Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
Timberline Pant in Deep Lichen
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Timberline Pant

  • Deep Lichen
(190 Reviews)

This softshell pant is the go-to for those tough mid-to-late season conditions in the backcountry. Constructed with ultra-durable 4-way stretch polyester with double reinforced ripstop nylon knees and seat are both waterproof and breathable. Removable articulated knee pads ensure durability and comfort whether you’re scrambling in the talus of the Rockies, stalking the cacti of the Mojave or field dressing an animal.

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Sizing Guide

Jacket & Tops Sizing

Size Chest Sleeve
Small 36 - 38" 33"
Medium 39 - 41" 34"
Medium Tall 39 - 41" 36"
Large 42 - 45" 35"
Large Tall 42 - 45" 37"
X-Large 46 - 49" 36"
X-Large Tall 46 - 49" 38"
2XL 50 - 53" 37"
2XL Tall 50 - 53" 39"
3XL 54 - 57" 38"

Pant Sizing (Inches)

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 30" 31"
31 31" 31"
32 32" 31" 33"
33 33" 32" 34"
34 34" 32" 34"
35 35" 32" 34"
36 36" 33" 34.5"
37 37" 33" 34.5"
38 38" 33" 34.5"
40 40" 33"
42 42" 33"
44 44" 33"

Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
Small 28 - 30" 31"
Medium 31 - 33" 31" 33"
Large 34 - 37" 32" 34"
X-Large 38 - 41" 32" 34"
2XL 42 - 45" 32" 34"
3XL 46 - 49" 32" 34"

Dakota Pant Sizing

Size Waist Reg Tall
30 31" 31"
32 33" 31" 33"
34 35" 32" 34"
36 37" 32" 34"
38 39" 32" 34"
40 41" 32"
42 43" 32"
44 45" 32"

Glove Sizing

Size Palm Circ Length
Medium 8 - 8.5" 7.5 - 8"
Large 9 - 9.5" 8.5 - 9"
X-Large 9.5 - 10" 9 - 9.5"
2XL 10 - 10.5" 9.5 - 10"

Gaiter Sizing

Size Calf Circ Boot Size
M/L 17.5" US 6-10"
L/XL 18.5" US 10-14"

How to Take
Your Measurements


    Bend your elbow and put your hand on your hip. Measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the shoulder and down the elbow to the wrist bone.


    Take measurement under armpits, around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades.


    Measure around where you normally wear your pants, keeping the tape measure a bit loose or putting one finger between your body and the tape measure.

  • 4. INSEAM

    In a standing position,measure from your crotch to where you want your pants to end, breaking at the top of the shoe in the front and just above the heel in the back.

  • 5. GLOVES

    With hand partially closed, measure over the knuckles, around the hand, excluding the thumb.

Fit Guide

SITKA Gear engineers gear with a specific Fit and intended end use in mind. These functional designs provide the user with authentic garments for the right situation.

Fit Descriptions

We can communicate our Fit descriptions in 3 different ways. Keep in mind that each garment will allow for layering in accordance to the garments place in a system and described Fit

  • P/F
  • S/F
  • E/F

    Designed for minimal layering. Whether an early season piece or already insulated this garment fits to prevent inefficiencies in heat retention caused by dead space.


    Designed to accommodate layering for more versatility from early to late season climates.


    Designed for maximum layering in the worst conditions. Cut roomier to accommodate additional layering underneath.

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  • Weight: 29.6 oz. // Size L

  • Fabric: 4-Way Stretch Woven Polyester Shell, Nylon Ripstop Seat & Knees

  • Durable Water Repellent finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.

  • Reinforced Seat and Knees: The seat and knees are reinforced with a waterproof nylon ripstop fabric, so a long slog on a wet saddle or a quick seat in the snow won’t leave you cold and wet.

  • Removable Knee Pads: Removable knee pads offer additional protection whether you’re scrambling through talus in the Northern Rockies, picking your way through cactus in the Sonoran Desert, or field dressing an animal.

  • Articulated Patterning: The fit is athletic with tapered legs and a low-profile waist that won’t bunch or chafe under a pack.

  • Imported

Wind Protection
Water Protection
Product is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.

Why We Made This

Hunting in late-season conditions often leads to moisture pick-up from wet ground, rocks, tall grasses or saddles and can work its way into your layering system, compromising a hunt. For moisture and abrasion-prone areas in the seat and knees, our approach was to pattern-in durable overlays while providing an exceptionally breathable soft shell pant.

Product Comments

190 Reviews
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Great Durable pant system
Reviewed On 05/12/2023

These pants are a great overall piece, pretty much essential for hunting the Rocky Mountains. I have been wearing the mountain pant for a long time, but these pack a few great additional features the mountain pants do not. The suspenders are top notch, additional coverage for the butt piece and knees make them more water resistant with an extra layer included. They do run small. I am a stocky, athletic build. 5' 9", 200 lb with a big butt and thighs and the 34R were too tight to layer underneath. Exchanged to 36R for more room and they fit great.

Reviewed On 05/01/2023

Bought for a spring turkey hunt, extremely happy, very lightweight but warm

Gabriel Villarreal
Reviewed On 04/30/2023

I bought these pants for hunting Kodiak bear in Alaska in the spring I'm here right now writing this review. The zippers on your pants are terrible for what you charge you guys should be ashamed of yourself for using such cheap zippers I've lost four zippers off my pants not happy at all with the quality of your product

Jordan Ellis
Reviewed On 04/22/2023

Great pants. Wish they had a 32T in the lichen. Will be returning for 34t

Reviewed On 04/22/2023

I love these pants. I’ve put them through their paces and they have stood up to some serious abuse. I’ve hunted these over two elk seasons and a few deer seasons and are ready for more. The knee pads are great bc if you need to get low, it allows you to walk on your knees or crawl on rock, with a lot less knee pain. These pants aren’t waterproof but are water resistant enough, so as long you’re not in a deluge, or sitting butt down in a snow bank, these will keep you dry. They also keep you warm, but shed heat as much as needed. Great for deep backcountry hunts in cool/cold weather. 6’3” 190lb; 34T.

Reviewed On 04/06/2023

I’ve been looking at these pants for years thinking “ at that price they have to be good” I finally got a pair and on my first hunt with them walking through the woods I went past some briars and they caught, they didn’t tear but they pulled a few threads. I’ve since worn them one other time while fishing and I had rain pants over them. They seem like warm pants but they are not durable keep that in mind when selecting them. I also have other pants and they are far more able to take on sharp pokey things, and are comparable in warmth. My rating for these pants reflect the durability more than anything I live on the east coast where there are a variety of sharp plants so these pants are not the best for me in that regard.

Robo Sutherland
Reviewed On 04/03/2023

The suspenders are a game changer for those of us not in the “athletic fit” class. Love them

Reviewed On 03/27/2023

These are the most durable pants I have, very sturdy and can handle tough conditions.

Eric Miller
Reviewed On 03/03/2023

The product is fantastic but don't pay attention the performance fit. I have always purchased standard fit pants such as stratus and thought that these being performance fit would require me to size up but that wasn't the case. I typically wear a 36 and purchase a 38 in these but shipped back and the 36 in timberline fit just like the standard fit stratus pants.

Reviewed On 02/20/2023

Awesome pants! Fit true to size and I am a bigger guy. Very comfortable and well made. Must have!

Reviewed On 02/02/2023

5/5. No question. I got them for the seat & knee improved durability & waterproofing. Wound up using these on the trap-line too. Hurt the pocket book but phew, they just work.

Brett Bermingham
Reviewed On 01/30/2023

Hands down my favorite pant from Sitka! I wear these from spring bear thru archery, and rifle season. I feel the sizing is true and stretches in all the right places. Built tough and very durable. If you don't have a pair you better add one to your gear collection!

Reviewed On 01/29/2023

Hands down the best pants on the market. All day comfort in colder weather and unforgiving terrain. These performed flawlessly on a bruising sheep hunt like a walk in the park.

Reviewed On 01/28/2023

Would be a great pant just runs really small and is meant for guys who skip leg day. Also, cold weather pants should have some room for layers…..

Reviewed On 01/27/2023

These pants are everything you need and want for hunting pant. Durable repels water well comfortable and flexible I highly recommend them.

Brian McAvena
Reviewed On 01/09/2023

Phenomenal pants. I’m tough on gear and these are just great! perfect weight easy to walk in. These pants stretch in all the right places. Knee pads were a nice touch.

Reviewed On 01/03/2023

Best technical hunting pant I have ever owned. Definitely the most durable on the market today!

Reviewed On 12/31/2022

These pants are the best pants I have owned. The knee pants are great for kneeling on rocky terrain when scoping out game. Are great in cold with a base layer and not too hot on the mid temperature hunts without.

Reviewed On 12/29/2022

I bought these pants for late season (winter) hunts in Utah. I have been very impressed with the water resistance, mobility, and thermal yet breathable qualities of these pants. They also have a better fit than other high end hunting clothes. I removed the pad inserts right away, but can see where they might be nice in some situations.

Kyle Shepherd
Reviewed On 12/28/2022

Awesome pants for colder weather. Sitka makes the best hunting clothes by far. My only knock is that they don't make a pant like this that is 100% Gortex. The knees and rear end protection are great, but not perfect for really wet weather.

Isaak Lorton
Reviewed On 12/27/2022

I so badly want to give this 5-stars, but I can't due to the sizing restrictions with options that are available. Granted I'm stacked like a hobbit (5'5" and 38-40" waist) but there are other companies that will make pants that fit someone like me. The design and feel for these is fantastic, I love how durable the material is. But the big let down for me on these (and other pants from Sitka) was that I was unable to use the knee pads. I even went to a few tailors to see what they could do and they all told me that the price to alter the pants would be more than what I paid for them. So for now, I'm just using the pants without the knee pads and calling it good. Luckily the cuff at the bottom is slim enough that my boots hold up the excess material. But if there were more inseam sizing options with the pants it would have been a much more satisfying purchase. Overall, yes, I do recommend the pants, they really are great. But I can't justify giving it 5 stars until I can get a size that will fit me better.

Andrew P
Reviewed On 12/27/2022

Own 2 pairs...definitely one of my favorite rugged pants for out in the woods

Joshua Monteith
Reviewed On 12/12/2022

Without exaggeration, this is the best all around pant I've ever owned for mild to cold weather. I wear them hunting October in 50 degrees then throw a thin base layer for 20 degree muzzleloader hunts in December. I can't say enough about the pants and would highly recommend for anyone needing a diverse pant that can't afford several different pairs.

