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The Nomad is built with enough room to accommodate most modern compound bows and arrows alongside enough gear for an epic adventure. Secure your bow inside with the compression web and store your necessities in the internal mesh pockets. The Nomad is your go anywhere travel piece.

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Sizing Guide

Jackets & Tops

Size Chest Waist
X-Small 32 - 33" 25.5 - 26.5"
Small 34 - 35" 27.5 - 28.5"
Medium 36 - 37" 29.5 - 30.5"
Large 38.5 - 40" 32 - 34"
X-Large 42 - 44" 36 - 38"
2XL 46" 40.5"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Hip Inseam
25 25.5" 35" 31
26 26.5" 36" 31"
27 27.5" 37" 32"
28 28.5" 38" 32"
29 29.5" 39" 32"
30 30.5" 40" 32"
31 31.5" 41" 32"
32 32.5" 42" 32"
33 33.5" 43" 32"
34 34.5" 43.5" 32"
36 36.5" 45" 32"
38 38.5" 46.5" 32"
40 40.5" 48.5" 32"

Pants Sizing

Size Hip Inseam
X-Small 35 - 36" 31"
Small 37 - 38" 32"
Medium 39 - 40" 32"
Large 41.5 - 43" 32"
X-Large 45 - 47" 32"
2XL 48.5" 33"

Glove Sizing

Size Knuckle Circ
Small 6.5 - 7"
Medium 7 - 7.5"
Large 7.8 - 8"

How to Take
Your Measurements


    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Wrap the tape measure under armpits, around the fullest part of your chest. The tape measure should be snug, not so tight that it constricts breathing, yet not so loose that the tape measure slides down. Don’t puff out your chest. Stand relaxed while measuring.


    Measure your natural waist, which is the narrowest part of your abdomen, between your ribcage and hips. Stand relaxed while measuring.

  • 4. HIP

    For hip circumference, measure around your fullest point, approximately 8” below your natural waist.

  • 5. INSEAM

    In a standing position, measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 6. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles and around the hand, excluding the thumb.

  • If Waist and Hip measurements do not match up on the chart, choose a size that is between the two to find the best fit.

    Ex 1: If your waist measures 28” and your hip measures 40”, typically the best fit would be a size 29.

    Ex 2: If your waist measures 27.5”, and your hips measure 38”, typically the best fit would be a size 28.

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  • 8600 Interior Cubic Inches: Dimensions: 42"x16"x14"

  • Interior zipped lid pocket

  • Top accessory zippered pocket

  • Internal Compression Straps: Internal compression straps allow you to easily maximize capacity.

  • Telescoping 'T' handle

  • Imported

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15 Reviews
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Reviewed On 01/28/2023

Excellent bag. It has plenty of room for all my gear on long hunts.

Reviewed On 12/01/2022

One of the best bags I've owned. Unbelievable how much can fit in this bag. Travels great too

Reviewed On 03/25/2020

I won't go without this bag. I have two of them, one with over 100K air miles of hard use. Been all over the world and still going. It changed the way I pack when traveling for a hunt. I'm able to put a break down Benelli case inside this bag or a full size compound bow. I read reviews about baggage charges, and I have yet to be charged extra for this bag. In reference, I typically fly 2-3 weeks a month. The only issue I've ever had is keeping it under the 50 pound limit. I bought a travel scale and fixed that problem. It's nice rolling into a duck hunt with the Nomad and a carry on backpack while everyone else has two bags, a gun case and a carry on.

Mark P
Reviewed On 12/13/2018

I've taken all my gear in the Nomad to Alaska several times, to Kyrgyzstan, Africa, and New Zealand. The only issue was the snaps on the outside breaking off as several other commenters have mentioned. Otherwise, this bag has served me well. Materials and zippers have help up well.

Reviewed On 10/24/2018

Love the bag. But airlines will charge you oversized bag fee 200$... The bag is useless now

James M Woulfe
Reviewed On 09/23/2018

Great bag and big enough to take anything you need on a 10+ day hunt. A couple of downsides...its heavy, so expect to pay excess baggage fees once you have it loaded if you are flying. Since it is heavy it is handled very roughly by airline staff. All of the snap buttons on the side of mine have been ripped off. The bag has developed several tears from rough handling (Tenacious Tape solved that problem) though I was surprised a bit by the durability given the quality build and the fact that I have only traveled via air with it twice. If you do not fly much and use it as a gear hauler in the bed of a truck it is very good. It is also very big, so non-use storage is a consideration. Overall a great bag, wish it didn't get so beat up when I fly. For the cost I believe there are other options on the market that would do the job just as well.

derek franklin
Reviewed On 07/14/2018

Used this on a trip to South Africa and carried 2bows and all supplies. Worked great. Best part is that it doesn’t look like a bow or rifle case. Never had any issues. Worked great. Highly recommend!!!

