Stratus Windstopper Beanie in Blaze Orange for rifle hunters
Stratus Windstopper Beanie in Blaze Orange for rifle hunters
Stratus Windstopper Beanie in Blaze Orange front view
Stratus Windstopper Beanie in Blaze Orange new hearing ear ports
Stratus Windstopper Beanie in Blaze Orange back view

Stratus WS Beanie

  • Hunt Solids : Blaze Orange
(9 Reviews)

The Stratus beanie is the most versatile outerwear gear for whitetail hunters with micro- fleece GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® Technology and acoustic ports to hear deer approaching earlier.

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Wind Protection



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9 Reviews
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Jon U
Reviewed On 12/26/2022

I usually hate beanies because you cannot hear in them and they are tight on my bigger head. This hat has neither problem. No noticeable reduction in hearing but the wind is blocked and my head stays warm all while comfortably fitting. Fantastic product!!

Tim G.
Reviewed On 11/17/2022

If you are unfamiliar with Gore Tex, you need to educate yourself. This is a fantastic hat. This is not made for freezing temps, but a chill wind 30-40 degree hat. Having a bald head I am very keen on my beanies. This hat is legit.

Reviewed On 11/17/2022

Slightly too big and not warm enough. Based off the description and reviews, I expected better warmth. I can still hear, but pointless if it doesn’t keep you warm for an all day sit in 20-33 degree temps before wind chill. 16-20mph winds. And very damp. By mid morning I already had to have hoods up.

Reviewed On 11/12/2022

Decent at breaking the wind, but not nearly warm/Thick enough for the 20deg temps encountered this week while hunting. Had to use a skull cap type beanie under this to provide the needed warmth, and still have the orange visible for firearm season.

Reviewed On 05/26/2022

Love it. I have a camo for bow season and an orange for gun hunting. Warm, comfortable, and I can hear good through the portals on each side. Great product.

Len Cottrell
Reviewed On 03/14/2022

WOW. Super warm. I would say it is a 4 or maybe a 5 for warmth. The wind isn't really an issue with this beanie. I have had lots of snow build up on the outside and nothing soaked through. I have not worn it in the rain, but it is great in snow. I like how they have a mesh covering over the ears. You don't really lose any hearing when wearing this beanie. I love it.

Alex Goff
Reviewed On 12/08/2021

The hat fits my big head and it is very warm for how light it is. Definitely windproof. It keeps my head much warmer than my knit hat I was using.

Reviewed On 11/20/2021

Excellent product. You really can hear any approaching animals and it's wind and rain proof. Recommended!

Reviewed On 11/10/2021

It’s warm but it doesn’t fit a small head. Wish they made one for woman or made one with stretch material for people with small heads.

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