Reviewed On 11/30/2022

I purchased a pair of Timberline pants a few weeks before a hunting trip on a recommendation from a friend. When the pants came I realized they were definitely too large but they stayed on my hips with my belt fully tightened so I decided to bring them. I am typically a 28 but normally can get away with wearing a 30. I should have returned them and went with a different brand that makes a 28 in hind sight. I got blisters and bruising on my hips from the poor fit. Not ideal on an extend backpack hunting trip.

I will be getting these pants tailored because I do think they are the finest hunting pants on the market however I am very disappointed that a brand that markets itself as a brand for backcountry hunters doesn't make a pant that fits someone who trains to hunt in the mountains. I would greatly appreciate more inclusive sizing options from sitka.

Reviewed On 11/24/2022

Bomber pair of pants! Toughest pants I’ve ever worn. After a week of late season hunting Colorado traversing dead fall and several thousand feet of elevation gains and descents and even to the point of sliding down butt first for several hundred feet and packing out two bulls I did sustain a small tear on the front of my thigh. I ain’t mad at it tho I will sew them up and rock on! Sitting and glassing or hard hiking I I never once got hot or cold in them just wearing a base layer underneath.

Mike Upgren
Reviewed On 11/24/2022

I live in North Dakota. Wind, bone chilling temperatures, and all the above we get thrown at us! I purchased these pants initially for Big Gmae hunting. A couple weeks ago we were hit with a blizzard and we went from 60s to 20" of snow and temps near 0 degrees with wind. My son and I went Waterfowl hunting and laid in field blinds for better part of the day. All I wore was long John's under these pants and I was absolutely surprised that I didn't need to add bibs over them. These pants were perfect, warm, wind proof and kept me dry! I would recommend this product for sure! Nice product Sitka!

Reviewed On 11/23/2022

These are hands down the best heavyweight pants on the market. The waterproof knees and seat are amazing. I just used these for chukar hunting in the mountains in about a foot of snow and 8 degrees. If you know anything about chukar hunting it is hands down the most brutal hunting, that beats gear to a pulp. After chukar I moved down the hill and completed a week long turkey hunt in about 25-30 degrees weather with rain on and off.

These pants were amazing. And being able to just sit down when your out of breath and need to get the dogs some water without worrying about getting soaked is absolutely a game changer. I will be using these as my go to late season pants.

I do not see any downside to these pants at all and have no complaints. These are definitely late season pants only as they are much to heavy and warm for anything other than late season. It’d be great to have some side zips but other than that these have definitely made it as my new late season pants. I am nothing but satisfied with these and Sitka as usual.

Reviewed On 11/22/2022

Amazing pants! These pants are my absolute favourite piece of clothing, they keep me warm and dry and are very quiet when I’m stalking. The breathability is great making them very versatile. I’ve worn them on early season hunts when temperatures are close to 20C and late season ones when the mercury dips to -15C with a base layer.

The only thing that would make them better, and this certainly doesn’t take away from the pants, is it there was a cuff at the bottom that could tighten around the boot to keep a little more dry when walking in deep snow.

Greg Kovich
Reviewed On 11/22/2022

These pants are not up to the task. Too stretchy, not warm at all and they get WET. Sat on a log after brushing the snow off and my butt got soaked all the way through the pants and long johns. If you plan on keeping warm I'd suggest polar weight long underwear.

rob pace
Reviewed On 11/20/2022

Great pant, but the sizes run small. Also factor in a base layer, so going up one or two sizes is recommended.

Chad Frank
Reviewed On 11/19/2022

5’11” 200 lbs size 34R fit great. Purchased these and finally got to wear them on a late season hunt in Montana. Temps were as low as -17 and highs in the upper 20s with wind and snow. Wore a mid weight long underwear underneath and these things performed great. I couldn’t be more happy with these pants. I highly recommend these.

Brent Robinson
Reviewed On 11/18/2022

The best hunting pant I have owned. I have now used these pants for 5 hunting seasons without any issues, I've hunted from temps in the 50's to -15deg.
I change my base layer depending on the temps, the knee pads and Gortex seat and knees are on point. Glassing sitting in snow is not and issue with these pants.
I pair these pants mostly with the jetstream jacket and vary my base layer depending on the temps.

Ben West
Reviewed On 11/17/2022

6’2 300 pounds size 40 fit great. Awesome pants!

Chris Schlack
Reviewed On 11/17/2022

I've been out in the wood with these pants four times since I got them and they work great, very comfortable, stretchy where needed but also well designed and thought out so you can access pockets without much fuss while sitting or standing. The rubber button naps are a breeze and great to cut down on the nose when accessing your phone, binoculars or food while in the stand. When the temps get below 40F and its windy, you do feel some of the wind through the pants but I think thats expected since they aren't super heavy nor rain/wind proof. Overall the pants fit the bill and it's going to be low 20's the next couple mornings, so I will have two base layer bottoms underneath the pants and that should keep me well warm and comfortable. Fit is true to size but the stretch in them allow you to be free and mobile even with layers underneath.

Reviewed On 11/13/2022

Took on 9 day elk hunt- conditions ranged from 18F-50F, sunny to a foot of snow. Pants were excellent, stayed dry and warm. very durable as well, had to cross through a ton of deadfall and the pants performed better than expected (did get a small hole but to honestly thought it would be worse). The internal knee pads were crucial.

Reviewed On 11/09/2022

Excellent piece of kit! Comfy, light, durable, and relatively quiet. A pleasure to wear… just wish the belt loops were a bit larger.

Alex Vobler
Reviewed On 10/28/2022

Great pants! I wear them for the second season and I am very satisfied. It's good that the pants have suspenders. I walk in these pants in the wet forest and they never fit me. Well done Sitka - good product for the money, I recommend!

Kevin Miller
Reviewed On 10/28/2022

First time owner of this pant, the Timberline are awesome! Late season elk hunting with terrible weather conditions and performance was awesome. IMO

Reviewed On 10/28/2022

Quality seems good. Fit was off. The pants were way to long. The knee pad was more like a shin pad. Disappointing.

Bill Rosetti
Reviewed On 10/27/2022

Best all around hunting pant ever, period. Hot or cold days this is my go to pant. I've been wearing them for 4 seasons now, and they have never disappointed...

Reviewed On 10/26/2022

Purchased these pants for Idaho elk hunting conditions, and they were well off of the mark. The pants leaked water through, so they are definitely not water proof and barely water resistant. They are supposed to be warm, but they are absolutely not. I wore liners underneath, and since water leaked through the pants, my liners got soaked, and it was extremely cold. While hiking, there is no side zipper to allow you to dump heat, so your legs sweat which caused you to become cold while not moving. The knee pads are more of a shin and ankle pad. They are very quiet while hiking, but I personally feel that is the only positive. It pains me to write this review honestly because I absolutely love sitka products, but feel as if people should know of my experience with this product, especially for the price. I also wore a different brand pant in the same hunting conditions and it was a night and day experience.

Tommy Anderson
Reviewed On 10/24/2022

I absolutely love these pants. I wanted a durable pant for late season pheasant and these are really good. I wish Sitka would make a upland pant, but these are more than good enough. The tough knees on these pants give really good protection with a rubber boot. I also really like these pants for turkey as well.

Dustin Walker
Reviewed On 10/23/2022

The pant is great!

juan flores
Reviewed On 10/17/2022

The best hunting pants.

Reviewed On 10/16/2022

Purchased these pants before going to SD mule deer hunting. Very impressed with these pants. They are a little heavier weight than the mountain pants and have reinforced butt and knees that also help keep moisture out when having to take a knee or sit down on rugged terrain.

Reviewed On 10/14/2022

Great pant! wore a single pair for 14 days hunting moose on the Yukon river in western Alaska this year. It was an extremely wet year and these pants worked great. The only suggestion would be to make removable pads for the butt. similar to the knees. Sitting on aluminum boat seats, on logs, or wet grass the water soaked thru almost immediately. Independent removable pads (one for each cheek, not one large pad) would make these pants 5 star and the best pants on the market. Hope this helps.

Eric Rose
Reviewed On 08/19/2022

These and the mountain pants are great. The only thing I wish they both had zippers on the sides for venting/dumping heat.

Miguel Osio
Reviewed On 06/12/2022

I am 230 lbs, 6 ft and have an XL Timberline Pants that fit perfectly. This are the best hunting pants I own. Wore them every day in a coastal Bear Spring hunt in Alaska and for 2 days in the NY Adirondacks for deer. Great mobility, never too hot or too cold and very comfortable. Need to be careful not to entangle with branches as the material is quite light and breathable and could rip with a strong pull (it is the trade off). The pockets design is "galactic".

Reviewed On 05/25/2022

I've owned these for just over a year and they have been on every hunt except turkey (only because I bought the solid gray color). These pants are awesome! I love the waterproof abrasion resistant butt, knee pads, and the thickness is just about perfect for late September all the way through December. Just add base layers if it's under 30°F. The fit is very relaxed, almost too baggy but you can buy these true to your pant size while still having room for long johns under. The only things I would change are the knife sleeve and crotch area. The knife sleeve is only big enough for a small thin knife not a larger flip knife and if you carry one the snap won't close on the cargo pocket. The crotch is too saggy and baggy.

Justin B
Reviewed On 04/27/2022

This pant is not strictly for Big game. It’s a great pant for early turkey season where the weather can be a little chilly in the am.

Reviewed On 03/17/2022

Amazing material and durability on these pants. I love the reinforced knees with removable padding. The waterproof seat and knees is great as well. Some of the best fitting pants I own, hunting or not. I'm 6'1 200lbs and the size 35 provides enough flexibility to tighten up when its warm and loosen up when I need to add 2+ layers underneath. A huge miss with this pant is not having any hip vents. I'm really disappointed in this feature not being included on any Sitka pants, especially an awesome shell such as these. This pant would be a late season mountain hunter's dream if hip vents were included. I hate to tear into a $250 pant, but I might end up buying some zippers and having a seamstress sew them in for me.

Randy Robinson
Reviewed On 01/01/2022

As an member of an federally recognized tribe in the Pacific Northwest, my elk season runs from August to the end of the year. We are going through an arctic cold front here in eastern Oregon and I recently finished my season harvesting two elk, just a few days ago. I ran these pants through the ringer while pushing through thick snow, crossing a shallow spot in a river (multiple times), and packing out two elk in 5 degree weather. If you’re an active spot and stalk hunter, I’d recommend these pants. If you’re a squatter (tree stand/blind) hunter, probably want something with more insulation.

