Wader Storage Bag in Lead
Wader Storage Bag in Lead
Wader Storage Bag in Lead shoulder strap
Wader Storage Bag
Wader Storage Bag
Wader Storage Bag
Wader Storage Bag
Wader Storage Bag

Wader Storage Bag

  • Waterfowl : Hunt Solids : Lead
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A unique solution to transporting our Delta waders, keeping the wet and muddy waders contained in the bag while providing a stable place to put waders on while in the field.

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8 Reviews
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Reviewed On 04/03/2022

I was skeptical but decided to buy the bag. To give it a try. In short: the best bag out there for your waders or hip waders. Inside it has a diagram to properly pack your waders inside the bag; the best part is that it’s compact and easy to carry to and from your blind. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Josh Hanson
Reviewed On 02/19/2022

Do you REALLY need them? No…Or so I thought! My buddies would tease of me for having this saying it was a waste but I’ll tell ya, I don’t struggle getting the boots off and I sure as hell don’t get my feet wet on the snowy days. Guess what, my buddies do! 100% recommended!

Reviewed On 02/12/2022

I don’t know what the first guy who gave it 1 star was talking about….it’s simple and easy to use. Yes you need to buckle the thing together…but who cares. It’s holds your waders in place and frees up so much space. There’s also an actual diagram in the bag to show you how to put the waders in place. I love mine! Spend the dough and buy one.

Reviewed On 08/16/2021

I looked all over to find a solid durable storage bag for my fishing waders. Something that would hold up over time. This bag is it! I don't usually write reviews but I was to impressed not too. It is well thought out and well built, 5/5!

Jason Milner
Reviewed On 08/10/2021

I never thought my waders would fit in this bag. Nobody, has a better bag for their waders. It’s a bag, a mat, and it packs up tight. This and the delta waders, you got to have it. They keep the waders safe!

Peek Garlington
Reviewed On 01/25/2021

Most intuitive and ergonomic wader bag made. Its awesome!

Vincent Kimbrough
Reviewed On 11/28/2020

I didn’t known if I would get much use out of this.. I was so wrong. This thing is awesome - It’s bad ass I love it. What a space saver. It’s great for donning and doffing your waders. No more standing on gravel or weeds my feet stay dry and that’s a win!! Great buy

Anthony Jones
Reviewed On 11/24/2020

This wader bag is not a good design for me. It takes a little bit to put the waders in the bag in the exact way and fold them, then latch all four sides down. Either need to use the truck tailgate or kneel on the ground to get this done. Then you get your knees muddy kneeling on the ground to put the waders in the bag.

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