucker featuring a high density embroidered Icon graphic.

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Sizing Guide

Our Hat Styles

Below is a list of our current hat styles with more descriptive information about each.

  • Lo-Pro Trucker

    Low Profile hats are generally unstructured and offer a shallow fit with curved visor profile.

  • Mid-Pro Trucker

    Our Mid Profile fit offers a modern crown shape with slight visor curve.

  • Hi-Pro Trucker

    High Profile truckers offer that classic truck stop shape with a deeper crown and slight visor curve.

Trucker Hat Sizes

Hat profile measurements are taken from the seam of the bill to the curve of the crown.*

Style Circumference
Lo-Pro 55 - 61"
Mid-Pro 55 - 61"
Hi-Pro 55 - 61"
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9 Reviews
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Reviewed On 09/16/2021

Love the hat. Fits very well for everyday wear out of all my hats which I have many. This is my most worn hat.

Reviewed On 04/06/2021

the HAT looks awesome that's why I gave it 5* - trying to understand what it will fit like.

Reviewed On 11/11/2020

I like the hat but doesn’t fit my big head

Reviewed On 11/10/2020

Great looking hat that fits well. The mesh, however, is rough and irritating. When worn with a hood the mesh will tear up behind your ears.

Reviewed On 10/20/2020

I love the new style hats! If you had a problem with the older style being just a little too big, you'll like this fit!

Reviewed On 10/15/2020

Love the hat style, but I wear 7 3/8-7 1/2 hat and I’m on second to last snap.

Nickolas Flasch
Reviewed On 09/28/2020

My favorite hat! I wear this hat for everything, including hunting. Fits very well and looks really good. Really wish they would make this exact hat in the Elevated ll pattern though so that way I could have one specifically for hunting. Either way, awesome hat!

Joseph Johnson
Reviewed On 09/21/2020

I love the color. The fit is really good, I like these a lot more that the previous trucker hats.

Reviewed On 08/21/2020

Great looking hat. Only complaint is that the snapback is too small which is why i gave it 3 stars. I wear b/w 7.25 and 7.5 fitted hat and with this hat I i'm on the last snap. If you have a larger head might want to get another hat.

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Recipe by Mark Perrier and Connor Gabbott - 07.24.2020

Pit Cooked Venison Shoulder

As hunters we often spend an exorbitant amount of time and effort getting back into far off valleys to pursue an animal. More often than not, once the animal is down, we pack up, blitz back to our trucks and head for home. What we leave behind in those remote valleys is often amazing country that we haven’t truly had the time to sit back and savour.