Wyatt Benton
Reviewed On 12/31/2021

Can't speak enough about the quality and fit of these pants. I utilize them for mulie and whitetail hunts from September to December. The lining is waterproof and windproof, keeping you warm and dry no matter conditions but also breathable. Wore these on a Nebraska mule deer hunt September 2021 where the temps in the morning were 30 degrees with 20 MPH winds and 75 degrees during the day with near cloudless skies. Wore these the whole 5 day trip without any issue. Only issue is the string pulls on the zippers tend to come undo and lose them, but obviously a minor issue at that.

stephen spjut
Reviewed On 12/06/2021

I absolutely love these pants! The fit is great and the knee pads are money for spot and stalk elk/deer. The only thing I would change is adding side zip vents, make the pocket knife pocket bigger and add zippers to the cargo pockets.

Reviewed On 11/08/2021

Just got back from a second season elk hunt in Colorado. Pants were fine except for dealing with wet areas. I walked through a bunch of small pine trees that were wet from the night before my legs brushed up against them the water instantly soaked right through like I was wearing cotton long johns. There is absolutely no water deflection at all. Very disappointed, wouldn’t buy again.

Reviewed On 10/17/2021

Buy pairs for yourself. Buy pairs for your family. Buy more for yourself. These are the best hunting pant I have ever worn. They are seemingly indestructible, and water resistant enough that I found I did not need gaiters for regular conditions. The knee and butt fabric reinforcement is another welcome feature.

Tyler M.
Reviewed On 09/10/2021

Ive had this pant for one season now, and I love them. They are definitely a performance fit, so if you are a bigger guy, Id recommend going to a dealer and trying them on to find your size. The durability has been elite so far, and the comfort is top notch. I use this pant with the jetstream jacket and I basically disappear into the cedar trees. I loved them for early/mid season, but come deep winter, look for a more roomy pant to provide accommodation for insulation.

Reviewed On 09/07/2021

Durable and warm with enough breathability to wear for the majority of the year. The reinforced knees and butt and awesome features as well. Recommend for the active hunter.

Reviewed On 07/14/2021

What an absolute critical piece of gear for cool weather hunts. I wore these on a late season hunt for several days in bitter temps and they performed flawlessly. The waistband is very comfortable with a backpack on as it does not bite into your hips and the suspenders were a surprisingly useful touch as well. They're tough without being noisy which is a hard balance to find. These are my go to pants when the temps allow.

Reviewed On 06/25/2021

I really like the pants. Very comfortable, i even bought a second pair this year. The issue i had was the snaps on the pant pockets. On my first hunt with these pants two snaps came off within two days. It doesn’t affect the function of the pants but I expected better retention of the snaps to the fabric. Again, i like the pants and comfort so much i bought a second pair. Hoping I won’t lose these snaps as well.

Joe Johansen
Reviewed On 06/24/2021

The softest and most comfortable softshell i have ever had. The fabric is not "hard" like the fabric other brands use for thicker softshell pants. The fit is also great. Not tight but not baggy. I use a 34 waist and the 34 in these pants fit perfect.
BUT, sitka needs to get a grip with the size of the suspenders. i´m 6,3 and the suspenders are WAY too short. and i got the tall size pants. seems a bit odd that they are so short. i dont really care as i dont use suspenders, but i would assume that would be a grief for taller people that do.

All in all, great pants for everything but the warmest days!

Douglas Smith
Reviewed On 04/20/2021

Bought my original set back when they still had a belt sewn in. Been on about 20/25 hunts in Australian the bush, from snowy mountain, freezing cold mid-winter to early season Queensland hot-as-balls. Had a bellowing Red Deer buck walk into 3 meters starring straight through me, eventually losing interest and walking off. Intense moment, but can totally attribute it to the gear and the wind direction. Love Sitka the brand, love the service, love the gear. I have tried Under Armor, Kuiu, First Lite and Hunters Element, Sitka still stands out as a clear upgrade on them all.

Richard Ghiloni
Reviewed On 04/18/2021

Well I’ve put these pants through the ringer. I’ve hunted in them on every hunt I’ve done for the past 4 years. They’ve been so worn, the open country grey is now a brownish orange from the sweat, dirt and blood stained into head pants. I’ve hunted everything from early season archery elk to late season rifle hunts and every waterfowl excursion in between. They been through deadfall, sage brush and high altitude mountain summer storms. These pants have worked flawlessly. The seams have held up and there are only a few frayed spots, but for hundreds of days in the field I would expect nothing less. They regularly snag and where other pants would instantly rip and fail, these have come through. I will always recommend these to my friends and I plan on buying a second pair this season. Thank you Sitka for such an awesome product!

Zane D Flick
Reviewed On 04/06/2021

Wore this pants on my 2020 elk hunt in Colorado - I really liked these pants as I was able to move freely in them. Didn't care for the the knee pads though they were too stiff not comfortable

Reviewed On 03/18/2021

Bought these along with the jetstream jacket and they are worth every penny. I have used them in snow, sub 20 degree weather and 30-50 weather and perform flawlessly.

Rick Moore
Reviewed On 03/13/2021

I live in Laramie Wyoming. It is dang windy here and needed a pant that was breathable that stopped the wind and was breathable at the same time.
The pant may not be 100% windproof, more like 90% but as an outer layer I've used them in minus conditions with winds in the 60 mph range and been comfortable all day long.
I'm a 32 waist and purposely purchased a size 36 waist. The suspenders hold them up just fine and I can layer the heck out of them.
The Timberline Pant is what I wear anytime I am headed out in the winter mountains cross-country skiing, winter camping, downhill skiing, or simply hiking.
Never disappointing, these are my go to outerwear pant.

Reviewed On 03/12/2021

Great late season pants, good fit and functional waterproof panels. I wear a 38 waist in Levis and the 38 waist in the mountain pants allows room for thermals. Same high quality Sitka product, great purchase, I highly recommend.

Reviewed On 02/22/2021

Really like these pants, unfortunately they don’t fit right. These are supposed to be an outer layer, and have waterproof panels in them, they should have been made in a standard fit and not performance fit!

John Karoly, Jr.
Reviewed On 01/22/2021

Best product yet! Keep up the good work.

Reviewed On 01/12/2021

Forewarning: I've yet to wear these and will (try to remember) update later.

I read a review saying the purchaser bought they're reg jean size. This did not work for me. I normally wear 34x34 and bought 36T.

They fit but I wasn't getting any layers on underneath. I have since exchanged for a size 40R. I would much rather the pants be a little too big.

The quality seems great, like all other sitka products I've used. I am greatly anticipating the arrival of my proper fitting timberlines

Rob Patuto
Reviewed On 01/08/2021

Absolutely the perfect pant for late season mountain hunting. Thanks for building it!

James D.
Reviewed On 12/08/2020

I 100% recommend these for whitetail hunters!

I know these are not specific for whitetail, but that is what I use them for 99% of the time. I am also a tree saddle hunter. The built in knee pads and tougher material in the knee area is amazing for sitting with your knees against a tree while in your saddle. It allows me to save a piece of gear during mid to late season hunts and if i need more padding, you can always double up the knee pad inside the pant. It's also nice that these are waterproof. I hunt from the ground just about as much as I hunt from a tree. not having to worry about where I sit or kneel without getting a cold surprise is nice! The woods, even if it's not rained for weeks, stays wet under the leaf litter or just for sitting/crossing dead fall timber.

These pants are amazing on windy days which shocked me. You could honestly manage your base layers (add or subtract accordingly) and wear these down below 25 deg F in the wind and still be fairly comfortable. I will admit that I don't even think about wearing these till temps get to the 60-50 deg range (average day high). They do not breathe in warmer weather!!

I own 2 pair, I hunt big woods and mountains in the eastern Appalachian mtns. I have both the subalpine and open country camo patterns. Subalpine I use early fall, Open country for after leaf drop. both are great patterns - not that camo pattern really matters to be honest, as long as you are still in the tree and have good cover, anything works.

Long story short. Best whitetail pant I have ever owned and well worth the $$$$ and believe me I was skeptical!!

Reviewed On 11/24/2020

Great pant for both early and late seasons. Knee pads are very cool. Only 4 stars because the seat is NOT water proof as described. How awesome would these pants be if the actually had a water proof seat.

Zeke Camacho
Reviewed On 11/09/2020

Love the fit of the pants. Warm, yet light weight. Very durable so far. 3 stars only because the seat isn't waterproof as advertised. Sat in some snow for about 10 minutes this weekend and it leaked through the pants and to my base layers. Made for a very cold day.

Reviewed On 11/05/2020

If there's a better hunting pant out there, I can't imagine what it would be. I just returned from an 8-day, 2nd rifle hunt in CO and finally got to put the Timberline pant to the test. I found that a baselayer and this pant were all I needed in weather that ranged anywhere from 3 to 60 degrees. I'm surprised by other comments where there were issues with durability. I was crawling over deadfall, and trudging though oak brush and wild rose, and found that nothing I did seemed to phase these pants. I think the pockets are in all the right places, and I love how quiet the snaps are on the cargo pockets. The articulated knee pads and the nylon seat are awesome. Several times I sat in snow for an hour or two at a time, and my butt never got wet. At least once a day on this trip I mentioned to my hunting partner, "these pants are incredible". I love all the gear you guys make, but in my opinion you really hit a home run with the Timberline pant. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Corey Elder
Reviewed On 10/13/2020

Full disclosure, I am a whitetail, saddle hunter. My local retailer recommended this pant because of the knee pads as you often rest knees against the tree during sits. For that, it is perfect and I love them, flexible material never constricts movement and pockets are well placed. The only gripe I have is the durability rating. My first trip to the Michigan woods encountered thorned plants and it resulted in multiple snags of both the softshell pant material and in the reinforced knees. When these are no longer usable (hopefully at least 3 years) I will go to a Carhartt denim with knee pads for durability. I have not had much cold yet, but I think a heavy base layer under this pant will carry me through low 40's/high 30's. On the opposite end, I have done 70 degree observation sits and the material is not very breathable and sticky when you start to perspire. I won't wear these without a base layer (to manage moisture) whether it's light for warm weather or heavy for cold. I am 6'3", 180 and usually wear a 33/36 pant, and I got the 34T to accommodate a base layer. They fit great both in the waist and inseam, but the included suspenders are worthless for my height...they simply aren't long enough. That being said, they fit so well, I don't need them. If they could stand up to those thorns, would've been a 5 easy.

Zach Benedict
Reviewed On 10/08/2020

I read another review on here that detailed my exact thoughts. These pants aren’t durable enough. I have much cheaper pants that have seen 10 times the field days as these have with far less snags, if any. After a 3 day hunt in the Timberline pants (with not much bushwhacking) there are multiple snags and seams are coming undone in several places.

I do like the pocket locations and styles. The ripstop material on the knees and seat are excellent features.

Jason Zeman
Reviewed On 08/22/2020

Haven’t put these in the field but these pants seem awesome! The reason for 3 stars is because of the inseam. I’m the average male with a height of 5’9” why doesn’t Sitka offer a 30 inch inseam?