Rob Anderson
Reviewed On 11/23/2017

Too bad the designers at Sitka did not make this bag in accordance with baggage size limitations. it is 10 square inches too large to check on a plane. other than that great for driving trips. Not versatile enough for anyone traveling via airplane.

Reviewed On 09/21/2017

Just returned from my first trip with this bag and it’s no worse for wear. For those using a Barney’s frame pack, rest easy knowing it will fit fully loaded and some.

Reviewed On 10/17/2016

love the bag-just wish it was a little smaller so I don't have to pay the oversize fee. Definitely can fit everything i need for a big hunt inside and easy to wheel around!

Reviewed On 09/29/2016

I used the Nomad to fly for a backpack hunt in California. I couldn't believe how much I was able to fit in there. I had a tent, sleeping bag and other backpacking supplies fit no problem. The Nomad is heavy duty. The zipper is a little tough but well expect to last. Overall awesome piece of gear!!

Brett Standing
Reviewed On 05/30/2016

I have had my Sitka Nomad for 2 years now, in that time I have twice traveled from Australia through the US to Canada so my case has been loaded around a dozen times by baggage handlers. So far I have only experienced a small amount of scuffing on a couple of corners that I suspect happened on the carousels at the airport.
I have also driven across two provinces of Canada with my Nomad in the back of a pickup with constant rain for two days, I did get a little bit of water in round the zip but overall I was very happy with the way it handled it.
Just as an added safeguard I put my bow in a light soft case inside the Nomad. My bow is 32"ATA and fits easily inside the case, as does everything else I may need for an extended hunt.
I was a little concerned that some airlines may consider the case as oversize luggage but out of the four airlines in Australia, Canada and the US, that I have traveled on I have yet to have any issues in that regard.
All in all I would highly recommend this case.

Steve O
Reviewed On 09/19/2014

Took a Nomad full of clothes, stickbows, and arrows to Africa this summer. Loved the light weight and rugged material. Very easy to haul long distances with the quality roller wheels and handles.

Reviewed On 07/14/2014

I had a similar experience to David Dahms. I just returned from a trip to Molokai, HI, and I hadn't noticed until I arrived home and began to unpack that TWO of my snap caps on the side pockets broke off. Not certain when it occurred, but I only went through four airports myself. Much like David also, I have been referred to as walking Sitka advertisement. However, I will give Sitka benefit that it is OUT OF THEIR CONTROL. All other material appears AWESOME. I will simply end with saying that, perhaps Sitka engineers can invent the SNAP OF THE FUTURE. Much thanks!

Ed Gramza
Reviewed On 10/04/2013

I was excited to get my hands on this piece of gear just a few weeks before my elk hunt in Wyoming. With amount of camo gear I was going to need to haul out on the trip I knew I was going to need a large bag to do so. The Sikta Nomad was the perfect solution. The construction of the bag is great. The idea of having wheels on a bag that would carry all of my Sitka gear was a life saver. In the past I had to use a very large duffle bag that was almost impossible to lug around. One feature I found to be very usefull on the trip was the rain-resistant fabric/finish. We encounterd rain on the way to WY and snow on the way home to WI and all of the gear remained dry while riding in the back of a pickup truck.

The size of the bag worked great for the amount of gear I needed to haul out. With the hunting conditions I knew I would face in WY I had to pack a lot of gear. Everything from my insulated cold weather Sikta gear to lightweight warm weather clothing. I was able to fit everything in plus some. I will be testing the bag again in October for a bow hunting trip. I intend to cut down on the amount of cases and bags I am taking with me by securing my Prime Defy into the piece of luggage.

As a gear tester for GORE, I put my gear through its paces. While I found this piece to be just what I was looking for, the one and only thing that I didn't like or would change was the main zipper. I found the zipper difficult at times to operate. While it is a high quality and heavy duty zipper, it tended to be tough to open and close the bag. However, I would still highly recommend this piece of gear.

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