Apex Pack

Apex Pack

  • Big Game : Subalpine
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Streamlined for stealth with a durable build and easily-deployable components that place essential gear at a hunter’s fingertips, the Apex redefines the day pack. The low-profile frameless design reduces noise and abrasion while providing an ample 1,800 cubic inches of storage for days when a morning glassing session turns into an all-day stalk. A body-hugging waist belt features multiple pockets, including easily deployable/retractable cam cables to rest your bow when waiting out a close encounter with a stubborn bull.

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  • Quiet and Lightweight Design: The frameless pack weighs a mere 36 ounces for absolute stealth and mobility.

  • 1800 cubic inches: Ample room for the disciplined day hiker.

  • Body-Hugging Waist Belt with Pockets: Streamlined in design but capable of carrying plenty of gear in easily accessible pockets.

  • Deployable / retractable cam cables: Innovative cam cable system easily deploys and retracts to rest your bow and arm to keep you steady in the moment of truth.

Apex Pack
Apex Pack

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3 Reviews
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Justin Hitchcock
Reviewed On 10/30/2019

Fit well for me, the right shoulder strap had the extra slack secured with provided velcro. It constantly kept getting caught on my light weight hoodie making it fray. Tried to roll it multiple times different ways but didn't work and hoodie sleeve got pretty messed up. So I cut off the velcro and taped the extra slack. The over all space inside the pack is lacking. For daily hunting in Utah mountains only carrying the basics, kill kit, warming layers, parka, snacks/water, headlamp, first aid.... not enough space and hard to access items in bottom of bag.

Caden Edwards
Reviewed On 11/04/2018

This pack is exactly what its designed to be. I purchased this to be a day pack, something that wasn't to heavy but could hold all my gear. This pack is that and more. I have used mine a ton since I bought it this October. It is very comfortable and the waist belt holds it very steady and the padding on the back keeps you from sweating too much.

Reviewed On 08/13/2018

There is so much I love about this pack. The problem is the fit. I’m 5’7” 180lbd my torso length is 19”. This pack is just way to big for me. The shoulder straps are as tight as they will go and the pack hangs down past my spine. I’m very disappointed that I will have to get rid of this one. It is unusable for me. The good news is my flash 20 is in good shape and will be spending another elk season with me. If your a big guy you may really like this pack. Sitka this is a start to a great pack. Make it smaller in torso length and put a frame of some kind in it to help with heavier loads.

Adam Foss - 04.26.2019

A Tale of Two Roars

Rustic wooden gates groaned open as our Toyota HiLux rumbled through. We navigated the rutted, winding dirt road; every pothole and washboard negotiated revealing another layer of the towering Andes Mountains. A gin-clear river meandered through the valley floor. Willows on the cusp of fall color shimmered in the cool afternoon breeze. This was the start of the annual breeding season for red deer in northern Patagonia—also known as the roar.