Lane Mccarty
Reviewed On 08/13/2020

Comfortable and warm throw a base layer underneath and these will keep you toasty. My favorite part of the pants is you can sit on wet ground and your butt will stay dry.

Brian Schwartz
Reviewed On 07/13/2020

After multiple years in Alaska and well over 500 hours of use these pants work the same as they did on day one. It's hard to find me in any other pants than these when I'm out doing anything. Flexible, breathable, strong and rugged. I've slid down mountains, sat by fires, caught them on sharp metal.... these pants are my all time favorite and I would buy them over and over again... if they ever wear out that is. Can't say enough good things about these pants.

Will R
Reviewed On 05/18/2020

Wore the timberline for Spring Turkey season in Virginia as well as Vermont. Pants were great in the late morning temps of VA and the cold mornings of VT. Wore them up to low 70's and they were warm, but once I stopped to call I cooled down quickly. The knees (with knee pads) and seat are awesome! They take out the worry of crawling and tearing your pants or knees up and the backside lets you sit in wet grass with out a worry.

I am 6'1 and athletic, I wear a 34 pant, ordered these in a 36R and glad I did. The material does have some stretch, which is good because they are tight in the thighs and butt, but I was never uncomfortable because of the stretch. Only complaint is the size of the suspenders, I have them as loose as possible and they are tight. Sitka needs to make some suspenders for taller hunters!

Reviewed On 05/04/2020

I archery hunt mule deer and black bear in California in August in this pant and it’s right by me each season. Comfortable enough in warmer weather, and when it gets cooler I put on a base layer and this pant is unstoppable. Really, it’s a very versatile part of my system.

Matt Vollmer
Reviewed On 03/25/2020

Pros- These pants seem durable on the enhanced areas (knees and butt). They are fairly mobile and did go through a year of high intensity hunting. These pants fit comfortably.

Cons- the stretch material is prone to snag on underbrush and they are quite heavy (better late season pant then early and mid).

Austin R
Reviewed On 02/01/2020

I’ve had these pants for a little over a year now and I’ve taken them into the high elevations and shale mountains of Montana and the deciduous forests of the East Coast. During my experience in Montana the pants ripped at the nylon rip stop. Customer service was A1 and they sent me a replacement after I got back from my trip. After a year of wearing these pants as my daily hunting pant for big game I can say I’m not overly impressed with the durability. The fabric snags and there are lots of frays around the ankles where the spandex and other material has been snagged by common light underbrush and pulled away from the pants. I think the premise of these pants are nice with the ripstop knees and seat, but the durability isn’t there for stalking game in light to moderate brush like is common in the East Coast forests. 3 stars because they’ve made it this far but they definitely didn’t meet expectations on durability. The Nylon ripstop knees have snags and frays from common brush as well. Light brush to me is a stray jagger bush You may come across following a deer trail to get that big buck you’ve been hunting hard to find. The silent snaps and zippers I really like, but the fabric isn’t as durable as I believe it needs to be, to be a successful stalking lasting piece in areas where you may encounter moderate to heavy brush, or grasses that will have brush and jaggers in them. I don’t expect to get many years out of these pants from hard frequent hunting which is why I’m writing this review.

Bottom Line Up Front: these pants are a great idea but the stretch fabric needs a revamp to increase their snag resistance and their durability.

Sam wareham
Reviewed On 01/18/2020

Got the timberline pants for Christmas and took them out small game hunting. Within two days of hunting they were shredded and ripped. They do not hold up to brush, with a price tag like they have you would think they would be built more durable.

Eric R. Blevins
Reviewed On 12/03/2019

Just finished up a 6 day elk hunt in Western Montana in Late November and I wore these pants every day. They kept me warm and dry and the pads in the knees were absolute lifesavers. The reinforced seat is also a well thought out design feature. Most days it did not get above 20 degrees out and these pants with the traverse or merino base layer were more than enough to keep my legs warm as we climbed up and down mountains chasing bull elk all day. I purchased two pairs before going, not knowing if I would prefer these over the Mountain Pants, needless to say I will be buying another pair of these before my next extended big game hunt. The material is very durable to stand up to climbing through dead fall and heavy brush, yet flexible enough for all day walking, bending, kneeling, and climbing.

Chris Hoover
Reviewed On 12/03/2019

Took these on a 6 day Montana hunt, weather approx 15-35degF. Only wore long pajamas underneath, but did a lot of hiking. These held up great. I took the kneepads out after about 2 or 3 days because they really aren't necessary if you're doing a lot of hiking. Anyways, they held up through snow, bushes, and pretty extreme wind. 10/10.

Reviewed On 11/24/2019

What can I say that hasn’t been said? I’ve had these pants for 4 seasons of pheasant and grouse hunting through all sorts of cover and they have withstood the test of time. Even when getting snagged on a barbed wire fence the fabric is pretty tough and doesn’t pop threads a mile long like other products... I know they are not designed to go through the thick nasty stuff I go through to get my birds but boy... They sure as heck CAN! I also wear mine for the early to mid season archery for white tails and they are super quiet, the only thing I have left to add is I hope they continue to make the OD green/olive colored pant... It’s very sharp looking :)

Matt F
Reviewed On 11/23/2019

These pants are absolutely the best pants on the market for western hunting!
I wore the Timberline pants on a recent late season antelope hunt in Wyoming. I spent a week in them making stalks through the brush and cactus, and crossing barbed wire fences that I got caught on a few times through the week.
After getting home and washing them, I looked them over and can’t find any snags or flaws in them of any kind.
These things are tough as nails! Also found that the knee pads were FULL of little cactus needles that would have been in my knees without them!
Temps ranged from 18°- 40°s through the week, and I wore the timberlines, with a heavy core base underneath, and stayed perfectly warm the whole time. The reinforced knee and butt areas are also great. I sat on the ground a good deal glassing and never had any issues with getting wet.
These pants are a must have!

Reviewed On 11/14/2019

Best pants ever. Purchased these based on other reviews and took them with me on a multi-day CO elk hunt for third/late season (November). Highs of 40’s and lows in the teens. I opted not to wear a base layer as we were running and gunning.

The conditions presented mud, ice, snow, shale rock, and everything in between. These pants performed flawlessly and were comfortable throughout the hunt.

The reinforced knees and bottom are durable, and necessary during the hunt. The knee pads are great and I do not know how I hunted without them in the past.

During one of the hunts, I wore a different set of pants, and boy did I miss my timberline pants. They’re comfortable, durable, and make life a whole lot easier when on the hunt. Simply love them.

5-stars all the way!

Reviewed On 10/29/2019

I've been on more than a few back-packing hunting trips and these are some of the best hunting pants I've ever used. I wore these for two weeks straight in very harsh conditions and was very comfortable. These are a great piece of gear.

Michael V
Reviewed On 10/17/2019

Excited to get these pants. Fits as promised, but the knee pads are a concern. They slide around, so if you have to drop to a knee, the padding may not be there.

Reviewed On 10/05/2019

Best hunting pants I have ever owned. During recent DIY public lands elk hunt in Idaho, the timberline pants helped keep me and my son in the field during very harsh conditions to harvest and pack nice 6x6 bull. I love the knee pads and suspenders hold up nicely when you are packing weight. Worth every dime, I will buy more.

Christopher Begbie
Reviewed On 09/29/2019

The quality and durability of these pants are unmatched compared to any pant I've worn in the woods. There is enough pocket storage and the suspenders make it easy to store things without worrying your pants will sag. The only criticism I would place upon these pants is that they are not the quietest pant out there. They are a good spot and stalk pant but if you are in close quarters they aren't the most silent. I don't know if it's possible to create the pant with the inside of the leg with a material that resists the "swish" noise, but if that were added, they would be perfect.

Shane Key
Reviewed On 08/20/2019

I purchased these pants a while ago, last year I ended up breaking my ankle 3 miles in and due to the Terrain , I had to crawl and slide my way back out. These pants were amazing and look as good today as the day I purchased them. I will never buy another brand of hunting clothing/ gear again.

Reviewed On 03/18/2019

I love these pants. The biggest plus is not getting a wet behind when glassing in early morning dew or when you plop down on a wet log. The knee pads don’t work with gaiters, but I do enjoy being able to kneel without my knees getting soaked. I do wish they would bring back the moss color or a solid color that won’t bake my legs in the Southwest sun. Also having a lighter version of this pant would be a super plus. But I would recommend this pant to any hardcore back country hunter that wants to stay dry and comfortable.

Reviewed On 01/15/2019

These are my favorite pants and I have almost every style of Sitka britches. Please bring back a brown or green color though I need more !!!!

James Barker
Reviewed On 11/13/2018

Offer a Ranger green or bring back moss color in the timberlines

John Wedge
Reviewed On 11/12/2018

I bought these pants for a 3rd season mule deer in Colorado this year. As will all my Sitka gear, they did not disappoint. Very well made, durable and fit well. I like the suspenders in lieu of a belt as it is very comfortable while wearing a pack. The zip up or down fly is a great feature as is the reinforced knees and seat. I'm not a fan of the knee pads and took them out immediately. These could be greatly enhanced by using a softer material or by being smaller and contoured.

Max De Angelis
Reviewed On 11/10/2018

Will you guys ever have the olive color available?

Nate O.
Reviewed On 11/09/2018

These were comfortable for early season, and quiet. The negative is they soaked up water like a sponge. While morning dew on the grass was prevalent, I was soaked to my knees in short order.

Brad Dillon
Reviewed On 11/06/2018

Best late season pants! Very comfortable, stretchy, quiet, durable and fairly warm although not the most windproof material. Easy to layer. The waterproof knees and butt is money. Perfect for late season predator hunting as well since your butt will stay dry. The DWR coating will fade in time and need to be replenished. I will always own a pair of Timberline Pants from Sitka. Great job.

Barry Arnold
Reviewed On 09/30/2018

My Timberline pants are now four moose seasons old. The first two seasons I loved them -- comfortable, waterproof, flexible, tough -- but the third season I noticed I was getting wet when walking in wet grass. This fall I might as well have been wearing blue jeans. They were totally porous and wicked water into my boots and other clothing. I looked for a "refresher treatment" remedy on the website but didn't find one. Although the pants are still in good shape, I won't be wearing them for another moose season.

William Craig Moss
Reviewed On 09/26/2018

My favorite pants from Sitka. From hunting sheep and goat in Alaska, to wearing as an everyday pant. I do really hate that the moss color was discontinued on these pants. Please bring that color back.

Collyn Bennett
Reviewed On 09/17/2018

Fair warning for anyone on the taller side or looking specifically at the tall size, the suspenders will most likely be useless, which means you will need to bring a belt as an extra piece of gear to keep your pants held in place. I ordered these pants in a 34T. I am 6' 4" and regularly wear tall sized clothes. I was very happy with the overall feel of the pants, but the suspenders are not even close to being long enough, especially for a tall size. With the suspenders maxed out in length I still could use another 4+ inches. The pants constantly ride up way too high to be comfortable as they are now. I have emailed Sitka to ask if they have a longer option for the suspenders, but they do not. I am not very happy that the suspenders lack the needed adjustment considering the price of these pants. I was hoping that I had been sent regular length suspenders by accident.

Cody Evans
Reviewed On 05/21/2018

These pants are the best pants I have ever wore in the mountains. Comfortable, stretchy, and very very durable. They should have holes all over them but they don’t. I love the butt and knee matterial that keeps them dry and provides the extra durability. All around great pant and highly recommended.

Reviewed On 04/09/2018

These. Pants. Are. The. Best.

Stretchy yet tough as nails the fit is very forgiving. The reinforced knee and seat are a game changer. Sitting or kneeling in wet grass or rocky terrain is no longer a literal pain in the you know what. For as thin as they are, surprisingly warm. Wouldn't recommend them over about 60 degrees. Especially if in an active setting.

Michel Leclerc
Reviewed On 01/29/2018

I own both the Timberline and the Mountain pant. Purchased directly from Sitka Gear.
Both concepts are great, fabric, cut and functionality are without question best in class. However, for some reason the Timberline stitching is falling apart in several places. For that reason I would recommend the mountain pant but not the Timberline pant. I got them with the first run of the subalpine version so it may be a batch issue but still at this price they should be flawless. I own a ton of Sitka Gear clothing and this is the first time I can complain about fabrication quality. It’s still a great pair of pants but I’ll need to run them through the local seamstress for repairs. Returning the pant to Sitka from Canada would not be worth the cost of shipping.

Ryan Lynch
Reviewed On 12/31/2017

Best all around Hunting pants made and it isn’t even close. I wear a variety of brands and I’ve tried all the high end competition to this pant and none of those pants can come close to versatility and durability of this pant. A must have for any big game mountain hunter.

Tony Krekeler
Reviewed On 11/24/2017

2017 is the 29th year that I've had a guide / outfitter license. From the dark timber of central Idaho, to the oak brush covered hills of Colorado, I've hunted an average of 80 days per year. In that time, I've worn lots of wool pants, tin pants, high tech pants and everything in between.
These Timberline pants are the best hunting pants ever designed. The reinforced knees and seat provide protection and comfort no matter the terrain, weather or conditions that you need to crawl through on the hunt. The slim, stretchy suspenders are perfect to pull over several layers of outerwear or just a tee shirt - whatever the day brings. Zippered and snapped pockets are perfectly positioned for ease of use. In the early season they're comfortable enough by themselves. As the season progresses, under layers can be added as needed and the cut of the pant provide ample room for insulating layers without feeling tight or constricted.
Buy these pants! It's the best hunting pant ever made!

Mark Pickthorn
Reviewed On 11/16/2017

Best big game pants ever! I bought my first pair based on the positive research I found looking for a high quality hunting pant that would be tough, wind proof, light and allow for range of flexibility while hunting. Sitka Timberline is what I decided to try. Deer hunting October 2017 showed me their potential to be great while hunting in pouring rain, 35 to 55 degree temperatures, light snow and wind gusts up to 40 MPH. All over the course of 8 hard days of hunting. The Timberlines blocked the wind. Shed the rain and wet snow keeping me warm and dry with only a pair of Merino wool underneath which reduced bulk for better movement. The stretch flex material also reduced the always tiring “knee drag” which is common when wearing a cotton or wool hunting pant, especially when wet. The Timberlines gave a superior range of motion climbing over fallen trees, hunting up and down canyons and constantly lifting my boots stuck in thick vegetation while hunting the Oregon Coast. This alone provided a lot less fatigue compared to my various other hunting pants. The knee pads were a major bonus when I was field dressing my buck on a side hill littered with rocks, broken tree limbs and prickly choke vines. The knee pads rewrite the old adage to “No Pain Is Gain”.
After deer season I purchased 2 more pairs, so, I could rotate them out during bull elk season Nov. 11 thru 14th 2017. This was smart since I knew from 42 years of hunting the Oregon Coast For elk, can ruin even the best gear. Elk 2017 didn’t disappoint! Opening day we laid 2 bulls down deep in a canyon 700 hundred yards away from the road and our rigs. 11 hours of winch work with me on my knees pushing a loaded sled while my one partner is pulling and our other partner is running the winch. My Timberlines experienced the brutality of elk hunting the entire way. Rain, dirt then mud, Devils thorns, ferns, rocks, logs, prickly choke vines and broken tree limbs. I never once felt a thorn through my Timberlines. Even though we were soaked to the bone from rain and sweat I was still warm and my legs were protected. Once we finally made it out and back to the house, I washed off my Timberlines with the hose to remove the mud and debris to see what damage had been done to them. I saw broken threads from thorns catching on the fabric or trapping my pants on a tree snag. I saw abrasions from being on my knees pushing the sled up and over logs and other nasty obstacles. But there wasn’t a single tear, rip hole, or opening in my pants. This wasn’t my first rodeo taking an elk out of this nasty hunting grounds but every other time I had ruined my pants. Not this time! Sitka, you have my humble appreciation and repesct.
Thank you for making hunter gear worth it’s price and then some.

Mark Pickthorn
Reviewed On 11/16/2017

Best big game pants ever! I bought my first pair based on the positive research I found looking for a high quality hunting pant that would be tough, wind proof, light and allow for range of flexibility while hunting. Sitka Timberline is what I decided to try. Deer hunting October 2017 showed me their potential to be great while hunting in pouring rain, 35 to 55 degree temperatures, light snow and wind gusts up to 40 MPH. All over the course of 8 hard days of hunting. The Timberlines blocked the wind. Shed the rain and wet snow keeping me warm and dry with only a pair of Merino wool underneath which reduced bulk for better movement. The stretch flex material also reduced the always tiring “knee drag” which is common when wearing a cotton or wool hunting pant, especially when wet. The Timberlines gave a superior range of motion climbing over fallen trees, hunting up and down canyons and constantly lifting my boots stuck in thick vegetation while hunting the Oregon Coast. This alone provided a lot less fatigue compared to my various other hunting pants. The knee pads were a major bonus when I was field dressing my buck on a side hill littered with rocks, broken tree limbs and prickly choke vines. The knee pads rewrite the old adage to “No Pain Is Gain”.
After deer season I purchased 2 more pairs, so, I could rotate them out during bull elk season Nov. 11 thru 14th 2017. This was smart since I knew from 42 years of hunting the Oregon Coast For elk, can ruin even the best gear. Elk 2017 didn’t disappoint! Opening day we laid 2 bulls down deep in a canyon 700 hundred yards away from the road and our rigs. 11 hours of winch work with me on my knees pushing a loaded sled while my one partner is pulling and our other partner is running the winch. My Timberlines experienced the brutality of elk hunting the entire way. Rain, dirt then mud, Devils thorns, ferns, rocks, logs, prickly choke vines and broken tree limbs. I never once felt a thorn through my Timberlines. Even though we were soaked to the bone from rain and sweat I was still warm and my legs were protected. Once we finally made it out and back to the house, I washed off my Timberlines with the hose to remove the mud and debris to see what damage had been done to them. I saw broken threads from thorns catching on the fabric or trapping my pants on a tree snag. I saw abrasions from being on my knees pushing the sled up and over logs and other nasty obstacles. But there wasn’t a single tear, rip hole, or opening in my pants. This wasn’t my first rodeo taking an elk out of this nasty hunting grounds but every other time I had ruined my pants. Not this time! Sitka, you have my humble appreciation and repesct.
Thank you for making hunter gear worth it’s price and then some.

Reviewed On 11/13/2017

These pants are the ultimate hunting pants. Built like a tank but sleek as a sports car. They are ultra light weight and super durable and the most comfortable hunting pants ive ever worn. They move and work with you and not against you. Highly recommend!

Reviewed On 11/13/2017

Even better quality than I had read about.
The Timberline pant and Cloudburst pant absolutely perfect! I ordered the Timberline in 33T and Cloudburst in LT. I couldn't think of better gear than Sitka puts out. I'll definitely be ordering more. I finally found a company who cares and who I will be sticking with from now on.

Reviewed On 11/07/2017

Liked the pants for the first nine days I used them. Was elk hunting in south east Washington and stopped to glass a canyon on a ridgeline. Got up and went to move further down and my hunting partner said my pants ripped in the back. I looked at them when I got back to camp and the double reinforced nylon ripstop seat was torn right by the stitch line right in the middle of the seat area. I wouldn't spend the money on these pants if they cant even get through one elk season.

Reviewed On 10/29/2017

Just got back from 6 days in field 2nd season elk in CO. Temps varied from 9 to 55 degrees with wind. I am incredibly impressed with these pants. Early morning required merino base layer but afternoons/evenings when it warmed up I wore alone and was comfortable. I absolutely loved the knee pads for stalking/glassing. Knee pads didn't bother me at all when walking. Very quiet pants when stalking. Cargo pockets were big enough for hat and gloves. Nice to have the zip pockets for pocket knives, etc... Waterproof seat was great for occasional sit on a wet log. Light snow was no problem. First time I have worn suspenders and I'm a convert now. Loved not having to wear a pant belt under the pack belt. 6"2" 180 lbs. and large fit perfectly.

Steve vielweber
Reviewed On 10/18/2017

I miss the knife pocket and they don't come with the belt anymore. Feel a little lighter than my older pair.

Reviewed On 09/09/2017

Timberline pants have addressed the gap I have had in my hunting pants kit for years. The comfort, stretch of the fabric and reinforced seat and knees are phenomenal. I have used these in the early season and through the late season with a light merino layer underneath. If you are looking for a do it all pant look no further. I am also impressed with how easily the blood stains come out of the fabric. Both lower legs were pretty bad after getting a bull. I did not retreat and just washed as directed and came out without any evidence of having field cleaned an animal. Sitka has many great pieces of gear that are worth every penny - These are one of the best in my opinion.

Ray Clark
Reviewed On 07/12/2017

Love these paints! I really like the reinforced knees and but absolutely great for spot and stalk! I wear them a lot in the early season bow hunting! The 4 way stretch makes the extremely comfortable!!

Reviewed On 05/26/2017

These are my current go-to hunting pant. The fit is great and the 4-way stretch really adds to the comfort of wearing these as you are on the move. I also really like the reinforced knees and butt, given the amount of time I spend in the mountains hunting. I liked them so much I bought two more.

Reviewed On 05/15/2017

Great pair of pants for mountain hunting. I have used Tiimberlines for a few years now and have nothing bad to say about them. Extremely durable, would highly recommend for backcountry hunting.

Shane Woodworth
Reviewed On 04/28/2017

I have been wearing these pants since they first came out and they are great pants! That being said why in the name of everything holy would you leave the belt and knife pocket off of the new ones?

Erik Campbell
Reviewed On 04/21/2017

After reading these reviews I had to get a pair of these pants! They are sized perfectly and run true to size. I'm 5'10" 189lbs and the 33R fits great! I have been using them for spring bear hunting and have been super happy with the reinforced knees and butt. I have every other pant on the market and I like these the best so far. I would like to see in the future is some venting for early season elk.

Zach Northern
Reviewed On 03/05/2017

I really liked these pants. Very durable and kept me warm in Colorado. At first I thought the knee pads were silly but after having to crawl a few hundred yards to take a shot they came in handy. These should last me for years to come.

Joel Nickerson
Reviewed On 01/08/2017

Wow! Job well done. These are the only pant I wore for my week long elk hunt. I typically switch out pants daily.
The water proof knee and seat allowed me to hunt with out thinking of getting wet and cold.
I feel like these pants under promise and over deliver.
Thank you for creating a quality product..

Bob Benvie
Reviewed On 01/03/2017

I give these pants 3 stars only because I have the previous model and like it much better. I guess there were some complaints about the belt but i liked it and the new ones don't have it. I carry a clip knife and loved the special pocket on the old pants. Gone on the new ones. On inspection I can't help but think that the inner waist band is made of cheaper material. Over all they feel a little lighter and some might like that but to me the feel a little cheaper. Just my opinion. Not a bad pant if you haven't worn the old ones. Will not buy again.

Connor Bailey
Reviewed On 12/16/2016

Tough and durable! These pants are all around great. I first put these pants on at the end of August and took them off the first of December. Very versatile pant. I will say they are a bit warm for early season hunts especially if you are doing a lot of hiking. The tougher material on the knees and butt are great. I don't have to worry about sliding down a scree and tearing my pants.

Jared Storrs
Reviewed On 12/11/2016

I have had my Timberline pants for 1 year. I am an avid trapper, predator hunter and Elk hunting guide. My pants have over 100 days in the last year and have had everything that you can throw at gear thrown to them. In the cold months they are my trapline pants. On extra cold days a merino layer underneath is all I need to keep me warm The knee pads at first seamed a little silly but after using them I would not go work my cat line without them. This season elk hunting I spent about 2 hours on my knees working a herd of elk. My hunter could not understand how I could kneel so long as soon as he got home he sent me an email that he had purchased a pair. Well done Sitka your only problem is you made these so good I cant imagine I will not get at least another year in them.

Reviewed On 12/09/2016

Been wearing these two years now hunting here in Newfoundland. Love them wear them from mid October when it cools a bit ptarmigan hunting right through January for moose hunting. Great pants.

Craig Lafleur
Reviewed On 12/06/2016

I cannot say enough about these pants.
I was hesitant at first if they were going to be warm enough to get me through a solid week of coyote hunting. It's currently -21 in Alberta, with 31km winds and I have yet to get cold. A "decent" baselayer underneath, the pocket room, the attached suspenders, knee pads and waterproof butt, these pants are now my #1, and I would recommend them to anyone. Well played Sitka. Well played.

Jay Williamson
Reviewed On 11/23/2016

This is the only Sitka pant I own, but I can't see a reason to buy any of the other because I love these and would wear them to work everyday if I could get away with it. They are extremely comfortable. I have a full season (30 field days over 3 months) and have had no issues. Worth the money.

Reviewed On 11/22/2016

These pants have rapidly become my favorite for big game hunting, be it deer antelope or elk. I like the fit and the fact most of the pockets are secured with zippers. Just wish they were still made in the green color. One of the best features of these pants is my shirts rarely pull out. Great job Sitka

Reviewed On 11/17/2016

I have these in lead. I wear them for waterfowl, upland, and big game. Really the only pant I wear for whatever I'm hunting. I spend a lot of time in the field and these pants are showing very little wear after 2 years. Very impressed with the comfort and durable. Great job Sitka.

Reviewed On 11/09/2016

I had placed a poor review regarding the pant but I am so impressed with the Customer Service at Sitka. I brought the pant to Bozeman and discussed with Ben and Jarrod. They were absolutely great in taking care of the issue. Sitka stands behind its gear. Love the pants and as important, the customer service.
Thank you.

Reviewed On 11/05/2016

As a chef I expect perfection from the knife to the protein. As a hunter I expect no less. This is the very best pant I've ever worn. I bought two more pairs and I am now a Sitka fan for life. Perfect!!! Comfortable and durable in any type of weather. Thank you Sitka for my new obsession.

Reviewed On 11/02/2016

These pants have been fantastic from stalking Antelope in the prairie on my hands and knees to climbing up mountains chasing elk. I like the solid colors. They are comfy and built really well from what I can see.

The only down side for me is that I wish the tall sizes were just a little bit longer. But still a great product

Reviewed On 10/21/2016

I really like the fit of the pant and how maneuverable they are. I have not had a good experience with their durability. Have been on two hunting trips and in both cases came back with puncture holes in them due to typical rocks and brush. Repair from Sitka is not an option due to slow turnaround time and it is hunting season. I would not buy them again.

Reviewed On 10/18/2016

Very good pants! Bought them over a year ago and have used them 25+times. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed On 10/16/2016

Awesome piece! I have these in Moss and use them for everything from deer hunts, duck hunts and working in the field scouting and planting food plots. They are super comfortable yet super tough.

Reviewed On 10/03/2016

Stitching on inside of legs does not hold up to miles in the saddle on horseback. Had to restitch both legs after two hunts. Belt is too light weight and you will lose a knife when undone. To use your own belt you have to remove stitching. Knee pads were not for me. Thru all of that I love the fit, pockets and comfort. And they dry very quickly if wet. I'll keep em.

Reviewed On 07/26/2016

Rugged pant built for the mountains but comfortable enough to be worn around the house. I bought my first set last year for a Elk hunt, after crawling around the rocky terrain in the Oregon mountains I was thankful for the reinforced knee pads and waterproof butt, they performed flawless. I found them so comfortable as well that I bought a second pair in grey for shooting sports. Happy Hunting

Reviewed On 07/22/2016

I bought these pants in lead to compliment an older pair of camo mountain pants that I've had for several years. Those pants are great so I thought what could go wrong. Well first off the sizing is way smaller, I usually wear a 34R, the old mountain pant has a roomy fit and plenty of room. This new pair they apparently changed the style and a 34R fits like a pair of yoga pants. I'd say more like a 32 at best. One of the design changes was to taper the legs more, even with the proper size I'd be lucky to fit them over my boots. Very disappointed overall.

Chad Kurtenbach
Reviewed On 06/02/2016

I already wrote a review for the 2015 model and thisone is for the new 2016 model. I like the 2015 model better. These 2016's lost 3 features i like. i like the previous fabric better than the new (new is more noisy); I am disappointed that there is no more built in belt, and that the inner calf rub patches are gone. I do like the new knee pads. Still great pants, but a step down from what they were.

Reviewed On 02/25/2016

They are worth the money and they are as good as people say. I took them on a northern Ontario moose hunt for 12 days and they worked really well. They were very comfortable and didn't bind once. They were perfect for riding ATVs, hiking through the woods, hauling a big cow and a buck out of the woods, fishing from shore and the boat and hanging out at camp. They were also warm with a good base layer under them. By the time the hunt was over, the pants were covered with mud, blood, dirt and beer and they cleaned up perfectly. The fabric was surprising to me: tough but really flexible without getting saggy and baggy after a few days. I basically wore them for the whole hunt. I didn't like the built in belt too much but it worked really well and you have to remember it's designed to be light weight, flexible, and non-binding and it does what it's designed to do. I don't carry a folder and so I hung my sheath on the belt and stuck the end of the sheath into the built-in knife pocket. It worked ok but I've asked my wife to move the belt loop over from right above the knife pocket so I can get a better fit. Bottom line: I was nervous about spending this kind of money for pants but they were well worth it and there going with me this year. Good luck and good hunting!

Reviewed On 02/14/2016

Great pants. Besides the complaints about the belt and the buttons, I would like them to lower the knife pocket a few inches. My knife rubs against my rifle stock when I have it shouldered.
It's still my go to pant.

John K
Reviewed On 12/23/2015

I wanted to wait to write my review on these pants, and since I have a full season under my belt wearing these about 80% of the time I can honestly say these are the most functional hunting pants on the market. The articulation is amazing and they never bind up. Hiking in these was super comfortable. They have very good wind resistance and offer a little warmth, with the right layers underneath these pants will take you through the whole season. I've worn these pants in 80 degree weather down to 10 degrees and they perform as advertised every time. I love the removable knee pads, I always put them in when I think I might need to sit on the ground, otherwise I leave them out. The dwr is also awesome! I've sat through several small storms and have stayed completely dry. the water proof seat is awesome when you want to sit down and your seat doesn't get soaked from the moisture on the ground. Honestly I could go on and on about these pants, so I'm just going to tell everyone who hunts to do themselves a favor and pick these up! They do not disappoint I can promise you that!

Reviewed On 12/03/2015

These truly are the last general hunting pants you will ever need to buy. I rifle deer hunt in at area that is all open rolling hills/prairie in northern SD and end up crawling on my hands and knees many times to stay just below the skyline to stalk deer. The knee pads are exceptional for this. The material is tough as nails yet elastic enough that it does not restrict movement. It is also much quieter than I expected. The only gripe I have is that at 6'4'' the talls are still a bit short. I could use another inch at the bottom but it isn't a deal breaker by any means. I would also recommend ordering a size larger in the waste that what you normally wear. I generally fit very comfortably into a 34 but had to send them back for a 36. Overall, they are worth every penny.

bart george
Reviewed On 12/02/2015

I really like the cut and feel of these pants. I wear them over a base layer all winter for active hunts and hikes and they provide enough insulation for pretty cold conditions. They are durable and the waterproof knee and backside is a great feature.

Reviewed On 11/24/2015

Extreamly tough pant , we treaded through very thick shrub oak and heavy timber and never got a snag on them , very comfortable and versetel . I really love the suspenders and rubber on the wast never had to adjust the pants. I only had on a merino base under and stayed very warm when it was 17 deg out

Ray Marshall
Reviewed On 11/22/2015

Over the years I have spend beyond hundreds, somewhere in the low thousands looking the the perfect hunting pant. The Timberline pant is now my go-to pant. In fact, for the first time ever, I was so satisfied I bought a second pair and have gotten ride of all my other hunting pants that I have collected over the years because they are now useless! The Timberline fits perfect, moves with your body and is quiet. The only problem I have found is that they are so much better that all my other hunting clothes I have began to slowly replace all my old hunting clothes with Sitka Gear.

Brad R.
Reviewed On 10/29/2015

The snaps on the cargo pockets may as well have not been there - they did nothing. I returned the pants, and the replacement is fine.

These aren't marketed as canoeing pants, but the waterproof seat and knee pads make them perfect for that purpose. I wore them for ten days straight on a wilderness river trip and once the knee pads broke in could find nothing to complain about.

Lightweight, fast-drying, and comfortable, with well-thought-out details like the reinforced knife pocket. Unlike some reviewers, I think the lightweight belt-and-suspenders combination is superb.

Reviewed On 10/22/2015

Let me start off by saying that I really wanted to like these pants. They seem like the perfect go-to outer layer. I was impressed with the quality out of the box and felt like they would be the ticket. I have to say, though, after spending 4 days hunting in them, I am very disappointed, and wish I had brought another pair of pants on my trip. I am 6' 160 lbs and usually wear a 30/32 in jeans. The size 32 fell right off of me, so I decided to go with the size 30, which the sizing chart says has a 31 in inseam. I figured with boots, it wouldn't be much of an issue. I was wrong. While walking, the pants constantly ride up on my boots and get caught on the top. While sitting, they ride up over the top of my 8" Danners and are incredibly drafty. The actual inseam measurement on my pair is 29.5". The knee pads, while a good idea, are pretty bulky and do not articulate as well as they should. They make kneeling comfortable, however while walking and sitting they always feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Things I do like: again, quality is fantastic and the waterproof knees and seat are awesome.

Like I said, I desperately wanted to like these, but I was let down. I guess if you have short legs and comfort isn't high on your list of priorities they will work for you. Honestly, I would probably return them if I hadn't already worn them.

Sitka Gear Customer Service
Reviewed On 10/05/2015

Hey Daniel -

Thanks for reaching out. We can appreciate your concern. Tears are always unfortunate and often times the cause is unknown to the user. Our goal is education and to walk you through your previous experience to help identify the cause. It's out intent to build trust with our gear. If the tear is actually a seam coming unraveled that is another story and please let us know as that is our fault for not asking the right questions. You did mention heavy alders. Is there a chance you slipped or fell in your push through those alders? The reality is that we make light weight, durable, breathable gear but there is a breaking point. Let's say you are 180lbs with a 40lb pack on, a slip on a broken alder branch or root system and that's nearly 220lbs of force coming down on a sharp object. Again, tears are unfortunate but they do occur, it's a reality of our passion and environment. "Gear is like fuel, you only burn through it if your using it" - Conrad Anker. Normally Tears are not covered under warranty, industry wide, but because it was your first trip we repaired them on us. That's above what many brands in the hunting and or mountain sports industry would do.

You also mention matching jacket. We don't make a Timberline Jacket so I am going with the assumption that you have the Jetstream Jacket? That's the Jacket I always recommend for a 9 day hunt in Kodiak but combined with a Rain shell, such as the Stormfront Jacket. Please understand that if your jacket does not say GORE-TEX it's not going to be Waterproof. The Jetstream Jacket for example is constructed with Windstopper, which is 100% windproof but it is not Waterproof nor do we claim it to be. Please let us know if your jacket is a GORE-TEX piece - 877-748-5247.

Daniel Brown
Reviewed On 10/04/2015

I had a close friend recommend these pants of my hunt last year so i took a chance and got them with the matching jacket. I bought them from a local retailer here in Kodiak. I went on a 9 day goat hunt on the south side of Kodiak, Alaska and for the most part the pants did the job described. They were extremely comfortable and enjoyed wearing them more than any other pants i have ever owned. Only thing is the pants ripped right at the seat on the right side. Which is weird because that is supposed to be the strongest part. Also the belt is to small to hold a side arm. I immediately called the store I got them from and they said they would ship them to Sitka to be exchanged for another pair. 2 weeks later I get a call from a Sitka rep asking questions about how i ripped them. I explained that I didn't know how they got ripped, we were bushwalking through some thick mountainous terrain with heavy Alder bushes and other than that IDK. The only reason i knew they were ripped at the time was because my buddy behind told me as he was walking behind me that day. The Sitka rep acted like I was not telling the truth and said these pants should not have ripped at the location that they did. He acted like i ripped them on purpose. I was kind of annoyed at the fact i was nonsulantly being told i was lying. He said they would patch the rip but it would not be as affected as it was when it was new. I couldn't argue because it was either Sitka patch it or I was out 300$. I still have the pants and still use them today, but without the 100% guarantee that i will ever buy from Sitka again due to this issue with the Sitka rep. The only other thing is that the jacket did not keep me dry like it was supposed to. It rained on us the entire hunting trip and after a couple hrs the jacket would start to get soaked through and i was wet and cold and very uncomfortable. Still got my goat and tagged out on my deer though. Great gear just disappointing customer service that doesn't back their gear like they should.

Reviewed On 10/01/2015

Lose the belt!!! Bigger belt loops to accommodate belts for weapons on the hip! Zippers on the outside of each lower leg!

Reviewed On 09/24/2015

I am more than happy with my timberline pants. They are super comfortable and will be a versatile piece from early to late season. I will have a hard time wearing any other pants in the field from here on out. They stretch unbelievably well but still have a very tough feel. I don't know how sitka did this, but I am impressed.

Reviewed On 08/30/2015

Just got these. True to size.very comfortable. Kneepads arent a big deal especially if youve ever done trade work.

Best part of the pants....top and bottom tabs on the fly zipper....genious!!!

Alex C
Reviewed On 08/04/2015

These pants are pricey and almost worth it. I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought them but gave them a shot anyway. They were much more comfortable than other hunting pants, and the seat/knee waterproofing was good, though not really 100% waterproof. I have three complaints. First is the belt. It's worthless, you can't put a pistol, knife or anything heavy on it. All my buddies and I cut it out and the belt loops are so small it's hard to fit a real 1.5" gun belt through the loops. Please eliminate the fixed belt and make the belt loops larger. Second, not sure how pants can't be ambidextrous, but these are. The pockets are set up for right handers. Finally, I was at SHOT show 2015 and I was told by a Sitka representative that the left handed issue and belt issue would be change for this year. Hmmm, doesn't seem so.

Reviewed On 07/19/2015

The last pair of mountain pants you will need. Hands down the best spot and stalk pants ever made. Only thing is, I wish I could get the ascent pant thickness with the seat and knee pad on these pants for early season hunts in west tx to Arizona. I will wait patiently as I'm sure Sitka is already working on that. If you aren't holler at me I would love to put that product through west tx mesquite and heat!

Every dove hunter in tx would love a very breathable hot weather pant with a knee pad, for now these pants are the best available!

They truly are as tough as everyone before me is saying.

Chad Kurtenbach
Reviewed On 07/19/2015

These pants are fantastic. Very comfortable and I love the waterproof seat. I do not notice the knee pads when I am hiking but do notice when I kneel down and they are right where they are supposed to be. I use them during the summer for hiking / scouting and September all the way through the nicer days of November for hunting. The buttons on the cargo pockets are worthless. They are quiet but they do not stay snapped. Not a big deal but a new source for buttons or a different system is needed.

Reviewed On 06/02/2015

These pants are nearly bombproof!! Super comfortable, and I love that the knees and seat are water resistant and the knee pads and suspenders came with them. They are a bit on the heavier side though, and I don't like the button pockets. All in all, it's the best pair of hunting pants I've used, and I'm buying a second pair.

Reviewed On 05/12/2015

After a nuclear war, the only things left on planet earth will be cockroaches and the timberline pant. I have used them for several mountain goat hunts in south central Alaska and they have performed way beyond what I expected of them. Above all they are darn tough and whatever material they make the waterproof seat out of it is bombproof... There were several times I made less than graceful descents and expected to return to the truck with tattered shreds attached to my waist. Despite my best efforts at trying to destroy them, these pants just keep going. The only bummer is that devils club thorns (and other similar plant weapons) go right through the stretchy fabric on the thigh, I would suggest beefing up that area. Besides the thorn issue (which is minor) these pants are great and I would not hesitate to purchase them again.

Reviewed On 05/12/2015

I really like the pants, but they would be so much better if you could use a real belt. The small belt that is included sags when you try to carry a firearm. Other than that they are great. I like the kneepads and reinforced knees and butt which makes them super durable.

Reviewed On 03/25/2015

Fantastic Pants! I really appreciate the padded knees and the reinforcement on the seat of these pants. When you are spot and stalking antelope in Wyoming, you need all the protection you can get. Very comfortable in all types of temperatures. I will definitely be buying more of this product.

Reviewed On 03/24/2015

I do like the pants overall, but would like to see the belt taken away and use belt of choice. Not able to use belt with cartridge holder. Also, the snaps that hold the pocket flaps down do not remain snapped. Actually, they are a total waste and do not work. Hope you like digging trash out of you pocket. Please consider replacing with a zipper. Again, snaps do not work at all.

Steven "Rooster" A.
Reviewed On 02/21/2015

Absolutely a bomb proof pant for the toughness of the Rocky Mountains. Quality stitching and certainly True to fit, but only wished I could have a shorter pant length; S (Short) R (Regular) T (Tall).

These pants when accompanied by a next to skin layer thermal become a Hellfire of a pant to withstand the cutting wind and cold of high altitude elevations. Well worth every dollar you'll spend on a pant!

Reviewed On 02/11/2015

I love these pants, however the inseam is too short. I'm a thirty two waist and a thirty six inch inseam. How come sitka doesn't make a thirty two tall size??? I have talked to a lot of people who have the same problem.

Brent Cherry
Reviewed On 01/28/2015

If I could own only one pair if Sitka pants (any hunting pants for that matter) these would be it. I've worn these from 80 degrees to 15 degrees ant haven't been let down yet. On everything but the rainiest days I just throw on some gaiters along with my Cloudburst jacket and I'm good to go. Whether I'm guiding or chasing elk for myself, these are the first pants I go for. One pair has four seasons on it and it's still going strong.

Sitka Customer Service
Reviewed On 01/20/2015

Hey Dan -

You will be happy to learn that 32 Talls will be offered for 2015 and available in June!

Dan B.
Reviewed On 01/16/2015

The quality of the pants is great. I love the knee pads for crawling stalks, especially antelope in rocks and cactus. The Gore knees and seat are great in the snow. My only complaint is the sizing. Why no 32 tall? I and several others I know love Sitka products, but a 32 regular is not long enough and a 34 tall requires cinching and pulling up all day long. A 32 tall would be great. I know I'm not the only one with this complaint.

Steve leonard
Reviewed On 10/18/2014

I've been wearing these for about 3 wks into the Wyoming elk season. They've changed my thinking about how good hunting pants can be. Think "iron pajamas". That's the comfort level. We'll see how they hold up to the downfall and miles but I'm optimistic. The scuff guards do make a little noise but it's pretty minimal and I bet they'll break in and get quieter. if you put miles on your feet on the hunt in the mtns, buy them. Now.

Wesley White
Reviewed On 10/16/2014

Have been wearing the timberline pant for the last couple weeks as we have had early cold here in SW Montana. Moving through the wet forest, kneeling down to stalk, and sitting on my butt to glass; the pants stayed clean, dry, and comfortable.

Material wise they are super durable. The quiet snaps do try to open if your moving through high brush, but they are deep enough that nothing falls out. The zippered pockets are relatively quiet as well.

Its funny to be stoked on pants, but when you're confident in the gear you're wearing, the days become that much more enjoyable and lets your focus on what's important, THE HUNT!

Sitka Customer Service
Reviewed On 09/29/2014

Hey Jim -

Appreciate the feedback. In regards to the belt, we designed it with only one stitch to hold it in place for this exact reason. We suggest using a seam popper or a razor to pop the stitching. Once that stitch is removed you can easily slide the belt out.

Jim Turcke
Reviewed On 09/28/2014

Overall a great product. I have been wishing for a waterproof seat in a pair of pants for a long time and this is it.

As expected; fit, material, design is all very good. My change would be to ditch the sewn in belt. Let me put my own sitka belt in. It is too easy for my shell holder to slide off. With the bomber belt, I don't ever pull the strap out of the buckle, so nothing can escape.

Reviewed On 09/07/2014

Wore these on a caribou hunting trip up on the north slope of AK and couldn't have asked for a better performance out of these pants. The waterproof bottom and kneepads were perfect for keeping me dry when having to kneel/sit on the damp tundra. The suspenders and built-in belt were great features as was the rubberized waistband. Rugged design with plenty of pockets. Easy to put on every morning and walk straight out of the tent. An amazing piece of gear, look forward to many more successful hunts with it!

Joe St. John
Reviewed On 09/04/2014

In the high country there's no way of knowing what the weather will bring from day to day, that's why I rely on the Timberline Pant. with the waterproof yet breathable knees and seat, and superior DWR coating, I can go to bed knowing that no matter what nature throws at me overnight, I'll be hunting in the morning.

Reviewed On 08/31/2014

These pants are truly amazing. The flexibility is superior to anything I have ever worn. Recently I wore these on a antelope hunt and while the temp was high the breathed well and performed well.

M Russell
Reviewed On 08/30/2014

The flexibility is amazing in these pants. I just returned from an early archery deer hunt in Southern AZ. It reached mid 80's and I was comfortable in the shade with these pants. Pockets are great. They're everywhere! I do agree with the last post--the quiet snaps are certainly quiet, but I do find them open at times. Luckily the flaps are deep and overlap the pocket. Drawstrings at the legs would be ideal. I got devoured by chiggers! Gaiters will be my next purchase. The knife pocket is in a great location and holds it tight. The knee pads--I was skeptical, but they are really nice...and removable from the inside--genius! They really fold around your knees nicely when kneeling or just with your legs up while sitting. The suspenders are great for a long legged guy like myself. They really extend the overall length if you're concerned about covering your boot. Also the gel-like inner liner of the waste band really keep your shirt from coming untucked...nice added bonus. I can't wait to wear them for my November AZ elk hunt in some colder weather. Thanks Sitka.

Wasatch Dave
Reviewed On 08/04/2014

Great piece of gear. Material, fit and performance. The timberline replaces my fleece bibs in cold weather and cotton camouflage in the early season. I carry camouflage rain gear to put on top of my previous. Not any more with the timberline pant. I use the short gaiter to keep the scree and creepy crawlers out of my boots. The kick panels are noisy if you are not careful with your stride. The fit is awesome. I first tried the long cut but changed to the regular length. Perect fit 36 x 34. I'm looking for a solution to losing my belt gear every time I undo my belt. You know the situation. The belt just slides right out of the loop along with all the gear; range finder, knife, tools. The buckle hook side catches on the slider preventing loss of gear on that side. The other side is the problem. I could change how I carry my belt gear, change belts, add a slider to the other end or rivet the belt to the last belt loop to prevent loss. Give this some thought. The pocket snaps although quiet separate without warning. I carry maps and compass in my right one and calls in my left. I find the pockets open too often. I might add a magnet or something else even a zipper. The knee pads add confidence, comfort and support to my old knees. ZIP pockets are flawless and convenient. Gusset crotch, nice touch.

J Wood
Reviewed On 06/22/2014

This is my favorite pair of pants in the camo world. Sitka does pants right! It took me a while to get used to pants that didn't feel like iron. In the climbing world, I have become used to products that are light, fast, and durable. In the hunting world, they don't usually hit all 3 marks. Most of my field clothes are made of very sturdy material and the Timberline feels nothing like any of them. It has proven to wear like iron, fending off the Montana rocks and thorns pretty well. I chose the Timberline over the Mountain for the extra durability of the knees and seat so I wouldn't have to think about what I was doing. They fit extremely well, they work as good as they look, and they don't seem to care how badly you treat them. 3 and 1/2 stars because the knee pads occasionally get a little wonky and require some fixing. I test gear for Gore and this is something I bought with my own money. I might have to get some in a solid for ice climbing this winter. Yes, they are that good!

Reviewed On 02/18/2014

I bought these pants for winter hound hunting and LONG walks. They have performed well in wet/cold weather in N Idaho. The rubber lined belt line is nice to keep shirts tucked in and keep the pants where they belong on your hips. I like the built in belt and the snap too. Overall a great product.

Reviewed On 11/23/2013

I recently returned from a late season mule deer hunt where I had the pleasure of wearing a pair of timberline pants . I wish I would have bought them sooner and I can't wait to use them on a sheep hunt . They preformed almost flawlessly , the buttons on my pockets opened a few times going through sage brush . Other then that they were awesome . Thanks Sitka for helping me harvest a trophy mule deer .

Reviewed On 10/22/2013

Awesome gear~just got back from 9 day muzzleloader C.O. elk hunt and was really impressed with fit,durability, and loved staying dry moving through dew soaked terrain.

Mike A. Rogers
Reviewed On 10/15/2013

My wife and I both wore the timberline pants while on a week hunt for thar, chamois, and red stag in New Zealand. We camped and hiked during the hunt and live in our Sitka gear for a week. My wife spent a lot of time sliding down extreme steep slopes on her seat across, grass, brush and rocks and after washing the seat looks like new.

The stretch in the fabric works great allowing unrestricted movement required for steep mountain hunts. Great, and well designed product.

Andrew Hartley
Reviewed On 09/26/2013

These pants are the "Cats' Pyjamas", buy them... The waterproof knee and seat are awesome for kneeling or sitting on damp/wet ground or even just walking through dewy grass. If you're going to buy a pair of Sitka pants, I highly recommend that anyone consider these pants. I test products for GORE as a Hunting Tech and I was seriously impressed with the quality and thought that went into these suckers! Not to mention all the useful pockets!

Luke Johnson
Reviewed On 09/24/2013

I won't lie; I've had these pants for going on three seasons and have just now really started to put them to the test. I really have been missing the boat with not using the Timberline pant until now. They basically took my go-to pant, the Mountain Pant, and took things up a notch. The material is a bit more heavy duty than that of the Mountain Pant and the added waterproof fabric in the seat and knees is just what you need if hunting where the conditions can change rapidly. I hunt primarily in Northern Idaho, where during the month of September the conditions can vary from 90 degrees and dry, to all the way down to the low forties and threatening snow. The Timberline pant covers all of the bases and with the four-way stretch material and athletic cut; they have awesome range of motion. You will never feel hindered in this pant; whether moving through technical terrain, or just still-hunting through a Pine forest. Just like the rest of the soft-shell pants in the Sitka line; they are very durable and abrasion resistant. Busting brush all day is not a worry and with the DWR finish; you don't have to go through the discomfort of getting wet while dealing with light rain, or even walking miles in the morning dew. This is just a quick overview; these pants have several other features that you will find are spot-on money. I haven't wanted to take these pants off this entire Elk season and will continue to wear them well into the late season.
These pants are a must have for the mountain hunter.

I'm already scheming up ways to justify to my wife another pair...

Luke Johnson
GORE HuntingTech

Craig Temple
Reviewed On 09/19/2013

The Timberline pants have now become my go-to pant! Being a GORE HuntingTech has allowed me to test a lot of different pants and I was thoroughly impressed with this piece of Gear on my Elk hunt this fall. Early mornings held a lot of dew in the tall grass and my legs stayed dry. Just pair the Timberlines up with the Sitka Flash Gaiters and a light hiking boot and you have a killer Elk setup. While kneeling in the muskeg, I had peace of mind, knowing that my knees would stay dry. A few evenings I ended up sitting on damp ground at a lick and the moisture never made it through the seat of my pants. These pants are super comfy for walking and active hunting. The built in belt is a nice touch and the suspenders being detachable was a bonus. I didn't use the suspenders, but it's nice to have the option in the future. I highly recommend these pants to anyone that wants a bombproof, comfortable, breathable and effective pant. I'm looking forward to trying these pants out in the Rocky Mountains for Bighorn sheep in the upcoming months... I'm positive that these pants will excel!

Reviewed On 08/08/2013

During an early elk hunt in October, I had the opportunity to put the Sitka brand to the test. I got up early and added a base layer for the cool Idaho Morning. After hearing a cow calling gently in the breeze, I proceeded to gain about 1500 feet in elevation as quickly as I could. After reaching a bench near the ridge line I jumped several cows but no bulls. With the sudden climb I was concerned about my layering but the pants breathed like a charm. The day began to warm up and I descended to a lower elevation to discover another small herd of cows and bulls, this time I put on a super sneak to get within 75 yards in open sagebrush. These pants worked great in the hotter temperature and the knee pads were a bonus while crawling through cactus. I did shoot a small bull and was amazed that they were unable to locate me even after firing. My father was watching from a distance and said that unless I was moving I disappeared. It was a real win win for me to use gear that can handle any situation from elements to concealment all the while staying comfortable. I'm convinced that Sitka gear is the only hunting clothing worthy of wearing.

Reviewed On 07/18/2013

Great pants, I love the suspenders and waterproof seat and knees! They are great for crawling under or over wet logs, or for sitting on snowy rocks! Thanks Sitka!!

Reviewed On 07/17/2013

I used these pants on a six day primitive black bear hunt in Alaska. The Optifade pattern was perfect and the pants performance exceeded my expectations. The tapered fit and the integrated knee pads made the crawling stalks a pleasure. No fabric noise, and comfortable. I highly recommend!!

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